4 Chairs In Living Room

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Welcome to a magical world, located in the beautiful and historic Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire. From monsters to ancient scowls and magicians to wild animals, our unique and atmospheric ancient forest is a natural place that is not only a historical and natural home, but also inspires writers and storytellers, where Stormtroopers and Time Lords must run next. side with dragons and unicorns. Book now and find out why we love this place.

4 Chairs In Living Room

4 Chairs In Living Room

If you love walking, being outdoors, beautiful views or discovering nature regardless of the weather, you will love it. Discover the amazing trees of other forests around the world through trails, bridges and observation decks. It’s a forest like no other, and its magic beckons to lure you back again and again.

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Whether your children are toddlers or teenagers, all ages will love exploring the woods and letting their minds wander between Roman villages and iron mines. For a great family day out and inspiration for everyone, grab our Wizards Book when you come. In this Guide, you can search and match 20 objects, objects, places and faces, including our four new big animals. Look at the 10 Roman coins and our website has information about our trees, birds and animals.

4 Chairs In Living Room

We don’t have bird horcruxes, but we are home to rabbits, deer, foxes, hares and a variety of bats, including small protected bats, and birds from ravens to owls, which make for a great outdoor and school environment. . youth groups. We are very popular with photographers and have regular photography workshops and home photography courses, where hunters learn from a professional wildlife photographer.

In the heart of the Forest of Dean and the Wye Valley, and close to the Cotswolds, why not plan a long stay and relax in one of the cottages? We have a choice of self catering accommodation that can sleep four or eight people. Reserve a week or more and enjoy it to the fullest and have a great base for exploring Monmouthshire, Hereford and Gloucestershire.

4 Chairs In Living Room

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A beautiful forest setting, you can see why many movies and TV shows have used this location for filming.

This is one of the best places I’ve been to this year!!! My 8 year old daughter and I thought it was magical.

4 Chairs In Living Room

What a beautiful forest! Full of beautiful old trees, ferns and rocks covered in green moss… lots of wildlife! It is a very beautiful place.

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4 Chairs In Living Room

Like people, homes change over the centuries. For long-time collectors in Wayne, it’s time to organize their belongings and create a place for them and their best friends. To help them change the look and function of their home, the couple turned to Amy Forshew of Proximity Interiors, an interior design and furniture store in Wayne.

Forshew decided to turn the unused dining room into a comfortable living room, a place to read, talk and think. “As soon as we decided it was going to be a living room, it all started,” says Forshew.

4 Chairs In Living Room

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The designer helped curate antiques, antiques and other pieces the family had collected over the years. Some things were given away. Things that still pleased the owners were kept, and a few things were also kept. At the top of the must-have list was an oil painting of a little girl that was placed on the ceiling of the room. The walls, moldings and interior cabinets were painted a bright blue inspired by his vision. The brass lighting and fire screen matches the picture.

Four club chairs are placed around a circular ottoman in the center of the living room to create a lounge area, with a large bronze lamp above. “This room is for reading or chatting with a few people. The seats swivel so you can enjoy the view out the window or by the fireplace wherever you are,” says Forshew.

4 Chairs In Living Room

Since the room is small, the designer made the best pieces to increase the space. “Clean, simple lines keep the feeling of transition and don’t take away from the art and furniture,” he says. “We have candlesticks on the window seat; a cream herringbone rug that wraps around the living room furniture and makes everything feel less heavy. It’s a little unexpected, which makes it interesting. “

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