Accredited Online Masters Programs In Psychology

Accredited Online Masters Programs In Psychology – Earning a fast master’s degree in psychology online means getting a degree early. Accelerated programs shorten the time to earn a degree. Accelerated programs are often shorter than regular programs. Although there are online master’s programs in psychology, they are not easy to complete. Teaching is fast and challenging. But if your goal is to earn a graduate degree in less than two years, there are faster options.

We looked at approximately 177 colleges and universities listed in the Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) College Navigator that offer online accelerated master’s degree programs in psychology. We ranked our faculty pool to find the 30 fastest growing online psychology programs using the following criteria: acceptance, high-quality credentials (completion time under two years), and professional standing with at least one major release. For this article, we focused on the US News and World Report rankings. Then we listed the 30 fastest online psychology programs based on availability.

Accredited Online Masters Programs In Psychology

Ranked #30 Fastest Online Psychology Master’s Programs – Southern California University Online Master’s in Psychology Costa Mesa, California

Fortune Ranks Regent The #5 Best Online Master’s In Psychology, 2022

California Southern University offers a 42-credit online psychology degree program that can be completed in two to three years. The school allows up to six transfer credits, which can reduce completion time. The course should cover topics in psychology such as ethical and professional issues in addiction counseling, health promotion and counseling and strategies. Areas of focus are available and allow students to tailor their degree to match career goals. Students can earn an MS with a concentration in addiction studies, technology and vocational education, pastoral counseling, or sports psychology. Cal Southern is ranked by major publications such as US News and World Report and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology offers an online degree in psychology program for both full-time and part-time students. For urgent appointments, a full-time position is required. If enrolled full-time, students use part-time. Completion time is one year for full-time status and two years for part-time students. The program focuses on behavioral analysis and leads to ABA recommendations upon completion. The course covers topics such as concepts and principles of behavior analysis, analysis and measurement, and principles and problems. In addition to being licensed, the Chicago school includes major publications such as US News and World Report.

Medaille College’s online psychology degree program offers one of the shortest deadlines on our list. In just one year, students completed 36 credits. The bachelor’s degree can be completed in one year with a choice of one or four courses per semester. Each course lasts seven weeks, which allows for quick completion of one course before starting another. In addition, the degree offers options for those interested in sports psychology. Advanced psychology courses cover topics such as biological foundations of behavior, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Medaille is ranked by US News and World Report as the 136th-176th best regional university in the North.

Southern New Hampshire University’s online psychology degree program is designed to prepare students for successful careers in psychology. The program offers three unique options that allow students to tailor their degree to suit their interests and goals. Child and adolescent developmental psychology, forensic psychology, and organizational psychology. In addition to the accelerated format, the program allows 12 transfer credits to give students an advantage in completion time. SNHU is ranked by major publications such as US News and World Report as the #1 best university, the 75th best university in the North, and the 71st best economy.

The Best Accredited Online Colleges Of 2023

LeTourneau University’s online accelerated master’s degree in psychology is designed to prepare students to provide holistic, Christ-centered care to others. Online delivery is available and the program is 39 credits. It is dedicated to promoting higher education that focuses on the field of psychology. Students apply their research skills, explore areas of interest and become learners. Courses should cover topics such as teaching skills and techniques, family assessment, group counseling methods, and integrative thinking for counselors. LeTourneau is ranked by US News and World Report as the 26th best university in the West and the 15th best business school.

At Northcentral University, graduates have the option of earning an online degree in psychology. The accelerated program prepares students for understanding human nature as they learn critical thinking, research, and writing skills. 10-12 courses are required to complete the degree. These courses and prerequisites take 18 months, making Northcentral’s psychology degree a fast-paced online program. In addition to the fast completion time, the program offers four special areas. Specialization allows students to tailor their degree to their interests and career goals. These experts include behavioral analysis, gender, general psychology and sports psychology.

Divine Mercy College’s online master’s degree in psychology is 36 credits and 100 percent online. Although the implementation of the project is planned to take about two years, it may reduce the duration of the loan. Additionally, full-time and part-time enrollments allow students to work at their own pace, shortening and extending completion times as needed. Courses cover advanced psychology topics such as common mental disorders and their treatment, human growth and development, leadership of people and programs, and statistics in psychology and the social sciences. . Divine Mercy is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and is recognized as one of the top medical schools by US News and World Report.

Regent University’s online counseling program at Regent University offers a CACREP-accredited and accelerated master’s in school counseling alternative to studying psychology. In particular, a master’s degree in education is an ideal program for teachers looking for advanced skills to bring to school. The course, offered entirely online, covers advanced topics such as early childhood and youth education, school counseling principles, and program development and evaluation for school teachers. . In addition to CACREP accreditation, Regent is ranked by US News and World Report as the 298th-389th best university and the 113th highest performer in social mobility. The school offers an easy and fast-paced program.

Top Online Master’s Degrees In Educational Psychology

Mercy College’s online master’s degree program is designed to provide graduate education in psychology to those seeking leadership positions in this broad field. The program consists of 36 credits, which can be taken entirely online. Lessons are taught by Mercy’s experienced faculty and cover topics such as current ideas in psychology, organizational psychology, physical psychology, and business and ethical issues. Full-time and part-time options are available, adding flexibility to the program. Additionally, Mercy is ranked by major publications such as US News and World Report. In fact, Mercy is ranked #136-#176 among the best local universities in the North and #17 among the top performers in social mobility.

The National University offers an accelerated master’s degree program in online psychology with a four-week course. The design and teaching methods allow students to earn a degree instead of a traditional master’s degree. Courses are offered online and taught by experienced National University faculty. There are many psychology degree options available at National, including master’s programs in psychology, human behavior, and occupational psychology. Admission to the psychology program is open year-round, although the school evaluates applications annually. In addition to being fully licensed, National is featured in major publications such as US News and World Report.

Lynn University’s online degree in psychology is designed for people working full-time or in family businesses. The program is designed to accommodate students seeking an advanced online psychology degree. Courses cover science, technology and organizational topics; organization leadership and management; and project research and evaluation. Courses are faster but with the convenience of online learning. Lynn is highly endorsed and featured in major publications such as US News and World Report. In fact, Lynn is ranked #53 among the best local business schools in the South and #55 among the best business schools.

California University of Pennsylvania offers an accelerated online psychology degree, including a master’s in exercise science. To prepare for a career in sport psychology, students earn an MS degree in sport science and health promotion with a focus on sport education. With full tuition, students can earn their degrees in as fast as 12 months. Part-time courses take longer, although they are shorter than most regular programs. Most students earn their degrees within 17 months. Courses cover topics such as business and entrepreneurship in the health industry, fundamentals of human movement science, leadership and business development, nutrition and high performance, and research. . in sport psychology. The University of California is fully accredited and ranked by US News and World Report. In fact, the list ranks #136-#176 among the best local colleges in the North and #50-#62 among the top universities.

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The 30-credit online degree in psychology (educational psychology) at the University of Northern Colorado is an accelerated psychology program that lasts 19 months and

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