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Apa Accredited Io Psychology Programs – The field of Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology applies psychology to all aspects of the workplace. “Industry” refers to various concepts related to people (e.g., selection, training, performance management), and “organizational” refers to concepts that apply more broadly to an entire organization (e.g., culture, change management, diversity. ) .Another field of study related to I-O psychology is Occupational Health Psychology (OHP). OHP is an independent interdisciplinary field focused on the health and wellness of employees. Although OHP is not a subfield of I-O psychology, for many I-O scientists and practitioners it is a natural extension given the overlap between their areas of interest. I-O psychologists who specialize in OHP issues typically approach these issues from an individual and organizational perspective.

As an I-O psychologist, you can contribute to the success of your organization by improving employee performance and well-being. According to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), I-O psychologists help organizations by:

Apa Accredited Io Psychology Programs

Demand for I-O psychology is growing as organizations look for evidence-based procedures in recruiting, training and retaining employees. I-O Psychology has positions in every sector of the labor market – including Fortune 500 companies, factories, sports teams, universities, and volunteer work, just to name a few. Industrial/Organizational Psychologists are popular. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in psychology (including industrial-organizational psychology) are projected to grow 8 percent through 2030. Organizations need the I/O skill set that psychologists bring to hire and retain top talent, improve work life, and increase workplace productivity. Organizational leaders and business executives are increasingly aware of the impact of individual employees on the overall success of their companies. The I/O Master’s degree in Psychology provides employers with the knowledge and skills they need to maintain employee satisfaction and business profitability.

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The I/O online master’s degree in psychology is a great way for students with a bachelor’s degree in psychology to advance their careers and enter this specialized field of psychology. Online courses offer flexibility that appeals to working professionals and those struggling to achieve a healthy work/life balance. We have created this list of the top 10 online masters in industrial-organizational psychology to showcase the best programs available to online students.

Accredited universities offering an online master’s degree in Industrial-Organizational Psychology were identified using information gathered from the National Statistical Center’s University Education Navigator. We reviewed each program and identified the main ones:

We then applied our ranking methodology to further narrow down our list to the top 10 online masters in I/O Psychology.

Southern New Hampshire University offers an affordable online master’s degree in industry/organization taught by industry-experienced faculty. Students gain job-ready research and data skills to start transforming their organizations from day one. The program meets the standards of the Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, ensuring students gain a relevant educational experience. The course prepares students to:

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Capella University’s highly regarded online master’s program in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a flexible and affordable program that provides students with an in-depth understanding of the workplace. Students will explore key theories for constructing a healthy work environment. Courses are taught by practicing faculty who understand the latest academic theory and applied practice. Professional courses include:

The online I/O Psychology master’s program is offered in the FlexPath online self-paced learning format. Students complete the program at their own pace and pay the same tuition fees every 12 weeks while completing their degree.

United International University offers a master’s degree in Organizational Psychology for students who want to master the human side of business. Students can prepare for a variety of career opportunities in areas such as organizational leadership, training and development. This one-year master’s degree in organizational psychology can be completed online or on campus to meet the needs of a diverse student population. Courses are taught by renowned industry experts who have earned degrees from some of the top universities in the country. Students gain experiential training through hands-on projects such as leadership development and talent assessment.

Colorado State University offers an online master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and Budgeting online that provides students with practical knowledge and skills in research and consulting. Students will learn how to:

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Courses are developed by expert faculty who understand the needs of the field. Online students complete a capstone course that allows students to gain hands-on experience through an applied research or consulting project in a real organization.

Missouri S&T offers the best value online MS in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with thesis and dissertation completion options. Students will gain valuable training in developing job selection and placement assessments and creating effective employee training programs. Students can apply for direct entry into the program or earn a certificate first and then apply to the master’s program. Certificate options include:

Graduates are equipped with the skills needed to improve the overall performance and well-being of people in organisations.

Austin Peay State University’s high-quality online MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology is a flexible program that is a good choice for students who plan to enter the workforce at the master’s level, as well as students who plan to pursue a Ph.D. They offer 15-week fully online semester programs, and most students take two years to complete their degree. The curriculum is aligned with the master’s level education and training guidelines developed by SIOP. The program follows the scientist-practitioner model to prepare students for success in the workplace.

Apa Accredited Psychology Degree Programs In Alabama

Albizu University in Miami offers a flexible I/O online MS in Psychology that prepares students to become culturally competent practitioners. Areas covered by the course include:

The 48-credit program takes students two years to complete. A low student-faculty ratio enables students to develop critical thinking skills while interacting with professors and peers. Courses are taught by I/O professionals who share their professional experience with students and work to prepare them to transfer knowledge from the classroom to the workplace.

Eastern Kentucky University’s online master’s program in I/O Psychology can help you improve your organization’s performance and productivity. Courses are offered in a flexible, 100% online format with no on-campus residency requirement. The eight-week accelerated semester allows students to complete the program quickly. The course complies with the training guidelines of the Association for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Applicants with an undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0 may be exempt from the GRE requirement. The Center for Applied Psychology and Workforce Development offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities. Students complete an integrated capstone project at the end of the program.

Touro University Worldwide offers a low-cost online I/O Master’s degree in Psychology with three unique areas of concentration. Students can focus their studies by choosing from the following tracks:

Organizational Psychology Masters Program

This 12-course curriculum includes a practical capstone that allows students to address organizational or occupational situations relevant to their particular industry. Applicants should possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 2.75 to be considered for full admission.

Salem State University is our top choice for an online master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. Drawing on strengths from the Bertolon School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, the program includes a case-based teaching approach with an emphasis on quantitative research. Classes follow SIOP guidelines, so students can be confident they are receiving a valuable educational experience. Courses include:

Students can choose electives to customize their degree. With the permission of the program coordinator, students can take advantage of unique opportunities through directed study and the master’s thesis in psychology.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a specialized field of psychology that studies human behavior in the context of the workplace. I/O psychologists use principles of psychology to solve problems at work and in organizations. They develop solutions to problems in the following areas:

Best Online Master’s Degree Programs In Psychology For 2023

Effective I/O psychologists have expertise in organizational development and human performance. They understand the ethical and labor law considerations associated with workplace activities. Their unique skills make them valuable business partners. I/O psychologists can help organizations:

While the I/O MSc in Psychology can be considered a terminal degree, it can also provide students with a solid foundation for doctoral research for professionals interested in pursuing an academic or research career. Students planning to pursue a PhD in I/O Psychology can gain research experience and advanced knowledge through the master’s program to enhance their application.

Industrial/Organizational Psychology can be a lucrative career. According to payscale.com, the average base salary for an industrial/organizational psychologist at the master’s level is $68,000 per year. As with most professional roles, salary is commensurate with experience. According to payscale.com, some of the highest paying jobs in industrial/organizational psychology include:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for psychologists (including industrial/organizational psychologists) is projected to grow 8 percent through 2030.

Online Doctorate In Industrial Organizational Psychology

Earning an online master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is a considerable investment of time and money. According to the Education Data Project, the average cost of a master’s degree in the US is $66,340.

Both public and private schools offer master’s programs in I/O Psychology. Typically, the price is

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