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Accelerated Bachelor Of Social Work – 1 Professional Change Program for Social Workers (PCP) Staff Fact Sheet (2015 entry) (A) About the Professional Change Program for Social Workers (PCP SW) WDA has partnered with University of SIM (UniSIM) and Social Services Institute (SSI). To provide Professional Placement and Training Program for Social Workers (PCP SW). The program is open to mid-career transitioners and aims to train mid-career individuals to become qualified social workers. Applicants must be employed with a participating employer to qualify for PCP SW. Upon completion of training, graduates must complete a Minimum Service Period (MSP). UniSIM offers two courses under this PCP. Both courses are accredited by the Singapore Society of Social Workers (SASW). Table 1: Basic Course Information Course Title Target Group Course Next Enrollment Period 1 Degree in Society 18 months July 25, 2015 Staff Only 2 Non-Graduate 24 months Accelerated Degree July 20, 2015 Job Holders Social Courses Cover Principles of Man Behavior and Social Systems, Human Rights and principles of social justice etc. In addition to classroom training and internships, PCP SW students are required to complete on-the-job training at their workplace. An overview of PCP SW can be found in Appendix A. (B) Benefits and Opportunities Social workers or clinical social workers work in organizations such as family service centers, special education schools, youth centers, nursing homes, and hospitals. Throughout their career as a social worker, they perform different roles: in direct practice, at administrative, management and policy planning levels. Social workers care for people with disabilities, children from disadvantaged backgrounds, people with addiction and mental illness, and many others, and their work can be challenging yet rewarding. You can view the current salary guidelines for social workers. 1

2 (C) Financial Aid Table 2: Course Fee Breakdown Finance Postgraduate Diploma of Social Work (Total Course Fee = $16,850 + GST) Accelerated Bachelor of Social Work (Total Course Fee = $31,122 + GST) Singapore Finance $7 Singapore Finance , (55%) $6, (20%) WDA Fund $11,795 (70%) $4, (15%) SSI/Health Employer Fund L’ Student Payment $3,370 (20%) $1,685 (10%) ) (GST excluded) $3 112.20. (10%) (GST excluded) $6 (20%) $14 (45%) (GST excluded) Salary Support (For new entrants only) WDA funds 70% of trainees’ monthly salary (subject to a cap of $2,000). Singaporeans aged 40 years and above or unemployed for more than six months: 90% of monthly salary (subject to a cap of $4,000). (D) Bond Period and Liquidity Damages Minimum Service Period After completion of training, students must work as social workers in the social service sector or health sector for a period not less than the duration of the course. Liquidated Damages – If a student withdraws from the program during the course or during the bond period, the student is responsible for liquidated damages payable to the sponsoring institution or institutions. The amount payable depends on a number of factors, including the costs incurred by WDA, SSI or the employer, and the terms of the apprenticeship bonds. (c) Application details for July 2015 admission will be open from 1st December 2014 to 15th January 2014. Interested candidates can submit application through online portal (1st December 2014 to 15th January 2015 till 5:00 PM). 2

Accelerated Bachelor Of Social Work

By 3 February 2015, all applications will be shortlisted and sent to participating employers for interview. All job postings must be secured between employer and employee by March 15. Candidates who have secured employment in VWO or Hospital are notified to submit online application for Accelerated Social Work Degree and Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work to UniSIM by 31 March 2015. Work and interview with UniSIM at the end of April. Applicants must confirm employment and be accepted into the Unisim course before training begins in July. Once the applicant is accepted for the course, the employer must sign an employment contract with the applicant and submit a certified copy of the contract to SSI. 3

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4 Frequently Asked Questions for 2015 Intake: 1. Why is PCP SW a placement and training program? The PCP SW works on a placement and train basis to prepare students for social worker careers after graduation. This ensures that students gather prior workplace experience and have the opportunity to apply the principles learned in the course. 2. Is the training full time or part time? Where will it happen? Part-time training will be provided at UNISIM campus. The accelerated high school course is held on weekday evenings, three times a week, and the graduate course is held on Saturdays. 3. After completion of training, what degree/degree can the student get? Upon successful completion of the training, graduates will receive a Graduate Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. You may wish to contact UniSIM for more information on ABSWK and GDSWK respectively. 4. Are the courses recognized in Singapore? Both courses are accredited by the Social Work Advisory and Accreditation Board (SWAAB). 5. What is the course content? Please refer to the UniSIM website (for more information on course content. 6. Am I eligible for funding? To be eligible for funding, you must be a Singaporean or PR, first ensure that you have a job at a VWO or hospital. And meet the UniSIM course requirements and prerequisites, and Pass the interview 7. Is the program guaranteed? What if I leave the program midway? Yes, there will be a bond. Students will have to sign an undertaking to serve. Minimum service period (MSP) with their employer for a period equal to the duration of the course after graduation, i.e. 24 months bond for ABSWK and 18 Month Bond for GDSWK If you leave the program midway you will be liable for liquidated damages which include full tuition fees and salary support


5 8. If I miss my current PCP intake, is there a next round? Based on the 2015 adoption there should be another intake in 2016 if the demand for the program is not too low. 9. How many vacancies are there for this PCP? There are 40 vacancies in this scheme. 10. What happens to interns who do not get jobs in this field? This PCP works in placement and train mode. This means that an employer must hire the student before the training begins. 11. How can I get more information about PCP and who can I contact? More information on PCP can be found on the WDA website: for more information. 5

6 For further enquiries, please contact: PCPSW Inquiries Singapore Workforce Development Agency 1 Marina Boulevard #16-01 One Marina Boulevard Singapore Website: Social Services Agency TripleOne Somerset 111 Somerset Road , #04-01 Singapore Tel: Website: Course Enquiries: SIM University 461 Clementi Road Singapore Website: Tel: 6

7 APPENDIX A: OVERVIEW OF PCPSW 2015 DETAILS ACCELERATED GRADUATE MASTER’S DEGREE COURSE STARTING JULY 20, 2015 COURSE DURATION 24 MONTHS 18 MONTHS COURSE TRAINING DETAILS – CLASSROOM + PRACTICAL – CLASSROOM + PRACTICAL – Students must complete the total degree. 130 credit units including 10 core modules and a 400-hour internship – To graduate, students must complete 3 prerequisite modules, 6 compulsory and 4 elective modules and 400 hours – Courses are held 3 times a week on weekdays. – Classes are held on Saturdays. Minimum Educational Qualification – G.Ed with two credits (before 2007). OR – Degree with two H2 passes from a recognized institution (since 2007), or Local Polytechnic Diploma or equivalent Entry Requirements – 21 years and above – At least 2 years work experience (excluding NS) – Sponsored by a participating employer – All students through UniSIM Job Link Must pass the examination phase conducted 4 day work week 4 day work week (recommended) Minimum service period* 24 months 18 months PCPSW Application December 1, 2015 UNISIM Application deadline** March 31, 2015 * After students complete the training, ‘Study Equivalent Bonus’ They promise to finish the period. ** A non-refundable application fee of $64.20 will be charged when applying for UniSIM regardless of the outcome of the application. 7

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Professional Transition Program for Social Workers (PCP SW) Career Preview 2015 December 6, 2014 Career Preview Outline Element

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