Associate Degree In Nursing Curriculum

Associate Degree In Nursing Curriculum – 1 Revised 11/23 Revised for Fall 2005 DEREE ASSOCIATE PROGRAM IN NURSING Galveston College The Associate Degree Nursing program is offered by Galveston College in Galveston, Texas. The first year of the program is also offered at the Brazosport College campus in Lake Jackson, Texas. The 72 credit hour program leads to an Associate of Applied Science degree and is accredited by the National League for Nursing Accreditation Commission and the State of Texas Board of Nurse Examiners. Acceptance into nursing programs is through a competitive selection process based on a points system. Students will earn points based on prerequisite courses and science courses, cumulative grade point average, NET scores, and general education and nursing courses taken. This information pack describes the procedures for applying to a programme. Prospective applicants should be aware of the application requirements and process. General Admission Requirements for the Galveston College Associate of Nursing Degree Program. Applicants to the Associate Degree Nursing program must: Pass a criminal background check (call for information) Have a criminal history other than traffic tickets Be approved for admission to the DNA program to sit for the Texas State exam Board of Nursing Licensure (NCLEX) (Call for information) Start immunizations, including hepatitis B vaccines, 7 months before entering the DNA program. , including high schools attended and high school or proof of G.E.D. sent to the admissions office. Submit a study plan to the Counseling/BBS office. Meet all THEA (Texas Higher Education Assessment) requirements. Complete the Galveston College Associate of Nursing Degree Program Application and submit to the Admissions Office. For more information, please see the College Directory or the Galveston College website at Specific Admissions Criteria for Application to the Galveston College Associate Degree in Nursing Program. 2.5 in all courses taken at Galveston College and all other colleges over the past ten years. Have a G.P.A. out of 2.5 on all prerequisites. Have completed all prerequisites by December 31 of the year of application Have completed the NET (Nursing Entrance Examination) by February 15 of the year of application and achieve scores above 50 in Mathematics and reading. NET can be repeated once a year. Galveston College is a school of education and equalization of employment. It is the policy of Galveston College to provide equal opportunity without regard to age, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, disability, or legal status. ‘veteran. 1

2 NOTE: 1) All math and science courses (anatomy and physiology, microbiology and chemistry) must have been completed no more than five (5) years prior to admission to the program. 2) Transcripts cannot reflect more than one (1) D or F in a nursing course. 3) Only one nursing course can be repeated. 4) Grades below C will not be considered for transfer credit. Prerequisite Courses The following courses are prerequisite courses and must be completed before entering the nursing program: Course Unit at BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 4 CHEM 1405 Fundamentals of Chemistry 4 HPRS 1206 Medical Terminology 2 PSYC 2701 Introduction to Psychology 3 MATH XXXX- Depends on Year 13 of THEA NOTE: Credit may be given for Secondary 4 Anatomy and Chemistry equivalent to 1 BIOL Chemistry and Chemistry. equivalent to CHEM 1405, and/or medical terminology equivalent to HPRS. See an advisor for more information. Application deadlines: Courses in the nursing program begin once a year in the fall. Deadline for program registration: February 15 of each year. The Admissions and Progression Committee will review and rank all complete applications received by February 15 for the fall semester. Letters of acceptance will be sent the week of March 15 of the application year. All applications received after February 15 will be reviewed and ranked at the end of the spring semester based on available places. Late confirmation letters will be posted by May 31. LVN/EMT-P to DNA transition courses start once a year in the summer. Deadline for submitting an application to the program: February 15 of each year. The Admissions and Advancement Committee will review and rank all complete applications received by summer on February 15. Letters of acceptance will be mailed the week of March 15. All applications received after February 15 will be reviewed and ranked at the end of the spring semester based on available places. Late letters will be sent by May 31. 2

Associate Degree In Nursing Curriculum

3 Applications should be submitted in person to: Galveston College Admissions Office 4015 Ave. Q Galveston, TX When the student has completed ALL core courses AND is taking other required general courses AND has met all Galveston College admission requirements, the board or BBS office will send the study plan completed, via , to the Secretary of Health Services. Selection Process Candidates are selected for admission to nursing programs, both general and conversion, according to the following process: 1. Mathematical requirements: THEA score: less than 206 Fail. Complete Pass Initiative Sequence and Retest Complete Pass Initiative Sequence (MATH 0300, 0303, and 0304) At Brazosport College, the sequence is MATH 0304, 0306, and MATH. Completing MATH At Brazosport College, math is MATH or higher NO additional math is required2 Defining Points a. Prerequisite courses are added according to their point value and multiplied by a b grade. General studies are added according to their point value and multiplied by the grades. General Education cannot be calculated until all prerequisites are met. vs. If nursing preparatory courses are completed before entering the nursing program, they are given a point value and multiplied by the grades. Pre-nursing programs can only be enrolled in the spring and summer before starting a nursing program. BIOL 2401 and 2402 are prerequisites for these courses. (Spring and Summer for Fall entry; Fall and Spring for Summer entry). 3. Nursing Entrance Test (NET) Results The Nursing Entrance Test will be offered monthly from September to February each year. The test includes essential math skills Reading Rate Social Interaction Profile Stress Level Profile Learning Style Reading Comprehension Test Skills 3

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4 The student must complete the required math and reading comprehension sections of the test with 50% or more. Each math and reading section will be assigned a separate point value. Points Distribution Previous Courses Level BIOL 2401 Anatomy and Physiology I 5 CHEM 1405 Fundamentals of Chemistry 5 PSYC 2301 Introduction to Psychology 1 HPRS 1206 Medicine 1 General Education Course BIOL 2402 Anatomy and Physiology 1 GL Biology 1 252 Anatomy and Physiology II 1 5 GOVT XXXX – Government OR PSYC 2314 Lifespan Growth & Dev. 1 MRMT 1211 (or equivalent) 1 HUMA XXXX- Core Humanities 1 Nursing Preparatory Course RNSG 1115 Health Assessment 2 RNSG 1171 Process of Nursing 2 HPRS 2200 Pharmacy 2 Sample Course Sequence Prerequisite Course Course Level 2. Physiology 5 Credits and 4 BIOL Total X B ( 3) = 405 Fund 1 CHEM . From Chem. 5 X B (3) = 15 HPRS 1206 Medical Concepts 1 X A (4) = 4 PSYC 2701 Intro. For Psychology 1 X A (4) = 4 TOTAL 38 A student in this sample would receive a mark of 38 application points for this undergraduate course. NET (Nursing Entrance Test) Mathematics and Reading Each section is calculated separately Below 50 = Fall = = = = = 5 4

5 A student who scores 52% for the Mathematics component and 62% for the Reading component would receive 3 points for the NET (one (1) point for the Mathematics score and two (2) points for the Reading score = 3 points). NOTE: Students who are not selected for admission and wish to reapply the following year will automatically receive two (2) application points for admission. A new application for admission must be completed and the study plan updated. Useful General Information A. Candidates can improve their ranking by 1) repeating one or more of the prerequisite or general training courses to obtain a G.P.A. (The last mark obtained will be evaluated); or 2) complete all general and pre-nursing education courses. B. Courses may be repeated for the purpose of increasing the G.P.A. only if the initial grade was C or higher. The decision to repeat a passed course (a course that was completed with a C or better) to improve a candidate’s competitiveness in the ranking process is the sole decision of the candidate. C. Students are encouraged to complete the general support courses included in the nursing program prior to entering the nursing program, particularly if the student plans to work while enrolled or has other important family responsibilities. Course Replacement Assessment Students wishing to replace courses with enrolled courses

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