2 Line Phone Systems For Small Businesses

2 Line Phone Systems For Small Businesses – Do not leave your customers and stakeholders waiting – answer more calls than ever with a multi-line phone system

A single phone system does not give you the ability to grow your business. It’s like a busy bar where only one person serving customers will get tired of waiting and go somewhere else. Multi-line telephone systems can eliminate congestion, allowing for more phone calls and more customer service.

2 Line Phone Systems For Small Businesses

‘Multi-line telephone system’ is a very broad term, including traditional KSU (Key System Unit) and IP (Internet-enabled) telephone systems. Knowing what is best for your business can sometimes feel like choosing a restaurant, but not knowing what kind of food you will eat.

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For an overview of the various multi-line options, simply go to our FAQ section. On the other hand, find out everything you need to know in our analysis of the best multi-line phone system below.

Traditional KSUs and IP phones all fit under the umbrella of multi-line phones. Our selection of the best multi-line phone systems has one of each.

The Vtech 4-line phone system is a smart device. It supports up to four input lines – that is, four separate numbers – and also offers advanced digital functionality. All calls come through the main console and are then automatically met by the recipient, allowing the caller to select the appropriate extension. With voice messaging capabilities, personal music, and four-way meetings, the VTech 4-line phone system is the perfect choice for a growing business.

The NEC Keyphone SL1000 KSU is similar to the PBX – the only real difference is that it does not have the same scalability or configuration capabilities. The system can be as simple or complex as you want. A simple setup can have a KSU connected to a regular telephone line, while a complex setup can have four KSUs. This will allow you to receive multiple calls and connect to multiple devices running the Internet.

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With 16 line keys and 4 soft keys (for features like transfer, conference and call) Poly (formerly Polycom) VVX 601 is at the top of its game. It offers HD audio, seamless integration of third-party software, video playback and meetings – and it does not make it particularly expensive. VoIP systems, including self-hosted and hosted PBX systems, are often more efficient as they only require the purchase of a phone and software package, you must already have an internet connection!

The VTech 4-Line Small Business System fits snugly into the ‘Small Business Phone Line’ category, while the NEC Keyphone SL1000 is suitable for small and medium businesses. However, it is the Poly VVX 601 that fits all business scales.

While some businesses may find it difficult to justify such smartphones, VoIP telephony lends to small and large arrangements and usually includes a monthly fee (such as a telephone contract) rather than an initial investment. Large.


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Two-wire telephony is the most basic of the multi-line systems. They are great for starting a company with fewer employees or those with fewer phone calls. For our money, the top 2 phone lines are:

For landline phones, this DECT 6.0 set from AT&T has a lot to offer. With 2-line operation, dual cordless phones (expandable to 12 phones) and a basic set, it is ideal for small business, home or business start-ups. Offering a wide range of connectivity plus the option to connect your phone via Bluetooth, it is also a great mobile solution for mobile operators – why put yourself on your desk when You do not need?

DECT 6.0 This is the solution for home, office and – where we think it is best – home office. By giving you the option of using one line for business calls and the other for home calls, they can help you keep business relationships separate from your personal life – best for housekeepers. Also, Link2Cell allows you to sync up to four phones, meaning you can make calls using your phone. The system also enables three-way meetings and computer calls.

These phones are definitely for those who are looking for an unattractive phone system. Two-line telephony systems are incredibly basic, but they allow home workers to keep personal and business calls separate. That being said, many homeowners are now opting for a VoIP phone. This is because it is easy to scale and easy to move if your business is growing, plus you can keep your business phone and landline separate!

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The 4-line telephone system is easy to use in the office, giving you the option of having 4 separate numbers for 4 different departments. Most installations allow for about 10 phones, although this is still a small business phone system. However, you can invest in some high-tech smartphones that will help you manage your calls.

Although more expensive than the VTech 4-line phone system, this attractive offer from AT&T comes with some advanced features. Waiting for Internet telephony, remote access and innovative voice messaging take this four-way phone system to the next level.

With so many five-star ratings on the site, people are really enjoying the functionality of this mobile system. And it still offers on the front auto-attendant as well.

VTech 4-line telephone system grows with your business, giving you the option to add new lines as your call volume increases. Choose from a desktop PC or DECT wireless phone and set up a call forwarding system that prioritizes your phone in the order you prefer. These phone systems have the added benefit of the built-in auto connectors that make your call management more efficient, but also make your business more professional.

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If you are a small business not yet ready to move to VoIP, 4-line telephony is the best investment. This is because they provide all the features you need to improve the customer experience without making big changes.

That does not mean you should not jump to VoIP. This is definitely something to consider if you expect your business to grow by four lines in the near future. IP phones do not have to be expensive and for a small monthly fee for the users, they provide you with many functions that will take your profession to a whole new level.

The fact is that all of the phone systems shown above are perfect for small businesses, it depends on the type of small business you have and what your business prospects are.

The 2-wire and 4-wire system is stable if you own a small business – you do not want to expand it, you know you will not relocate any business soon and you are happy with the way it handles. Customer service.

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However, if you are not sure how to answer any of the above questions – in other words you are looking to expand, move or improve your business – then VoIP may be a good solution.

Below is a general guide to the starting price of the phone system. These prices are based on a system with 10 phones, noting the differences between 2-line, PBX and VoIP.

2-line systems require technicians and electricians to install cables and telephone lines, making them more expensive than they actually are.

The PBX system costs $ 700 per user to install. It is expensive and useful only if you have more than 20 employees (the bigger the system, the better the price). Many large companies choose PBX systems because it gives them the freedom to configure their phones while taking advantage of many business devices.

What Is Voip? A Definition & Intro To Voip Phone Systems

VoIP systems are cost-effective because they can be plugged in and out – giving you your internet setup. Although VoIP phone hardware is usually more expensive than regular phone hardware, companies are seeing a quick return on investment.

Both traditional phone providers and VoIP providers will charge a monthly fee based on the features you need.

To find out the value of a small business phone system, simply fill out our form with some details and the best supplier for your needs will be contacted with on-demand quotes.

A multi-line telephone system is exactly what it says – a telephone system with more than one line.

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For traditional business phone systems, it can be in the form of 2-line, 4-line and even 6-line telephone systems.

If you are thinking digitally, it can come in the form of a KSU, PBX or VoIP unit.

It just depends on the type of multi-line phone system you need. Multi-line phone systems can be complicated, but

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