Answering Machine Messages For Home

Answering Machine Messages For Home – Telephone answering machine or voice mail machine Known as a telephone messenger (or TAM) in the UK and some countries in the British Commonwealth of Nations. Ansaphone or Ansaphone (from the trade name) or Telephone Answering Device (TAD) is used for answering telephone calls and recording caller messages. when the phone rings a specified number of times The answering machine activates and plays the Geric announcement or a custom greeting created by the recipient.

Unlike e-mail, an answering machine is installed in the user’s home along with—or included in—the user’s home phone. And unlike operator messaging, the caller isn’t talking to anyone. This is because phones become less important due to changes in mobile technology. And as integrated communications develop The installation base of TAD is diminishing.

Answering Machine Messages For Home

However, the creation of the first practical answering device for telephones is controversial. From the 1930s, Clarce Hickman worked at Bell Laboratories, where he developed magnetic recording methods and worked on recognition. Sound and electromechanical processing

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In 1934, he developed a tape-based answering machine. which telephone company AT&T, which owns Bell Laboratories, has kept secret for many years. for fear that the answering machine will make fewer calls

Many say the answering machine was invented by William Muller in 1935, but it was probably invented by William Schergs in 1931 which used a mouthpiece as a device.

Scherg’s material is featured in Behind the Mask (1932 film). Ludwig Blattner promotes a telephone answering machine in 1929 using the magnetic recording technology of Scherg. Blattnerphone

In 1935, inventor Bjamin Thornton built a device to record voice messages from callers. The device is said to be able to track recording time.

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Although various sources say he invented the machine in 1935, Thornton filed a patent in 1930 (No. 1831331) for the machine. which uses a record player as a recording medium

Tel-Magnet, a commercial answering machine introduced in the United States in 1949, transmits outgoing messages and records incoming messages with a magnetic cable, costs $200, but was not commercially successful.

In 1949, the first commercially successful answering machine was the Electronic Secretary invented by Joseph Zimmerman, inventor and entrepreneur George W. Danner, founder of Electronic Secretary Industries in Wisconsin. Electronic secretaries used standard 45 rpm technology. For data and call recording, for text retrieval and playback. The Electronic Industry Secretariat was acquired by General Telephone and Electronics in 1957.

Another successful commercial answering machine was the Ansafone, designed by its inventor Dr. Kazuo Hashimoto, who worked for a company called Phonetel. The company began selling the first answering machines in the United States in the 1960s.

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Answering machines became more widely used after AT&T’s reform in 1984, which made them less expensive and reached one million annual sales in the United States.

The first device after the split was called the DuoPhone and was sold by Tandy (Radio Shack). The device and its successor were developed by Sava Jacobson, an energy company with an independent consulting firm.

Although early answering machines used magnetic tape technology, But most modern machines use hard disk memory. Some devices use a combination of both. It has solid-state circuitry for outgoing messages and tape for incoming messages. James P. Mitchell demonstrated a working prototype of a digital message output with tape feeder at the VEISHEA Engineering Center at Iowa State University in April 1982. This system was awarded a gold medal from the gineering department.

The first digital answering machine to hit the market was AT&T’s Model 1337 in 1990; At an event organized by Trey Weaver, Mr. Hashimoto sued AT&T, but was quickly dismissed because AT&T’s system was very different from the patch.

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There are two ways to answer an incoming call: (1) wait a long time for the operator to answer, or (2) automatically answer the call after a specified ring tone in the TAD status (such as “Save Money” below). Useful if the owner is on a conversation and doesn’t want to talk to every caller.

In any case It should notify the caller when a call is received. (in most cases billing will be initiated) either by operator’s record or by a greeting message from TAD or to the address to non-human callers (e.g., fax machines) using compatible wireless protocols. In some cases, terminals provide slightly modified sds ring-only reception for callers, while make a protocol

Likewise A device called equipmt can be called upon by imaginary maintenance. because of the special signal or because of vacation time

In the case of audio-only vironmts All received calls can be transferred directly to the TAD, which may be replaced by a human-controlled mobile phone. ​​​​​​​​​​​​Just force yourself, force TAD (rear) on the hook . Audio signals can only be captured and retransmitted from analogue media. (mostly on tape) but later TAD moved to digital storage with the whole idea of ​​compression and care for recorded greetings and messages.

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Most modern answering machines have a greeting system. The owner can record a message to be sent back to the caller. Or an automated message will be sent if the owner hasn’t saved it. This is especially true for TADs that store greetings digitally, or for earlier machines (before the advent of the microcassette) that had a special dless tape separate from the second cassette specifically for recording.

There is an answering machine in the recording which must inform the caller that the greeting message is unreachable or, for example. Regarding busy hours, in TAD recordings, greetings usually include an invitation to enter a message. “After the beep”

In dual-cassette telephones, there is a cassette tape output. which, after several rings, sends a pre-recorded message to the caller. when the message is finished The outgoing tape stops and the incoming tape begins recording the caller’s message. and will stop when the caller stops

A single tape answering machine contains outgoing messages at the beginning of the tape and incoming messages at the rest of the tape. play announcement first Fast-forward to the saved location. and record the message of the caller If there are multiple previous messages Rapid delivery may cause significant delays. This delay is handled by sending a beep back to the caller, which the TAD is ready to record. This beep is often referred to as a greeting message. by requesting to send a message “After the beep”

Telephone Answering Machine Messages

TAD may also offer a remote monitoring device that allows phone owners to call home numbers and by entering a code on a remote phone key. Saved messages can be read or deleted. even if not at home

Many devices have a “save” function for this purpose. Therefore, the machine increases the number of rings after receiving a call. (Usually twice Resulting in four rings) if no unread messages are stored. but answer after the number of ringing This lets the owner see if there is a pending message. If not, the owner can hang up the phone, e.g. ring a third ring without making a call.

Some also allow self-activation remotely. If not connected By calling and letting the phone ring several times (usually 10-15), some operators hang up after fewer presses. So it can’t be activated remotely.

In the early days of TAD, a special transmitter was required for DTMF (two-tone frequency response) tones in the remote control area. As calls used in the past could not carry a signal that was compatible with dynamic communications – various amplifiers were gradually implemented.

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Refers to an analog site which supports voice, fax and data telephony transmissions in compliance with a specific protocol established by ITU-T. Not all incoming calls can be identified with these features before they are “hanged up” from the terminal device. after hang up Calls must be forwarded to the appropriate device. and only audio types are immediately accessible, but perhaps, nevertheless, should be sent to the TAD (e.g. after the caller has been identified). or identified by his identity. Known Caller ID).

Automatic answering of calls directly on the computer through special software begins by connecting the fax device to the computer via a fax modem, for example, talkworks. These systems allowed very complex voice box systems to operate on dual-frequency signals, allowing computers on a single (single) telephone line to function as professional phone systems with fax and message boxes via automated callers. The caller may leave a message. Deposit a fax later may be listed as

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