25k Grant For Small Businesses California

25k Grant For Small Businesses California – Brings you a curated list of 30 early-stage startups that launched after 2018 and are disrupting the way businesses operate

In our 21st issue, we looked at early-stage startups that offer unique solutions to improve business performance and ensure a smooth transition from offline to online

25k Grant For Small Businesses California

The world has taken a significant step towards digital technology. And digital has changed everything. From telecommuting and virtual networks to mobile gaming and initially OTT entertainment, from food tech, edtech and telemedicine to fintech and digital asset classes, from decent Web 2.0 to a blockchain-powered meta-universe, the changes have been unprecedented, painful thanks to COVID-19 Pandemic.

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And companies are metamorphosing to keep up with these transformational changes. When we sat down to compile our list of startups for October, we wanted to highlight extraordinary Internet use cases and the rise of IR 4.0 (AI-ML, Big Data, SaaS, IoT, modeling, robotics, and more) that have disrupted the most rudimentary aspects of human life.

This month, we’re focusing on startups that haven’t even launched yet, that are venturing into uncharted territory and opening up new digital use cases. We also looked at early-stage startups whose solutions are designed to help businesses run better and provide seamless Internet to end consumers from traditional segments. Their solutions also improve the use and coverage of new age skills.

October’s list consists of 15 B2B startups that are using workflow management to overcome manual challenges. Five of them are SaaS (and some other services) startups working in important areas such as networking and customer engagement, communications software, the creator economy, the e-pharmacy ecosystem, predictive manufacturing service, and blockchain technology.

Interestingly, all the startups listed here are less than three years old. In fact, three years ago, most of them would not have been as widely accepted as they are now. But due to hyper-digitalization and steady movement towards future technologies, they have either attracted a large customer base or produced innovative solutions that can solve common pain points.

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Editor’s Note: The list below is not a ranking of any kind. We have listed the startups in alphabetical order.

Virtual connectivity, mainly through video conferencing, experienced its biggest boom during the Covid-19 crisis, when schools and workplaces, businesses and essential services, events and social activities moved online. To cope with the new normal and reduce juggling between apps, platforms have started adding live video capabilities to their offerings. But the transformation required a lot of effort and technical integration, which led to initial failures.

Founded in 2020 by a team of former Disney+ Hotstar developers, 100ms provides Zoom and Clubhouse-style audio and video solutions for apps and websites to optimize their latest change efforts and ensure seamless communication. The startup’s software development kit (SDK) helps create conferencing, recording and real-time messaging (RTMP) protocols for live streaming on Facebook, Twitch and similar platforms.

But unlike other integrators, the PaaS company offers simple codes that make it easier to manage outages and bandwidth issues for a variety of use cases, including video conferencing, virtual classrooms, audio rooms, and virtual events.

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It currently caters to edtech, fitness and e-commerce as well as live events and some of its notable clients include Paytm Insider, BookMyShow, Swiflearn, HomeLane, Circle, Kutumb and GetMega among others. The company has a subscription model and plans to enter several more areas such as telehealth and game retail. It also designs templates to enable a low-latency, device-agnostic plug-and-play format.

SMEs who don’t have too many contacts need constant networking to find new sellers, suppliers and customers to get the best deals. However, more than 85% are not part of the profitable business networks that will drive growth. To provide SMEs with breakthrough business opportunities through effective networking, Mumbai-based Anar has developed a B2B networking platform that connects all stakeholders along the value chain, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and intermediaries.

The startup includes companies from various segments, particularly jewelry, apparel, footwear, leather goods, consumer goods and other consumer goods. Businesses can create their profiles on the Anar app, upload product/service catalogs, connect, post requirements and create channels/messages. From now on, registration and network connection on the platform will not be charged.

Anar currently hosts 2 Lakh+ business owners, giving them access to new products and markets. Going forward, it aims to become the ultimate networking platform for Indian SMEs and connect 7 Cr+ companies into a larger network, build their digital identity and help them stay on top of industry trends.

