Accelerated Online Bachelor Degree Programs Accredited

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Being a professional in a competitive business environment requires an expert contribution to your knowledge and skills.

Accelerated Online Bachelor Degree Programs Accredited

You help the organization or company you work for and represent succeed and become a valuable part of it. You may also be asked to speak or meet with customers, consumers and all other stakeholders in the business as part of your daily duties.

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When the schedules and requirements of traditional colleges don’t fit, you have the next best option: earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration online.

Online education allows you to earn the same bachelor’s degree as students who take classes on campus. You have the same opportunities to achieve your dream business career.

Your journey to earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration begins with the right online school. We have compiled this list to help you make the right educational decision.

We consider each of these online colleges and universities in terms of program features and course options in our rankings. Tuition and financial aid options also form our criteria. We’ll also highlight program details specific to each of these online schools, ranked and listed in random order. We hope you find the online college that meets your requirements.

The Best Online Bachelors Degree Programs

With more than 2,250 undergraduate students, the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a Bachelor of Business Administration program, the leading business program in the Chicagoland area. UIC Business strives to provide BBA students with a “comprehensive education in all aspects of business activity” to equip them for the complexities of the business environment and prepare them for technological advances and economic globalization.

UIC Business aims to produce graduates with an online BBA degree who possess excellent critical thinking, problem solving and leadership skills. A comprehensive training at UIC makes students agile and professionals capable of assuming leadership positions.

UIC provides comprehensive online support through an easy-to-use and accessible curriculum, access to live technical support, and online tool tutorials. You can take the UIC BBA and other online courses in 49 states, as well as the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Except California.

Florida Online University offers Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BSBA) and Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) degrees. Under the Warrington College of Business, UF Online Business Administration offers students access to a variety of business subjects to equip them for business careers or majors.

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The online school maintains a top-notch teaching practice that includes respected professors who impart their knowledge on many aspects of running a business. UF Online strives to create “business leaders in all fields” who are able to develop strategies to improve business processes, implement ethical practices, and study economic and market trends for organizations, businesses, and corporations of all types and sizes.

The online BSBA and online BABA equip students to handle and adapt to the ins and outs of business ownership. Thus, several UF Online business graduates go on to become entrepreneurs.

Founded in 1998, Penn State World Campus has been introducing online students to the fundamentals of running a business. An online bachelor’s degree in business helps students develop and implement marketing strategies, solve organizational problems, analyze business data, understand the risks and rewards of capital, understand financial and accounting measures, and operate in a global marketplace.

Offered in partnership with Penn State’s 17 campus business programs, the online Bachelor of Science in Business program develops business operations professionals with “versatile skills” who thrive in cross-functional teams.

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Penn State World Campus students may develop their own “business-oriented study plan” with their advisor and with the approval of the program coordinator. The online Bachelor of Business program is taught by Penn State faculty. Your degree is “no different than a degree earned by students on our physical campus.”

With an average enrollment of 29,000, the Bachelor of Arts program at ASU Online is 100% computer-based. It gives students the “broad knowledge and skills needed to manage business operations” to forecast demand, procure services, negotiate, plan inventory, manage people, and strategize risk and business finance.

ASU’s W. P. Carey Business Administration degree gives students a competitive edge in the job market by equipping them with these skills. Students with an online Bachelor of Business Arts degree from ASU can confidently access business career opportunities in all industry verticals in the public and private sectors.

Founded in 2007, Colorado State University-Global Campus is an online campus within the Colorado State University system. The CSU Global Campus hopes its nearly 19,000 students will “acquire the foundational knowledge of what it means to be an effective, competent, and analytical manager in a professional setting.”

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Billing itself as the nation’s “first and only 100% online, independent, regionally accredited public university,” CSU-Global Campus offers an online bachelor’s degree in business administration. It is designed to help students learn about the integration of multiple aspects of business and acquire the knowledge and skills to critically analyze and make organizational decisions from a global perspective.

After students complete a series of courses, they earn a graduation award in that skill area. This digital certificate award “consists of three to five courses that, when combined, result in a well-defined job skill.” Graduation award recognitions and related skills can be added to a student’s resume, LinkedIn profile, and interview responses to enhance their career prospects.

The University of Georgia offers an online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offered through the Terry College of Business. Online courses are taught by outstanding faculty who teach on campus using UGA’s state-of-the-art learning management system, the e-Learning Commons (eLC).

Through UGA’s online BBA degree, educators want to provide “a broad range of applied business knowledge” to students who require flexible options as they pursue careers as future professionals or business entrepreneurs.

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UGA’s online classes have a limited number of students. UGA has set this high standard for maintaining online courses that are not only academically rigorous, but also fully committed to the principle of “quality over quantity.”

“We help you become a career-ready student who can provide innovative solutions to complex global challenges,” says Oregon State University’s online bachelor’s degree in business administration program. Offered through the Oregon State eCampus, this degree is taught 100% online with face-to-face learning opportunities.

Most online bachelor’s degrees in business administration at OSU eCampus complete their degree in six years. They get successful jobs or start their own businesses in various fields such as market research, human resources, finance and management.

Students in the Portland area can supplement their online learning experience with in-person learning. Private lessons allow online students to connect with faculty and students. Opportunities include advising, mentoring, faculty meetings, student working groups, workshops, guest speaker series, mentoring, networking, career fairs, and corporate visits. Oregon State University eCampus students earn the same degree as on-campus students.

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Oklahoma State University enrollment statistics cover more than 35,000 students across its five campuses. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management/General Business/Marketing program is offered online through the Spears School of Business “which consists of seven academic departments, including business, entrepreneurship, finance, management accounting, economics and legal studies. , management science and information systems and marketing and international business”.

Spears School of Business degree programs, including an online bachelor’s degree in business administration, are designed to meet the needs of working professionals with this degree.

Oklahoma State University Online BSBA students can talk to their current employers about sponsoring their online studies because the program will equip them with the skills they need for work. Spears will meet with student leadership to discuss the program in detail.

Drexel University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration through the LeBow College of Business. It provides “fundamental knowledge of business practices and operations” by introducing and exposing students to all aspects of business.

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The courses aim to provide a “comprehensive business education” to Drexel University’s Bachelor of Business Administration students. Graduates are expected to be adept at articulating ideas and developing strategies with a thorough understanding of business operating systems.

An online enrollment advisor, academic advisor, professors, and fellow students will provide you with all the extra support you need to succeed, including 24/7 technical support, as well as award-winning W.W. from Drexel University. Hagerty Library, its writing center, and the Steinbright Career Center.

Southern New Hampshire University’s online bachelor’s degree in business administration offers affordability and flexibility. The university offers low tuition fees and accepts many credit transfers. You can also finish your work at any time, as there are no fixed class times.

The online curriculum is designed to prepare you

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