Accredited Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

Accredited Counseling Psychology Masters Programs – One of the most common questions I get is “What is the difference between counseling psychology and clinical psychology?” Bottom line: these two psychology specialties are more similar than different (Norcross, Sayette, Martin-Wagar, 2021). The differences are likely to be slight and “on average”. You will find more variation from program to program (regardless of whether it is counseling or clinical) from counseling psychology programs than from general clinical psychology programs.

Many people apply to both counseling and clinical psychology programs at the same time. If you’re interested in getting a PhD, your program selection process will be influenced by the professors who research your interests, whether those professors are in counseling or clinical psychology programs. For example, our counseling psychology faculty at the University of Kentucky conduct research on topics such as sexuality, social justice, leadership, help seeking, stigma, masculinity, multicultural measurement, LGBTQIA+ health and wellness, health disparities of race, academic persistence, wellness. , sexual violence prevention, justice system-involved populations, substance abuse, and HIV.

Accredited Counseling Psychology Masters Programs

Below is a summary of significant similarities and “average” differences between counseling psychology and clinical psychology programs. References are included at the bottom of this page.

Doctorate In Counseling Psychology (psy.d.)

Be sure to check out my other psych grad school resources using the menu above, such as Graduate School Advice, Counseling Psychology Faculty Research Interests List, Best Doctoral Programs in Counseling Psychology, and What the Ideal Graduate School Applicant Looks Like. I also recommend completing the Mental Health Professions Career Test, which will give you interest scores for 21 different mental health careers, including counseling psychology and clinical psychology.

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Assumption’s Clinical Counseling Psychology Program Receives Extended Accreditation

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Both types of psychologists are referred to as “psychologists” or “clinical psychologists” in the context of law and legal issues.

Counseling Psychology Masters Online Degrees 2023+

Train students to conduct psychological research, teach psychology, provide talk psychotherapy, administer psychological diagnoses/assessments/tests, provide clinical supervision and engage in counseling/outreach/advocacy

Students learn to provide clinical services to diverse clients with diverse presenting concerns and demographic backgrounds

An average of 7 new students enter a given program each year (6.65 in Counseling and 7.89 in Clinical Psych).

Works in a variety of work settings (eg, university academic departments, university counseling centers, independent/private/group practices, Veterans Health Administration medical centers, correctional settings, hospitals)

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A Master’s degree (60%) in Counseling Psych, Clinical Psych, Counseling or a related field is more likely to gain admission

Tendency to equally emphasize development of research skills and clinical skills (4.39 on a 1-7pt scale where 1=practice focus, 4=equal balance and 7=research focus)

Tends to emphasize the development of research skills slightly more than the development of clinical skills (5.01 on that 1-7pt scale) the university’s Clinical Counseling Psychology graduate program received an extended accreditation from the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC) and is now accredited until December 2028.

The university’s clinical counseling psychology graduate program has received extended accreditation from the Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council (MPCAC). The program, which received an initial two-year accreditation in December 2018, is now accredited until December 2028.

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“Extended national recognition from the MPCAC is a great honor and source of pride for our program,” said Leonard Doerfler, PhD, program director. “Our faculty work tirelessly to provide the best experience possible for our students, who are working hard on their coursework and their internships. The recognition of our high-caliber program is well-deserved, and the university will continue to prepare our students to serve those in their communities’ greatest need.”

The Master of Arts in Clinical Counseling Psychology program trains future counselors to treat individuals with a variety of disorders such as ADHD, depression, and substance abuse, among others. The university’s program meets the rigorous educational requirements for licensed mental health counselors in Massachusetts, integrating the theory and practice of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) throughout the curriculum. Based on the foundation of the Catholic faith, the program emphasizes a vision of social justice and community service.

In its 2018 report, the MPCAC praised it for its strong commitment to learning, highlighting the scientist-practitioner model, as well as the comprehensive training offered to students in the program, making them highly sought after in the end.

MPCAC is a highly recognized accrediting organization with a strong mission to “accredit academic programs that provide science-based education and training in the practice of counseling and psychological services at the master’s degree level, using both counseling and psychological principles and theories as they apply to specific populations and settings.”

Master Of Arts (counselling And Guidance)

The university chapter of Psi Chi, the international honor society for psychology, is one of 32 chapters designated as a 2020-21 Psi Chi Model Chapter for its commitment to the organization’s mission to advance the study of psychology.

, the New England Center for Children announced partnerships that provide students with opportunities to work with leaders in autism research.

The University and The New England Center for Children (NECC) have announced an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Fellowship that offers students the opportunity to complete a Master of Arts in Applied Behavior Analysis degree while working with professionals in research at NECC.

Psychology faculty members Alison Stoner, PhD, Adam Volungis, PhD, and Leonard Doerfler, PhD, participated in the 59th NEPA Conference on November 9.

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The University is looking for students who will take full advantage of the exceptional opportunities available to them. Start your journey and apply today. We look forward to reviewing your application! PhD programs in counseling psychology accept less than 12% of students who apply (APA Graduate Study in Psychology Summary Report, 2017). Because of the highly competitive nature of doctoral admissions, students often choose to complete a counseling psychology master’s program first, where they can develop the professional identity and skills necessary for admission to a doctoral program in counseling psychology.

The University of Kentucky’s Master of Science (MS) is a two-year, full-time (12 credits per fall/spring semester), 48 credit hour terminal degree program that provides students with comprehensive, foundational training that specifically designed to prepare students . Successfully apply to the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Program.

Students who graduate from our preparatory doctoral M.S. applying to doctoral programs have a strong track record (89% success rate) in receiving offers of admission to counseling psychology PhD and/or PSY doctoral programs.

The program is not designed for people who want to stop their graduation after receiving their master’s degree (that is, for people who want to become licensed at the master’s level as a mental health counselor or psychological aide to provide health services to mind clients.) Master’s-level talk students seeking licensure as therapists/counselors should consider other programs, such as the 60-credit hour CACREP-accredited Counseling Masters program of the UK.

Counseling Psychology: Ma

Through rigorous coursework, supervised clinical practicum, and research lab participation, our students learn the research, psychotherapy, professional, and cultural adaptability skills necessary to succeed in advanced study of doctor Students receive doctoral preparation guidance from faculty and doctoral students during both years of the program to help students learn the “hidden curriculum” (ie, unspoken policy and regulation) of doctoral admissions, succeed in graduate school, and create a sustainable career path in counseling. Psychology students receive appropriate feedback on their doctoral application materials and interview skills so they can make the right assumptions during the doctoral application process.

To keep class sizes small, we accept a limited number of students each year. This ensures a good student-to-faculty ratio (4 students to 1 core faculty member of counseling psychology), which is an important metric to consider when choosing a master’s program.

To ensure the highest quality training, students complete the program on site in Lexington, KY, where they work face-to-face with faculty. The program cannot be completed part-time or through online distance learning.

On-campus funding opportunities for MS students (eg, graduate assistantships) are available through the UKJobs website ( By 2020-2022, an average of 70% of our M.S. Students receive full-time funding (eg, a 20/hour/week supplement that provides a full tuition waiver, monthly stipend, health insurance benefits). This percentage is higher than the percentage of many mental health master’s programs across the country (be sure to ask each program you are applying to for this percentage so you can factor it into your decision-making admission).

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Your professional training program will be led by faculty who are some of the most productive, cited, and awarded scholars in counseling psychology. click on

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