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Most people do not consume as much protein as they need, with an average requirement of 0.8g per kg of body weight. In addition, some people, such as athletes, the elderly, or those undergoing treatment for critical illnesses such as cancer, require higher protein intake for muscle mass and body repair.

Noting the country’s rapidly growing protein needs, Mumbai-based Aquatein has made consuming protein as easy and refreshing as drinking water. Instead of traditional protein bars, powders and drinks, the startup produces powder-free and low-calorie protein substitutes in the form of packaged water that quench thirst and protein deficiency, as well as help build muscle and lose weight. Apart from health conscious people, they are also taken by patients recovering from chronic or critical illnesses.

Its products are available in two types (21 g and 10 g of protein) and four flavors – strawberry, orange, green apple and mixed berries. He sells the protein water through his website and Amazon, and plans to tie up with physical pharmacies, health food stores, fitness centers and more. However, all business or bulk selling is done offline only.

The company claims to have sold over 1 lakh bottles of protein water since its inception and aims to roll out its products in major metros by FY22. It also focuses on the sustainable development and recycling of PET bottles for sportswear in collaboration with Ecohike.

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The nutraceutical startup recently raised $0.5 million from Eaglewings Ventures to attract more customers, expand retail channels and introduce new products.

Data is the new oil in the digital global ecosystem, and keeping data secure has become a top priority for companies and individuals. This is where Arcana Network has an advantage.

The co-founders of the Bangalore-based blockchain startup believe that the future is decentralized and every Web 2.0 company will be rebuilt for Web 3.0. This is a huge growth opportunity for a community of developers who want to build easy-to-use yet more secure apps that are decentralized and transparent. Because Arcana offers a decentralized storage option for dApp developers working with Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains, its SDK is enjoying significant community traction.

The startup says it has a waiting list of 300 developers who want to join the ecosystem, but it plans to limit that number to 500. Its target market is the 3,500 blockchain applications (built on Ethereum) in India, the US and South East Asia. . The go-as-you platform will also introduce fiat currency payment and wallet authentication for apps under development.

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As the company plans to launch a testnet for developers to try out use cases, it will also announce a bug bounty campaign with $25,000 in prizes. Along with the mainnet launch, it will also launch a public token sale, followed by a listing.

Although e-commerce has made it easier for people to buy clothes online, fashionistas still prefer tailor-made clothes to stand out from the crowd. Overall, the tailoring community is thriving because most people visit local tailors to have their clothes sewn or altered. However, it is quite difficult to find a good tailor who specializes in women’s clothing.

While tailoring services across the country are poised for a much-needed revamp, Bengaluru-based Binks offers tailor-made outfits without physically visiting any retail outlet. Here’s how it’s done. The customer has to share a photo of her preferred design, after which a female consultant calls her to discuss customization options. Measurements can be provided with a DIY kit or during fabric selection by a consultant. The customer then makes a video call with the designer and the design board is submitted for approval before the material goes to sewing.

Binks currently operates only in Bengaluru, but plans to launch in five major cities and set up two more manufacturing centers by FY22. Its product line includes more than 21 categories, from jackets to sarees, priced between INR 1,000 and INR 3,000.

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With modern job profiles such as professional engineers, AI/ML programmers and full-stack developers, India’s demand for tech talent has grown. To address the shortage of job-ready candidates, edtech startups regularly host coding training courses, but they come at a price that few can afford. On the other hand, free online courses often lack clarity, quality, and practical exercises.

Mehul Mohan, a self-taught person who learned to code at the age of 12, was aware of this growing gap (too many companies chasing too few professionals) and created a YouTube channel called Codedamn to provide easy access to affordable coding. The craving was phenomenal. By the time the website launched in 2020, the Codedamn YouTube channel had over 100,000 subscribers.

Based in Kochi

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