Above Kitchen Window Decor

Above Kitchen Window Decor – I find that when decorating for any season or indeed any room I need a starting point. Something to encourage me to start! Christmas decorations are no different. Even if you use what you have, it can feel different every year. But you need a place to start. It all started with a Christmas wreath and some fresh eucalyptus in our kitchen this year. I’m so excited to show you these easy transformations today in our Seasons of Home Holiday series hosted by Ella Claire. Be sure to stop by the rest of the homes at the end of this post for some major Christmas cooking inspiration.

My excitement started with a Christmas wreath I bought last year. I’ve always loved a wreath over my kitchen sink, where I spend 95% of my day (not really), but this one loves me! It took two crowns to get it to feel full and extend low enough to reach the socket so you can’t see the top wire. Seeing the rope is a nuisance of mine, I will be a magician to find ways to hide the rope. (same garland here).

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Do you know what my favorite part of decorating for Christmas is? Flashing lights! All my greenery gets a string of lights. This garland is perfect for a soft glow. It doesn’t make the day job seem so bad.

Selecting The Best Kitchen Window Treatments: Over The Sink

After stringing the lights I had some eucalyptus that I recently bought from Trader Joe’s and decided to add the branches to the garland to liven it up. Man, she smelled so amazing when she did that. It will dry beautifully – these photos were about 5 days after I added it to the crown and look…it looks great!

Above Kitchen Window Decor

After adding the greenery and eucalyptus, it really set the tone for what we wanted the rest of our small kitchen to look and feel like. In fact, our whole house. I love the greenery and natural feel of this Christmas. is not you

A small sprig of fresh eucalyptus in a glass jar is just the right touch. Christmas decorations don’t have to be something you buy from the store or in a package and bring in every year. (By the way, did you see the pearl? You completely hide it with a wooden spoon and it fits in the subway tile #magic).

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Elegant Christmas Part Ii

This year I decided to buy these cute cedar wreaths for Christmas – they are actually fake. We wanted them to last longer and not get messed up every time someone bumps into them, which is often the case in our small kitchen.

I added these battery operated pineapple lights to the garland, they look like a small cluster of ornaments. And, of course, a small piece of fresh eucalyptus.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

We also added another crown on top of our roman shade. I actually bought three because I had big plans to have three in my entry hall window, but then I tried them on here and loved them too. You know how it goes. Oh, and I found that cute Christmas tree pillow here. (Like you can find the rest of my pillows and everything in our kitchen here).

Kitchen Design Quick Tip

When we made our Halloween cookies, we made some extra Christmas cookies and frosted them. Best idea ever! I always triple the batch of sugar cookies because it only happens once a year for us.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

And can you believe we haven’t painted our door yet? I still love Benjamin Moore’s Cushing Green, it works well with my Christmas feel. You can find information about our Roman Shades in this post here.

Hope you enjoyed our little kitchen tour. Maybe this will inspire you to grab a bunch of $2.99 ​​eucalyptus and sneak a string of two! Happy decorating: Get cozy now and take a look at some beautiful kitchens today. You are in for a treat.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

How To Find Affordable Custom Roman Shades For Your Kitchen

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Above Kitchen Window Decor

Windows above the sink draw attention, meaning this small area of ​​your kitchen has a lot of visual responsibility. Taking a little time to dress it up, even just a little bit, can change the look and feel of a room and pay off tenfold.

Kitchen Blinds, Shades & Window Treatments

Francoise et Moica Erin painted the window frame blue to complement it and finished it off with brass hardware.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Elizabeth and Jeremy trained vines around the perimeter of the window, which is a beautiful and unusual decorating decision.

Two sconces (via Halcyon Style) on either side of the home and home sink beautifully frame the window and draw attention to the view outside.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

White Kitchen Ideas That Will Never Go Out Of Style

Sometimes it’s as simple as adding a single pendant to add movement and personality to a window.

Jennifer Rizzo’s kitchen window is framed by a pair of wooden consoles, dressing it without the need for curtains. Lindsay Lanquist is a design expert covering the latest home trends and design tips. He has over 6 years of experience in digital media. In addition to serving as a former senior editor at StyleCaster and a staff writer at Self, her work has appeared in Cosmopolitan, Byrdie, Verywell, SheKnows, Nylon and more.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

The kitchen may be the heart of any home, but most of us don’t give it the decorative attention it deserves. Of course, we choose our cabinets, backsplashes and finishes with care. But when it comes to decorative accents and finishes, we’re a bit clumsy. We will never leave the living room window unpainted or the bedroom window undecorated. What about our kitchen window? Well, they are mostly completely bare.

Spring Market Flowers Vintage Farmhouse Sign

Fortunately, this all-too-understandable mistake has a simple solution, as decorating kitchen windows is incredibly easy. With a little imagination, you can turn your kitchen window into a corner for cookbooks, a minibar or an oasis for your favorite plants.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Once you start looking for them, you will realize that kitchen window decorating ideas are numerous and many of them are incredibly easy to do. To show you how easy it is to dress up your kitchen window, we’ve collected 26 kitchen window decorating ideas worth adding to your moodboard.

If you’re always looking for ways to expand your plant collection, consider propagating some plants in your kitchen window. A standard windowsill should be the perfect size for most small vases, and your kitchen window should get all the light the sun your cuttings need to grow.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

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Instead of adding decor to your kitchen, look for ways to reuse what you already have. If you have good cutting boards, put them in the kitchen window. This approach will keep your cutting boards going for as long as you need them and add a dose of texture to your kitchen decor scheme.

Curtains offer a classic way to dress up any window, and if you want to keep your kitchen stylish, you can stick with a set of crisp white curtains that don’t require much attention.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

If the kitchen storage configuration leaves something to be desired, place some hanging shelves above the kitchen window. This approach may seem unusual, but when you’re short on space, it pays to get creative. And if you choose glass shelves that aren’t densely packed with stuff, you can still let plenty of sunlight through the windows.

Kitchen Window Treatments To Dress Your Space

Decorating is not the only way to dress up your kitchen window. By replacing traditional windows with stained glass panels, you can add an attractive accent to your kitchen without cluttering your space.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Lining your kitchen window with your essentials is a practical option. But if you want to keep your counters clean and organized, color coordinate the pieces you decide to display. Make sure the jars, cutting boards and cookbooks match each other.

Almost all foods are good with fresh herbs. Make your kitchen more beautiful and practical by keeping a few herbs in a glass filled with water and placing the glass on the windowsill.

Above Kitchen Window Decor

What Do You Put Over A Kitchen Sink Window? |

When decorating your kitchen, books might not be the first thing you look for. But if your cookbook collection is well-stocked, line your kitchen counter with your absolute favorites and use a cute bookend to keep them organized.

Shades may be the most classic of window treatments, but they’re not always the best choice for your space. If your kitchen window is mounted right above your sink, swap the drapes for a stunning Roman shade that you can roll up while you cook and clean .

Above Kitchen Window Decor

Fresh flowers add a finishing touch to any space, but replacing them every few weeks can be difficult. So say goodbye to your favorite bouquets and get a set of dried flowers that will last for years and years.

Warm And Cozy Fall Home Tour

If your kitchen

Above Kitchen Window Decor

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