Above Master Bed Decor

Above Master Bed Decor – Not sure what to do with that comedy spot above your bed? Should you go bold or neutral? Flat or boring? Pattern or simple? it depends. Decorating your bedroom starts with setting the focal point. For most bedrooms, your bed is your focal point (the icing on the cake you put on it).

Focal points are important. Without it, a space can feel disjointed and scattered. Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to decorating your bed, it is always a good idea to make a choice that fits the theme of your bedroom and tie it securely.

Above Master Bed Decor

Above Master Bed Decor

But the good news is that there are endless quilt ideas you can choose from (regardless of your style or color palette).

How To Decorate Above The Bed

Whether it’s a photo of yourself, someone you love, or a complete stranger, putting a cute face on your head is a special makeup look. And whether this style suits you or not, it’s sure to be a conversation starter.

Above Master Bed Decor

Window or not, hanging curtains behind your bed can add just enough interest without going over the top. In addition, curtains provide a soft backdrop to your bed, giving your entire space a relaxing feel. (As seen in this bedroom) Choose a neutral color that matches the rest of your palette so it’s easy on the eyes.

Add inspiration to your space with attractive art. We especially love how this floral art table brings movement and vibrancy to this bedroom (thanks to the vibrant splatters with every color on the color wheel).

Above Master Bed Decor

Decor Ideas To Try Above Your Bed

The place is stylish. The best part: Once you’ve wallpapered the space behind your bed, you’ve eliminated the need for anything else. With skin and stick options, you can DIY this gorgeous piece when you’re bored. We love the wallpaper above – its whimsical lines still give this bedroom a playful tone.

If wallpaper is not enough, place artwork that exceeds your height and width over the painted area. Before you make any commitments, look at artwork that complements your wallpaper (or vice versa) so they make a chic pairing.

Above Master Bed Decor

For a show-stopping look, style your space with custom wallpaper. Whether you include a space theme, a background of trees or a pink flamingo is up to you. This trick is sure to draw the eye up, and is ideal for smaller spaces that could benefit from the illusion of a little extra height. And if your artistic flair starts and stops with stick figures, try decals and skin and stick wallpaper options instead.

Best 2022 Bedroom Trends & Decorating Ideas

A general rule of thumb for placing artwork on your bed: Choose two-thirds of the width of your bed. This creates a perfect level. However, for a dynamic focal point, you can also choose a piece of art that spans the entire width of your bed. We love this modern piece of art sculpted in matte black.

Above Master Bed Decor

If boho-style interior design inspires you, try a rough, hand-woven tapestry to add some texture to your space. For this space, this wall hanging is woven in neutral shades of camel and black – a two-tone look that goes well with most wall colors. Plus, it’s an easy way to warm up and brighten up your bedroom.

Double edged board walls are timeless; A style that never gets tired. For a subtle look, paint your wall in a neutral shade or match your white trim. For something bolder, paint it a darker or brighter color.

Above Master Bed Decor

Above Bed Decor: 8 Ideas For Decorating That Tricky Space!

Why not have a custom wood headboard that doubles as art? If you’re handy, this can be a great DIY project to tackle. Bonus points: It definitely adds interest to any white wall.

If you don’t have brick architecture built, you can always apply a realistic faux brick coating or 3D brick wallpaper that looks (and feels) like the real thing. This brick wall naturally functions as a work of art. Topping it off with a fancy mirror will also give it a nice shine.

Above Master Bed Decor

For a more subtle statement, add horizontal trim to your bed. It’s an easy way to add something to the top that will match whatever you throw at it. Think: paint contrasts, sample plates or bright paint colors.

Amazon.com: If I Lay Here Would You Lie With Me (20×40 Inches) Wall Decor

For an over-the-bed wall art idea, incorporate a little piece of nature. Don’t have a green thumb? This is your time to shine. Use a picture or print of nature and put it in a beautiful frame. For a “gallery-like” look, choose a frame with a heavy matte finish. Or, collect your own flowers, dry them and frame them instead. You can buy pre-made organic dried herbs and display them in an attractive case.

Above Master Bed Decor

Your headboard can moonlight as a wall decoration. To get the look right (and add some drama to your space), look for a headboard in a royal scale. These long statements come in all looks from pleated, tufted and plain to curved styles and shapes. For final height, aim for headboards that are 75 inches tall (or more). Tall headboards look great in large rooms (especially those with high ceilings). For small rooms, it is better to stick to small styles to create more visual space. The average headboard comes in at around 59 inches.

This slim rectangular artwork depicts a black and white landscape photograph. Landscape art can run the gamut from two-tone sketches to photorealistic images to abstract renderings.

Above Master Bed Decor

Above Bed Decorating Ideas

For a creative way to kill your boredom, add custom woodwork to your bed. The design looks like paint drops or digital sound waves on half. Let your imagination run free whatever you like.

Poster or canopy beds add plenty of interest and depth to your bedroom, eliminating the need for a decorative piece on top. For this bedroom, you can see how the back of the bed creates a straight, crisp line.

Above Master Bed Decor

Cane is a vine that grows naturally. But there are also baskets woven from sea grass, cotton and hemp that can be hung above your bed. It’s an easy (and cheap) way to decorate the bedroom of your dreams. In addition, it is environmentally friendly.

Home Decor: 15 Ways To Decorate The Area Above The Bed

Beautiful, abstract canvas art is the perfect way to add substance to your space. Confused about dealing with a valuable art tag? Paint your own free form instead.

Above Master Bed Decor

If you are ready to enter a unique creative field – try adding a sculpture to your bed. It’s an artistic decorating idea and a great place to think outside the box.

A natural branch of grape wood is a stunning piece of art on this Chanel-style velvet bed. If you like this look, but want a slightly different look, check out driftwood boards or tree branch art pieces. With dozens of options available, it’s likely to catch your eye.

Above Master Bed Decor

Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas And Tips

Use every inch of your bed with a gallery wall. With this bed wall art idea, you will not only add another layer to your bedroom design but also get a chance to decorate your space with memorabilia. Plus, you don’t have to stick to frame art. Try displaying your collections here too for a cool, chic feel.

Curtains make this list twice – only this time, it’s about color. Here, these curtains look like large-scale art (or an accent wall). We don’t even care about his performance. The thicker the curtains, the more light is blocked for restful sleep.

Above Master Bed Decor

This decorative bronze mirror doubles as a work of art. You can remove the mirror and display the frame (as shown here). Also, mirrors come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, so it’s an easy way to add beauty to your bedroom.

Tips For A Cozier Bedroom

Decorate your walls with a stunning framed agate crystal set. Choose crystals that complement your bedroom’s color palette.

Above Master Bed Decor

Adding art with a personal touch is not a bad design decision. Choose a photo you like, whether it’s an iPhone photo or a professionally photographed photo. We love this black and white framed beach photo.

If all else fails, you can always choose a blank wall in a color that complements your bedroom design. Even your wall becomes full-sized art (without extra elements). Looking for loft bed decorating ideas? These 8 ideas will help you figure out how to decorate that difficult space!

Above Master Bed Decor

Best Bedroom Ideas & Design Tips For Every Style

The wall above your bed is a bit difficult to decorate. Your ceiling and headboard height limit the large decorative piece you can use, you’re worried about hanging something too heavy when it falls (or is that me 🤪) and you want something that coordinates well with your bed and the rest of your room.

If you’re stuck on what to do with that free space, let’s figure it out together! Today I am

Above Master Bed Decor

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