Advertising And Graphic Design Degree

Advertising And Graphic Design Degree – Learn six areas of difference between advertising and graphic design: the products each targets and their purpose in the marketing process.

Advertising design is a category of graphic design that focuses on visually appealing and effective advertising. But graphic design is a more complex task. In this article, we’ll discuss the differences (and similarities) between the two

Advertising And Graphic Design Degree

Today, advertising design is a non-negotiable requirement for all businesses with a strong marketing strategy. But to attract customers, businesses need more than well-performing ads: visual identity, brand identity, a good social media strategy, great web design, and many, many things that don’t include ad design.

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While graphic design and advertising design overlap in some aspects and follow similar design principles, the latter is only one cog in a larger system. Graphic designers can also specialize in other areas such as UX design, product packaging, branding and consulting, etc.

Instant: Graphic design that has no direct commercial purpose (like an interesting ad that gets clicks) and doesn’t have as many restrictions as advertising design.

In advertising, designers have to meet various factors and requirements such as format, size for SEO reasons, image to text ratio, color psychology, design elements that inspire action. For example, in digital marketing, advertising-only Facebook ads, Unpaid Posts, Stories, Mobile and Desktop Views, Carousel, Facebook Market have different sizes and formats for placement, and only 20 percent of images can be text, otherwise Facebook won’t let you sponsor them. .

And all of these limitations come before the ad design has thought about how the designer has the exact description that the product will be based on. Let’s say you’re promoting a webinar Keep it short: Keep the speaker design, webinar name and topic to a legible, professional typeface that doesn’t exceed 20% of the total visuals, use a strong, professional color palette. Oh, and make it 1,200 x 628 pixels Not much artistic freedom and room for experimentation, right?

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But a graphic designer working around the brand will have a brief brand story, a vague concept and reference of what the logo and other brand assets should look like, and they will do extensive research and build a brand guide based on that. They don’t have a completely free hand, but there is a lot of artistic freedom here. However, it also requires more skill and responsibility and requires the guidance of a creative director or team collaboration.

In both advertising and branding, the final product belongs to the company or person who commissioned the graphic designer or design studio. A logo is the idea of ​​a designer or design team, but the owner is the company that uses it.

However, advertising agencies and art directors use their larger projects in portfolios and marketing areas. Sometimes they have exclusive agreements with companies to be the only party providing them with all design requirements

However, if a company has an in-house designer who only fulfills advertising design goals, all products are part of their job description and belong to the company. When you come across an infographic, say, you rarely see the name of the designer, do you?

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However, this is a personal contract and policy. Some companies don’t mind outsourcing designers using their products for their portfolio, and some may require full ownership and copyright protection.

Regardless of the design service, designers must base the product on research if they want a visual that performs well. There are many factors that will shape a career in graphic design: color psychology, movement, typography, composition, theoretical knowledge, design software usage and trends, following design and art in general.

In general, advertising design tends to focus on seasonal, campaign and ad-hoc marketing, meaning more and smaller products. Graphic designers working in branding have large projects that rarely need to be reworked or redesigned (logos, brand guidelines and packaging rarely need to be changed), so they will spend more time researching and developing the final product.

Visual communication is very valuable to the overall perception of a brand, so graphic designers will spend a lot of time researching and creating a concept. Design skills are absolutely essential, but knowledge of theory and market research is also essential if you want a strong and recognizable brand. The designer needs to research the company’s brand story and mission, target audience, tone of voice they want to appeal to, important principles, and many other factors. Research focuses on consumer and design trends and theoretical knowledge on design and its psychological impact on audiences.

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In advertising design, research is focused on current trends and regulations. For example, in digital marketing, for an ad to work well, you need to use positioning, segmentation, audience narrowing and good copywriting as well. Designers must also be aware of the latest updates in rules and regulations, such as size, format, use of logos and other brand signage, and the latest interests of the target audience. If you are advertising clothing for young people, the design should be playful, colorful, maybe a movement design, placed on Instagram stories. You don’t want to put banner ads in your Facebook feed with serious and cool colors because young people are moving away from this social network.

As we mentioned earlier, brand design takes more research and time to develop, and while advertising design can be campaign-focused, it can be ad hoc and more prone to redesign and change.

For larger projects and important brand assets, timelines and deadlines are generally more flexible, unless the business expects good, original design. Of course, this means more than just a proposed version, changes and rework, adding new strategies and maybe new assets, so it’s a lot of work.

For advertising purposes, the time period is usually short because it means creating assets that will be used for a certain period of time. It’s not unusual to project late notes or adjust a finished design because it doesn’t work well. There are also many examples of real-time marketing, which emerged very early on but helped a company gain traction by sending the right message at the right time. Because of this, products don’t take much time to develop, but there can be unnecessary planning and rework

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To be clear: Advertising design and other types of graphic design are not mutually exclusive. A graphic designer will likely work in advertising throughout their career, but may specialize in something else. Conversely, a designer who normally works with advertising in an advertising agency can work with other assets and explore the design process.

This means that all graphic designs created for advertising purposes are part of the overall visual identity of the company. Therefore, advertising design strictly means visuals that should stimulate action, that is, those that inspire the consumer to make a purchase decision: advertisements, promotional materials, posters, flyers, pamphlets, static pamphlets, e-mail banners, etc. .

All other graphic design assets enhance and nurture the overall brand and help increase sales. From website design to email marketing, mobile communications, PR images, collateral and social media posts, we can sort anything out here.

Both advertising and graphic design are essential for a company to have a good and effective marketing strategy. The platform is different, but the desired result is the same: better sales and better brand perception

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There are many ways to get good ad design: freelance, ad agencies, in-house graphic artists, or unlimited design services.

For more brand-focused needs, you can rely on design firms and creative agencies, or try outsourcing to top professionals.

The most important thing is to define the purpose of your campaign or brand asset, so you know whether the goal is to inspire a purchase or build trust and recognition of your brand. And, of course, graphic designers aren’t the only ones responsible for making your marketing work: there are web designers, copywriters, social media marketers, PR specialists and other important players who will create and define a business’ brand identity.

Hopefully, this article will help you understand what ad design is and how general graphic design falls into this category. Now you should be able to plan your strategy and campaign more effectively and know what to focus on in your design.

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