Associate Degree In Paralegal Studies

Associate Degree In Paralegal Studies – The Legal Studies/Paralegal Associate Degree program prepares students to write and interpret legal documents; selection, collection and use of technical information; analyzing and resolving procedural legal issues; and recognizing and managing potential ethical conflicts. In addition, graduates of this program will be able to assist and train lawyers in research and interviewing.

The subjects covered in this program are Legal Research, Legal Technology and Law Office Management. The program includes a paralegal internship where students will practice the skills and knowledge acquired in the program.

Associate Degree In Paralegal Studies

Courses in this program may be available at multiple locations on campus through multiple delivery modes, provided you meet admission requirements and prerequisites.

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The Legal Studies / Paralegal Associate Degree is a 60 credit* program. Below is a typical semester of courses within the program.

* College 101 (10-890-165) is not part of the program credit requirements, but is a graduation requirement that must be passed with a “C” or better. This requirement is effective for students entering the program in spring 2021 and later.

All associate degrees are transferable to different programs at other member schools, allowing you to continue your education in other fields of study.

The paralegal associate degree is designed to meet Wisconsin state certification standards. However, it did not clarify whether the program meets licensure/certification requirements in states other than Wisconsin. Students who may seek professional licensure or certification in states other than Wisconsin should contact the appropriate licensing board in that state to verify that the program meets the licensure or certification requirements.

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We will review your request and let you know if we need anything else. If you are all set, your acceptance letter will be emailed to you. Beginning your studies with an online paralegal associate degree can lead to an enjoyable career in paralegal work. Committed to the arduous process of becoming a lawyer? Law can be an exciting field with many opportunities for professionals who do not necessarily want to become lawyers or judges. An online degree in paralegal studies can help prepare interested students for opportunities in an exciting and rewarding career field.

Often, a paralegal’s preparation work is as important to the outcome of a case as the lead attorney. Paralegals, legal assistants, and other professionals who provide administrative support to law firms or other employers often need to streamline legal processes from the smallest details to the big picture. Paralegals and other assistants can work at different levels of responsibility. While some may perform light office work, others may assist in organizing information, doing background research, and writing summaries. Often, a person’s education and experience play a significant role in the opportunities they are able to obtain.

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An online degree in paralegal studies can prepare candidates for possible entry-level careers that are often diverse in nature. Graduates can apply to law firms, government agencies, insurance companies, corporate compliance offices, and other employers looking for paralegals with a strong background in this career field. Many employers of paralegals require candidates to have an associate’s degree, and opportunities with a high school education can be difficult to find. Even for students with prior paralegal experience, a bachelor’s degree in online paralegal studies can improve their career prospects and help them become stronger candidates.

In an associate program, students typically gain knowledge of many aspects of paralegal work, such as drafting documents, researching cases, and other duties. Depending on the program, they may analyze practical cases, use legal software and study legal terminology. They can learn about different areas of law that they may come across during their career search, such as family law, criminal law, and real estate law. Finally, students often take general education courses to improve their general knowledge, writing, critical reading skills, and other areas that may be important in a paralegal career.

For many students, juggling university courses with other responsibilities related to work, home and family can be difficult. If you’re concerned about balancing your degree program with your other duties, perhaps earning an online paralegal associate degree is for you. By choosing to earn your associate’s degree online, you can work for an exciting future at your own pace and from home. Online learners generally enjoy interacting with other learners online and making good use of technology as an educational resource.

If you’re hoping to pursue a paralegal career path, why not get the degree directly suited to your needs? Becoming a highly qualified paralegal doesn’t happen overnight, but a bachelor’s degree in online paralegal studies can help you gain the knowledge you need to achieve your goals. . Effective January 1, 2020, the requirement that four (4) courses in an ABA-accredited program be taken physically at the institution or an accredited institution is now completed via video conferencing or other simultaneous interactive video systems. can It now allows students to complete their entire ABA-approved paralegal program through distance education!

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Paralegals play an important role in the legal profession. While lawyers are ultimately responsible for legal work, paralegals play a key role in preparing cases and documents. Please remember that paralegals cannot provide legal services directly to people, except as permitted by law.

American National University’s paralegal curriculum was developed with input from professionals working in the legal industry, focusing on important legal topics such as real estate, bankruptcy, immigration and tort law. In addition, you will gain an understanding of legal terminology and the skills to understand draft legal documents, as well as use industry-standard research tools.

In addition to a comprehensive paralegal education, you’ll gain the career skills you need to succeed in a highly competitive legal market through a 120-hour externship at a local business or organization.

Graduation from the program qualifies you to sit for national paralegal certification exams for graduation to further enhance your professional credentials.

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American National University promotes a progressive learning format, so when you earn your degree you can use it to immediately advance your education as you advance your education in high-demand fields at the bachelor’s and master’s levels. continue

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