Art And Illustration For Graphic Design

Art And Illustration For Graphic Design – The article shares helpful tips from graphic designer Tubik for creating original flat illustrations and best practices for developing an artistic style and manner.

No matter what direction digital artists take in their careers, one of the most important and difficult challenges is finding their own creative style. Today we talk about this topic with Tubik graphic designer Yaroslava Yatsuba, already experienced in both traditional and digital art. He looks forward to sharing helpful tips and practices to help designers find and maintain their style in flat business and themed illustrations for a variety of purposes. Let’s consider what graphic designers can do to avoid getting lost in the variety of styles and get their goldfish in pursuit of their professional goals.

Art And Illustration For Graphic Design

Let’s start with the terminology. Today, the term “flat design” is applied to graphics for many purposes and tasks with common stylistic characteristics. Flat design is a direction that has found its wide and versatile expression in digital art and is famous for its minimalistic and concise use of means of visual expression. Today, the term is widely used as the opposite of “rich design” because of the harmonious simplicity that underlies this design approach. The most striking feature, which really inspired the name of this direction, is the application of flat two-dimensional visual details, instead of highly realistic and detailed skeuomorphic images. Flat design has evolved over the past two years to encompass more and more areas of graphic design and still finds its widest and most diverse application in digital design for web and mobile. This design approach is considered a favorable style for improving the usability and visual harmony of user interfaces.

Trends In Illustration And Graphic Design To Meet 2020

Obviously, flat design didn’t come out of thin air. Its roots usually lie in the Swiss style, which design historians consider its direct ancestor. The Swiss style, also known as the international typographic style or the international style for short, is a trend that emerged and received criticism in the 20th century. in the 1940s and later found great expression in graphic design in Switzerland in the 1940s and 1950s. a solid foundation for the chart. mid design around the world.

Although this style has had various expressions in the field of print visual design, such as posters, stamps, postcards, book covers, magazines, etc., it has greatly expanded its horizons in the digital design era, especially in the field of user interface design. . Websites and mobile apps with dynamic creative search have opened up amazing and fruitful prospects for this minimalistic and functional approach to design solutions. This style was called “flat design” (or flat graphic design), which immediately became popular and started a new direction in graphic design, bold skeuomorphism and “rich design” and supported by new challenges opened by the field of interaction design. The variety of design trends available and evolving these days means that flat design illustration is a flexible and artistic approach that deserves its place. Read more about flat design, its history and benefits in our previous article.

These days, many designers are putting their creativity to the test in flat illustrations. In order not to get lost in the large and growing variety of artwork, it is essential to create your own presentation and style. It becomes a slightly heavier plan, which is quite limited in expressive means and scope than other styles. However, difficult does not mean impossible.

Here are Tubik graphic designer Yaroslava Yatsuba’s tips for creating flat illustrations that she gleaned from her daily practice.

How To Ensure That Your Illustration Work Is Aesthetically Pleasing

– Move away from simple geometrizing of shapes. Grab a sketchbook and pencil and make some quick sketches by hand. A sketch will take the least amount of time compared to creating a digital image. In addition, it will help you quickly find bold lines, as well as interesting movements or positions of the character. After making a sketch, take your time and analyze it, then try experimenting. Try hypertrophic, rounded or, on the contrary, sharp shapes – they can bring precious details that clarify the nature of the movement or show the emotional state of the character.

– Analyze the artwork of other illustrators. Do not miss the opportunity to understand what principles and approaches apply. Consider what elements or color solutions made their artwork appealing to you.

– One of the factors of a successful illustration is the choice of an interesting perspective and composition. Make sure the composition is balanced if you want to express a state of calm, or deliberately tilted if you want to show dynamics or tension. If the composition is multidimensional, the planning must be clearly shown: emphasize the plane where the main characters or elements are located. You can also add rhythm to the composition by increasing elements of scale or accents of color and tone.

– Once the composition is decided, imagine how the scene would look from different angles: in perspective with the third point of convergence, through a fisheye lens, from a 3-year-old child or, conversely, as super high. a basketball player would see it. This trick will help you understand which angle will work best for the purpose and message of the illustration.

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– Use original metaphors to help share the idea of ​​the illustration. Don’t just grab the first image that comes to your mind – there is a big risk that it will spread and not look original enough to really catch the eye.

– A carefully selected color palette will help reinforce the idea and message, create the right mood and emphasize what is important. Maintain the tonal contrast of the entire composition: To check the correctness of the selected tones, view the illustration in black and white mode – it must remain contrasty and easy to read.

– The use of textures gives life to the image, gives individuality and a “handmade” effect. This will also flatten vector images.

In addition, color photos and color patterns can be used to create the effect of an appliqué piece. All mentioned options can be used both separately and together, thus developing a personal artistic style in creating flat design graphics.

Amazing Graphic Design Examples That Will Blow You Away

Try this checklist for your design experiments to create a flat design illustration; perhaps they will lead you to your own recognizable style of goldfish.

Here are some more illustrations from Jaroslava with case studies on how to apply the above tips creatively. The designer shows that some of the limitations of this style are just another reason for her innovative experiments with colors, perspectives, characters and flat design metaphors.

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