Accelerated Online Associate Degree Programs

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This ranking is for those interested in identifying schools with the cheapest online associate degree programs. Below is our research and approach to low-cost associate degree programs.

Accelerated Online Associate Degree Programs

We reviewed approximately 110 online colleges and universities listed on the Center for Education Statistics (NCES) College Pioneer List and popular online resources that offer associate degrees or courses that can be earned through distance learning and applied toward associate degrees. To narrow our search, we used the following criteria: accreditation (area or state recognized by the Commission on Higher Education), access to online classroom instruction, ability to award associate degrees, and tuition less than $4,500 per year. The tuition reported in our list is compiled from the most recent numbers released by the NCES College Guide. Then we ranked our schools with raw materials.

Online Associate Degrees

Laramie County Community College, a public institution in Cheyenne, Wyoming, offers an affordable associate degree program. In fact, Laramie ranks 10th on our list of affordable degree programs. The school offers an open admissions policy and rewards life experience. Students can earn degrees and certificates in approximately 30 disciplines and online learning options. Popular programs in Laramie County include Business Administration, Education, Health Professions and Related Professions, Management and Marketing. All online courses are offered and taught by qualified teachers, many of whom teach the same courses at school. Also, all degree programs are accredited by the North Central Community Higher Education Commission.

Great Basin College offers online degree programs in business, early childhood education, criminal justice, English, graphic communication, human resources and retail management. In addition to offering affordable associate degree programs, the college also offers several fully online bachelor’s degrees. Bachelor’s programs are offered as BA, BAS, or BSN degrees. Students can study digital information technology, English, human services, management or nursing. Great Basin College is now a fully accredited institution with the authority to award online degrees to students in all states. Other features of the institution include a 16-to-1 student-faculty ratio and an open admissions policy.

Broward College offers affordable associate degree programs in almost all disciplines. Whether you’re looking for degrees in business, education, health sciences, humanities, science, or social behavioral sciences and human services, Broward has an online option for you. According to the school’s website, the Broward program earns more on average than graduates of similar programs across the state of Florida. In addition to the earning potential, Broward offers some of the cheapest online associate degree programs on our list. In addition to being one of the most affordable schools, Broward is on par with America. News & World Report is the best regional college in the South.

Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, North Carolina offers affordable online associate degree programs in more than 20 fields. Popular programs at WTCC include business administration, communications, health professions, humanities, public arts and sciences, and marketing. With tuition under $3,000 per year, Wake Tech is one of the cheapest online associate degree programs on our list. To enhance the school’s value, students enjoy a low student-faculty ratio of 19-1 and an open admissions policy. The school does not require an application fee for admission and offers a wide range of financial aid, especially for low-income families and first-generation students.

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Tallahassee Community College offers online degree programs in a variety of disciplines. Popular and affordable online associate degree programs available at TCC include criminal justice technology, early childhood development and education, nursing, and legal studies. The school also offers a general arts degree for students who want to complete general education credits before transferring to a four-year college. TCC’s online experience is ideal for part-time workers who need to balance outside responsibilities with education, according to the school’s website. TCC is a nationally accredited institution that offers fully accredited online programs and courses.

Alvin Community College currently offers three affordable online associate degree programs. Programs include AA degrees in management, psychology, and sociology. In addition to the AA degree, there are also fully online certificate management programs. In addition to the online programs offered above, ACC offers online courses in a variety of disciplines. Students who participate in online options are usually working or balancing outside obligations that prevent them from participating in traditional extracurricular activities. With annual tuition less than $1,700, ACC offers some of the cheapest online associate degree programs on our list. In addition, the institution is fully accredited.

Clovis Community College offers affordable online associate degree programs in popular fields of study such as Behavioral Science, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Criminal Justice, General Studies, Concurrent Education (Associate) and Public Arts. For those who plan to start their careers after graduation instead of transferring to a four-year school, CIS and MEPs are popular. However, for students interested in a four-year college education, general studies and public arts programs allow them to do so. Clovis Community College’s tuition rates place the school among the most affordable online degree-granting institutions. Clovis is fully accredited and has open enrollment to applicants.

Luna Community College now offers an affordable associate’s degree in business administration that can be completed 100% online. While other programs offered at Luna require face-to-face instruction, distance learning allows you to choose up to 49% of your chosen program courses. The school and its programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCA). It should also be noted that this certification was first issued in the early 1980s. Luna has been in business for decades, providing quality programs and the most affordable associate degrees in New Mexico and the nation.

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Tohono O’odham Community College offers direct employment and certificate programs with courses that can be taken online or in person. Thanks to the school’s affordable tuition, Tohono tops our list of schools that offer the cheapest online associate degree programs. These affordable online associate degree programs include subjects such as business administration, early childhood education, elementary education, public arts, and social work. These associate degrees are very affordable. In fact, annual tuition at Tohono is less than $1,000. Tohono is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission for degrees and online courses. TOCC primarily serves residents of the Tohono O’odham Nation, but is open to those pursuing higher education. According to the school website, everyone is welcome to attend.

Taking the #1 spot on our list of schools that offer affordable online associate degree programs is Rio Grande Valley College. This two-year institution is fully accredited to offer the most affordable associate degrees. These online associate degree programs emphasize health care. Although these programs are not offered entirely online, due to laboratory work and clinical requirements, students can reduce classroom time if they take the course online. A focus in the Rio Grande Valley is vocational education. Programs offered emphasize skills needed to enter the workforce as medical assistants, medical assistants, patient care specialists, and phlebotomists. However, the school offers a nursing degree. Rio Grande is our #1 choice for affordable degrees with online options. Earning an accelerated bachelor’s degree in accounting has many benefits, especially for students looking to get started in their careers. Many people are already employed and are considering a career change. The accelerated program allows them to complete their courses more quickly and gain the skills they need to find the type of work they really need. They can actually start building a foundation for their future career while still in school and learning the basics.

In today’s fast-paced world, wasting time can be disastrous if you want to land your dream job. The Accelerated Learning Program puts you on the fast track to success. You can quickly learn the skills you need and apply them in a shorter amount of time. This gives you the opportunity to look for jobs that interest you without waiting for a degree. You’ll be in control of your future long before you graduate, and you can start looking for a job long before you graduate.

To rank the best accelerated associate degree programs, the editors of The Great Business School sought out the top accredited programs that offer students a way to accelerate the process. Programs are ranked by tuition, student reviews and graduate salaries using current data from Niche and IPEDS.

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