Adding Side Door To Garage

Adding Side Door To Garage – As a manufacturer of manufactured garage doors, Select Garage Doors has been making custom garage doors for homeowners for nearly two decades.

One of the main reasons to improve existing garage doors on properties is when a homeowner is listing their home for sale. You often ask – what value does the garage give you? In short, it all depends on what the estate agents say, but there is evidence that a garage adds value to your home. We explore the reasons below:

Adding Side Door To Garage

Adding Side Door To Garage

When selling your home, first impressions count, so the exterior of the home should be pleasing to the eye. Old garage doors that have seen better days can deter potential buyers and cost a fortune.

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Depending on the size of your garage door, you can replace the garage door with a standard 7×7 garage door or a 7×6.6 garage door. But if your garage door isn’t a ‘standard size’ don’t worry, custom garage doors aren’t as expensive as you might think and are made ‘standard’ at Select. 3 reasons-why-the-garage-is-a-value-adder does

Adding Side Door To Garage

Replacement garage doors not only help curb appeal, but they also offer you and your potential buyer the ultimate in practicality, especially when installing an overhead or side-hinged garage door.

Above ground and above ground garage doors are open or closed. Garage door openers use side arms and springs that provide a smooth and well-balanced operation. Overhead garage doors open and close using a top torsion spring with side lift cables. These have the advantage of offering a full width opening.

Adding Side Door To Garage

Things To Know Before Buying A Garage Door

Side-hinged garage doors are great for pedestrian access to the garage. The doors can be split in the middle or off the middle, which makes them very practical for transporting different types of goods in and out of the garage.

Why upgrading your garage will add value to your home is a question our commercial garage door installers often ask when considering upgrading their garage, including the garage door.

Adding Side Door To Garage

Not only do garages offer safe off-street parking for you and the buyer, but they also provide much-needed storage for things like lawn mowers and tools if you or your potential buyer run a home business.

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Additionally, garage conversions have grown rapidly in recent years, not only adding value to your home upon sale, but also allowing your buyer to add value in the future if they decide to convert the garage into another living space.

Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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Adding Side Door To Garage

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We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. By browsing this website, you accept our use of cookies. Today I’m sharing the final part of our garage door remodeling project. This is probably the biggest project we’ve ever tackled, thanks to some great advice from our wonderful friends at Mcdaid’s Carpentry and Design. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that we’re working on it in real time. This makeup started in March at the very beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic. Like many others, we had nowhere to go and not much to do, so we were forced to stay at home. In a very uncertain and scary time, we used our nervous energy to solve some projects around the house. In retrospect, it really channeled our nerves into something more productive, positive and joyful.

Adding Side Door To Garage

Ways To Weather Seal A Garage Door

With our full focus on our family and home, it felt like the perfect time to dive into a big home project. We’ve hated our garage doors for years; broken, paint chipped, bent, and we don’t even use the garage as a garage! Our house was built in the 1930s, so our large 21st century vehicles won’t fit in the garage. We wanted to make two swinging barn doors that would make it easier to get in and out of the children’s bikes and toys. Keep reading to see how we really improved the exterior of our home by updating our old garage door!

I always start a project (especially a big one) with inspiration. I collect my thoughts and pin them to a Pinterest board to get a clearer vision.

Adding Side Door To Garage

The next step was to remove the old garage door. It wasn’t that hard, just a bit time consuming and messy. We had to carefully separate the doors from the tracks and slowly dismantle them all. It was pretty straight forward but you have to be careful as the door is heavy and the springs can cause some stress on the inside (ie don’t have the kids with you during this step :).

Reasons Why A Garage Adds Value To Your Home

When it came time to start building a new barn door, we knew we needed the advice and expertise of a carpenter to get us moving in the right direction as we built two oversized custom barn doors. Fortunately, Paul from McDaid’s Carpentry and Design was willing to consult with us on this project. After we sent Paul our inspiration photos + measurements, he created a sketch, material list, tool list and instructions to get started.

Adding Side Door To Garage

I highly recommend getting in touch if you need something bespoke or if you want to get some elbow grease and DIY advice. We felt very confident with his experience guiding us that we could build two huge custom barn doors.

Below is an example of the sketches and instructions provided to us by McDaid’s Custom Carpentry. The materials and instructions here are based on the dimensions of our door, but hopefully you should get an idea of ​​the process and make it your own.

Adding Side Door To Garage

Metal Building With Two Garage Doors 22′ X 26′

As previously mentioned, this is the general process we follow for our garage doors. That will give you a good idea of ​​how to approach it, but the actual materials, dimensions, etc. will vary depending on the specific setting.

First we had to build the frame for the swinging barn door. To do this we had to build 2 framed rectangles for the garage openings. We had to cut both sides of the finials to frame each side and then use wood glue and screws to attach them.

Adding Side Door To Garage

Then we took a rubber mallet and wood shears to split the depth in half so that the two pieces fit together. Note – the chisel in the picture was a cement chisel, which I realized when I quickly moved on to the wood cuts :).

Ideal Garage Doors

You can then see how we cut each end of each frame board. Then we glued and screwed the wood.

Adding Side Door To Garage

We then checked that the door fit, you can also see that we attached the crosspiece to the top of the door. Luckily Paul had the right tool, we used pocket screws to insert the center section.

From there, we applied tongue and groove wood to the back of each frame with plenty of exterior wood glue (make sure it’s exterior grade, not interior).

Adding Side Door To Garage

Type Of Door Required Between House And Garage


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