Accounting Software For Nonprofits Reviews

Accounting Software For Nonprofits Reviews – Are you a small non-profit organization that wants to go beyond Google and Excel accounting tracking? Or maybe you’re a growing nonprofit that deals with hundreds of donors and volunteers that needs a solution that will improve its efficiency.

That’s where our review of the best nonprofit accounting software comes in! Regardless of the size of your organization and your unique needs, there is accounting software that can solve your bookkeeping and accounting headaches.

Accounting Software For Nonprofits Reviews

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best accounting programs for nonprofits. Some accounting software options are better suited for small organizations and other large nonprofits with complex needs.

Top 10 Best Accounting Software For Nonprofits (free & Paid)

Based on our nonprofit accounting software reviews and extensive research, these 10 options have emerged as the best picks for 2022. Let’s briefly compare each nonprofit accounting system. Not in terms of price and quality:

Here we’ll explain the best accounting software for nonprofits and discuss the top features and functionality, pricing plans, and pros and cons of each software. Some options would be better for small nonprofits with basic needs and others for growing organizations with a lot of moving parts.

We voted Aplos the best nonprofit accounting software for several reasons. Originally, the software was designed specifically with nonprofits and churches in mind, which means it already covers a variety of functions for nonprofits.

While it is suitable for both small and large nonprofits, mid-sized nonprofits are the most useful as it comes with many advanced features such as donor support and event management, website creation, online giving, recurring donations, and more but.

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The website builder is an amazing feature that can be especially useful for non-profit organizations that host fundraising events and receive donations through their website. Fully integrated dynamic software allows you to track, manage and engage members and donors.

And, if you want to take a look at the organization’s progress, you can generate 70+ reports ranging from balance sheets to income statements. The Advanced Accounting Program unlocks the option to budget, track fixed assets, and complete the annual IRS Form 990. All these features make Aplos one of the best church accounting programs and leading nonprofit software.

Although QuickBooks Online is not designed specifically for nonprofits, it is a versatile tool that can be well adapted to meet the operating needs of a small nonprofit.

The benefit of cloud-based accounting software for nonprofits is that it is very user-friendly, even for beginners with no prior accounting experience.

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If you decide to stick with this tool, consider signing up for the Plus plan, which gives you access to neat features like location and class tracking. These tools allow you to use location and class tracking to isolate box activity and program service.

But if you need more than five users, the Advanced plan may be more suitable. We will briefly mention the non-profit QuickBooks Enterprise plan for large non-profit organizations which includes non-profit functions such as donation management, church management and reporting. This plan comes with a nonprofit accounting chart that gives you an overview of your assets, expenses, and income, including donation income.

If you’re a small nonprofit that needs basic revenue and expense tracking, Wave can be a great free accounting software.

Accounting and invoicing functions are free to use, while credit card and bank processing are charged per transaction. You can add a salary of $35 per month and $6 per employee or independent contractor.

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Another neat feature is the option to search for personal training from Wave Advisor. This method is a great option for people who have no accounting experience and need to learn the basics. On the plus side, Wave is very easy to use. It has a clean and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate the software.

If you’re not sure if Wave Computing is what you need, then explore the many options and check out the most available open source software.

Sage Intacct is equipped with all the features nonprofits need to save time performing administrative tasks so they can focus on more important issues. For example, nonprofit budgeting software allows you to automate your funding, donation, revenue, and billing processes.

The software has all the accounting features nonprofits need to manage their organization, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, order management, purchasing, and more.

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Another great feature is the multi-organization and international integration feature that allows you to combine transactions in minutes with your nonprofit with multiple organizations, funds, grants, and donors and locations.

In addition, the software’s advanced reporting capabilities allow nonprofits to track how well their organization is performing and better plan programs, fundraising, and recruiting.

Xero is similar to software like QuickBooks and Wave in that it’s not a nonprofit financial program — for-profit organizations use it, too. But the good thing is that it can be completely customized to fit the needs of your growing nonprofit.

What the software lacks in non-profit tools, it makes up for in integration (there are 1,000+ integrations with third-party apps). For example, if you need to track donations, you can add Xero to a tool like Infoodle. By integrating Gusto, you will be able to quickly and easily provide it to your employees.

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Additionally, you can generate all kinds of financial reports and even share those reports with board members, donors, and volunteers.

Zoho Books may not be a non-profit software, but it can easily be customized to meet the needs of your organization. The software is user-friendly and intuitive, so you can set it up and get started quickly.

You can contact the support team via phone, chat or email if you encounter a rough update. Zoho Books is very useful if you have volunteers and other employees working in different areas. You can provide role-based access and allow users to work from any location on the internet.

You’ll get an idea of ​​your cash flow, your overheads and the projects you’re taking on. You can even send payment receipts to your donors as a token of appreciation and proof that you received their donation.

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One thing to note is that if you want to receive donations online for more money, you’ll need to sign up for Zoho Checkout, which will cost you $9 a month.

Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT is accounting software for large nonprofit and for-profit organizations that want business-level accounting. The software comes with advanced Financial Planning and Analysis tools, including budget forecasting to help you prioritize your expenses, assess your financing needs and make comparisons between financial years.

Large nonprofits will be happy to hear that the software offers accounting capabilities. For example, you’ll be able to track your donations by type, status, amount, and start/end dates with integrated websites and store donation-related information in one place.

With Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT, you can manage cash flow, accounts payable and accounts receivable. On the plus side, it integrates with Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge, a powerful tool for managing donations and fundraising.

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The best thing about this software is that it’s affordable, priced at $95-$165 per year, and comes with all the basic features you’ll need to run a small nonprofit, like tracking revenue and expenses. The software also allows you to track payments.

Another advantage of this small nonprofit accounting software is that it is very easy to use, so you can have the system up and running in a matter of hours.

Please note that all versions of the software run only on Microsoft Windows, except the OnDemand version, which also runs on Mac. Each version supports five associations/databases. If you need features like grant searching, you’ll need to purchase a special plan called Grant, which will cost you an additional $30-$135 per year.

MoneyMinder is nonprofit accounting software built for volunteer-led organizations that need a simple and affordable solution. The software has two plans Free and Pro. The free plan comes with basic features, while the Pro plan unlocks more advanced features like volunteer management and accounting tools.

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Volunteer management is where the software shines. You can easily track event-related volunteer hours, view volunteer and event reports, rate events based on volunteer effort/time, and more.

The software also allows you to track donations, send donation confirmations, manage budgets, perform bank reconciliations and more. MoneyMinder has additional features that allow you to create an online store and access online payments, although these services come with additional costs.

In addition to being very intuitive and user-friendly software, Freshbooks has generous features and excellent customer service. It allows you to do everything from running reports, tracking expenses, and even tracking and writing time for your employees/volunteers.

You can accept donations with secure online payments (such as Paypal), set payment reminders and enable recurring invoices. Other features include balance sheet, accounts receivable and payable, and general ledger materials. And if you want to send thank you messages to donors, you can create personalized thank you messages in seconds.

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Aplos is the best calculator

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