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Associate Degree Programs Near Me – The United States Naval Community College Pilot II offers seven naval-related associate degree programs for Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen enlisted on active duty. The first associate degree program you can apply to the USNCC is the Military Studies degree. Top Ten Reasons You Should Earn a Military Studies Associate Degree Through USNCC:

Education can be an expensive endeavor. Even if you use tuition assistance, you may still be responsible for mandatory course fees and any required books—and textbooks aren’t cheap! If you’re an active-duty Sailor, Marine, or Coast Guardsman, USNCC covers your tuition, course fees, and textbooks, which means you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs of higher education.

Associate Degree Programs Near Me

Some colleges offer an online education, which is great for you when you are balancing your high performance tempo with advancing your education. But then you find out that your online course has mandatory meeting times! USNCC offers online and asynchronous classes, which means you can log in and receive coursework for weeks on your own time. USNCC is also exploring options in skills-based learning opportunities that give you more flexibility

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Whether you’re in the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, your service is rooted in naval power and maritime influence. When you pursue your Military Studies Associate degree through USNCC, you can work with faculty and students who understand your career and how it affects you as a leader and person. Taking USNCC courses with other Naval Service members means your course material and discussions are applicable to your job today!

You are a full-time active duty service member; You don’t have time to load the entire course every term or semester USNCC helps you achieve your educational goals by meeting milestone achievements where you will receive a Certificate of Completion in Naval Studies en route to your Associate Degree in Military Studies. These can be used to provide documented evidence of educational qualifications for your annual evaluation and to make you more competitive in naval service and when you transfer later.

Under the consortium agreements USNCC has with its partner colleges, your associate degree will have a predetermined and established pathway to a four-year degree program. Along with the Military Studies Associate Degree, this includes the opportunity to earn a graduate degree in a field such as political science, military history, security studies, international affairs, or leadership. The USNCC associate degree is fully transferable, which means you have the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree with little or no loss.

USNCC has partnered with Arizona State University for the Military Studies degree, meaning you’ll learn from experienced faculty who have worked with military students for years in an online environment. You will receive a high quality education through the USNCC program

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A Military Studies Associate’s degree is a critical thinking skill required to use available resources to fill a resource. This skill is one that successful command and leaders must master when facing the unexpected when you can do it at a junior inclusive level, you will quickly recognize and seize opportunities, making you a more agile, innovative and adaptable fighter.

While the Naval Studies Certificate covers the core skills you should know as an enlisted naval leader, the Military Studies Associate degree covers the Naval Studies Certificate in depth and breadth. An associate degree in military studies examines naval service and warfare through a case study approach similar to how many business schools teach business. USNCC uses history as case studies and provides context for understanding current and future challenges using security studies and international affairs.

The Military Studies Associate Degree Program through USNCC will help you learn more about military doctrine, strategy, tactics and the future of defense and help you become an effective enlisted leader.

Your career will end one day Whether you serve for one enlistment or 30 years, one of the things you take with you after your military service is your education. The skills and knowledge you learn from your USNCC Military Studies Associate degree will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Earning your associate degree in military studies through USNCC makes you a more capable enlisted leader from the first course. This free program benefits you, your command and the Sailors, Marines and Coast Guardsmen around you. Complete your application for the USNCC Military Studies degree program today!

The United States Naval Community College is a community college for the Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. For more information about the USNCC, go to Click on the Student Interest Form link to learn how to become a part of the USNCC Pilot II Program Online Associate Degree in Nursing Programs Focus on patient care Classes may not only discuss the Science behind healthcare theory and practice They can practice real life skills that a nurse may need on a daily basis Many programs even offer opportunities to practice these skills under professional guidance and best of all, by earning your ADN degree online, you can get the education In the flexible format you need, online through the ADN program.

The term ADN stands for “Associates Degree in Nursing”. Associate nursing degrees are typically two-year programs The specific time to complete, however, may vary for each student This may depend on program requirements, the pace each student prefers to study and other factors

Some programs may address specific types of nursing or care environments while others, meanwhile, may focus on more general nursing skills or, alternatively, online ADN degree programs tend to be career-focused. This means that many programs aim to support specific career paths. Thus, a curriculum may focus on knowledge and skills that are relevant to daily responsibilities in nursing. Relatedly, they may also focus on licensing requirements for LPN or RN roles

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Different online associate degree in nursing programs can contain a lot of content specific courses and components may be influenced by the healthcare environment your program focuses on This may include hospital nursing, correctional facilities, assisted living, rehabilitation and more Here are some examples of courses you Can attend an associate degree in nursing online

These are just a few sample courses. Depending on the program you choose, you may find different things offered. Follow up with the schools you’re looking for for more information.

Even if you earn your ADN nursing degree online, your ADN programs online may contain components that must be completed in person. In particular, this may include field experience and observation. It may have a name, such as “clinical” or “capstone”. Field experience typically involves working in an active healthcare environment under the guidance of an experienced professional.

All states now require passing a licensing exam to become a registered nurse. For more information about your specific needs, follow your state board of nursing.

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Did you know some LPNs choose to become an RN through a dedicated LPN by RN training program to qualify for new opportunities Find your online Associates Degree in Nursing program today

If you are interested in earning your online associate degree in nursing, don’t wait too long to start your search! Browse the sponsored list then click on the “Application Information” button to contact any schools you want to attend! Recent events have taught us that nurses are needed more than ever Long considered one of the most prestigious and fulfilling professions, nurses are often referred to as the backbone of the healthcare system. When considering training for a career as a nurse, learn more about how an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program can put you on the career track you want.

If you are already a working practical or vocational nurse (LPN or LVN) and want to advance your nursing career and become a registered nurse (RN), the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) program is designed for you. This educational pathway provides qualified licensed practical nurses and licensed vocational nurses with an active license the opportunity to receive academic credit for coursework that may be completed in an approved PN/VN education program.

Nursing is a growing field and training to become a registered nurse can give you additional career options. As a working LPN or LVN, training to earn your associate degree in nursing and taking and passing the required licensing exams after graduation can open up new career possibilities.

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There are many career options for registered nurses. RNs provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients and the public about all types of health conditions, and provide counseling and emotional support to patients and their families. Through their work settings and experience, RNs can specialize in a variety of areas including surgery, pediatrics, geriatrics.

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