10 Principles Of Economics By Gregory Mankiw

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10 Principles Of Economics By Gregory Mankiw

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Principles Of Economics 6th Edition Mankiw Test Bank By Sloane Herring

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Principles Of Economics: Graphic Edition, Volume 2 By N. Gregory Mankiw

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Principles Of Macroeconomics Canadian 7th Edition Mankiw Solutions Manual By Chantale Baxter

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N. Gregory Mankiw Principles of Economics Eight Edition Chapter 1 Ten Principles of Economics 1 Find answers to these questions: • What kinds of questions does economics answer? • What are the principles of how people make decisions? • What are the principles of how people interact? • What are the principles of how the economy as a whole works? 2 Ten Principles of Economics • Resources are Scarce • Scarcity: The Limited Nature of Society’s Resources – Society has limited resources • People cannot produce all the goods and services they want • Economics – the study of how society manages its scarce resources 3 Ten Principles of Economics • What economists study : – How people decide what to buy, how much to work, save, and spend – How companies decide how much to produce and how many workers to hire – How society decides to divide its resources between national defense and consumer goods. , environmental protection and other needs 4 How people make decisions Principle 1: People face trade-offs Principle 2: The cost of something is what you give up to get it. Principle 3: Rational people think at the margin Principle 4: People respond to incentives 5 Principle 1: People face trade-offs • To get something we want, we must give up something else we want – Going to a party the night before an exam • Less time to study – More money to buy things • More time working Do, some free time – p …

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