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Are you interested in being a generalist? Then these online arts degree programs will guide you!

Associate Of Arts Degree Online

In fact, there is great value in being a generalist, especially in this world where being a specialist is emphasized from the start. With an online AA degree, you have a broad knowledge of multiple disciplines in addition to being a lifelong learner.

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Choosing an online online bachelor of arts degree program should be based on your personal circumstances, including your interests, goals, and priorities. You should consult the program’s website for details on its curriculum, the number of credits and their transferability, and the quality of teaching.

For students looking for an online arts membership program that best suits their needs, it’s no easy task! In general, your university and associate program search should consider the highest quality academic standards, valid accreditation status, excellent learning and graduate outcomes, and outstanding student-centered services.

UD’s online Associate of Arts program gives students the flexibility to earn a liberal arts degree anywhere, anytime! Students complete 60 credits. Previous college credits may transfer to the online Associate of Arts program.

Students entering the online associate’s program are encouraged to take advantage of the academic advising services offered at the ACCESS Center. Students study a variety of subjects, including mathematics, creative arts and humanities, and natural sciences and technology.

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Akron’s 100% online associate of arts program prepares students to advance in their academic and professional careers. Students may transfer to Akron’s bachelor’s degree programs in the arts, social sciences, or education and use the associate’s degree to earn income. Undergraduate subjects in the College of Arts include English composition, public speaking and natural science, which enable students to understand the natural world.

An online associate’s degree can be completed in two years of full-time study, and students cultivate a passion for lifelong learning in a variety of fields. The 60-credit Associate of Arts program encourages students to think creatively and critically.

BSU’s online Associates of General Arts program is an excellent introduction to the college’s general education requirements. Online students receive the same academic and student services as their on-campus counterparts.

An online associate’s program has asynchronous courses where students complete weekly assignments at their own pace but on or before the deadline. Online learning mimics classroom interactions through discussion boards, forums, and email. The 60-credit Associate of Arts program spans a variety of fields, including the humanities, mathematics, and social sciences.

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The online Associate in Arts program is compatible with the first two years of college at SFSC and any public college in Florida (ie, guaranteed admission). We have an open admissions policy for AA degree applicants who have a high school diploma or GED equivalent and demonstrate the ability to succeed in college.

The curriculum for the 60-credit online associate program includes courses created. Small class sizes, student academic services, and flexible schedules support academic success. Students also receive a quality education, with many professors holding doctoral degrees.

Northwest’s Associate in Arts online program allows students to build a strong foundation for success in their lives! The two-year, 60-credit program meets general education requirements for non-STEM degrees. University subjects include natural and social sciences, history and English.

Note that the Associate of Arts program integrates the Christian faith into studies, while also preparing students for their chosen majors in the future. Students in this program can also receive financial aid from the highest-value college, according to US News & World Report.

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With no residency requirements, students in the Online Associate in Arts program access their courses through the Brightspace LMS. Applicants are not required to submit standardized test scores and pay an application fee, but may receive credit for previous academic courses. Subjects also include natural and social sciences, mathematics and English.

The online Associate of Arts program can be taken part-time or full-time, and classes start every eight weeks. Financial aid is available to cover the cost of $300/credit hour.

BHC offers a fully online Associate in Arts program that provides unique virtual guidance and support services to its students. Students take a total of 60 credits or 20 eight-week courses, with the option of enrolling in five start days. Courses in the Associate in Arts program include a general core curriculum in the social sciences, humanities and fine arts, and mathematics.

BHC’s arts network affiliate program is unique in that it offers concentrations in: accounting, business, and psychology. General education courses and their credits may transfer toward a degree. Students develop critical thinking and communication skills, and develop an understanding of the historical context of various fields.

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The online Associate in Arts program prepares its students for college life at four-year colleges and universities through a general education program that includes the liberal arts. Flexible start dates and class schedules through its Block Calendar system also appeal to a diverse population, and students can enroll full-time or part-time.

The 60-credit online Associate of Arts program covers college-level critical thinking and reading skills, interpersonal communication, and rock music. Financial assistance is available with Success Coaches providing helpful information about opportunities.

Harper College’s two-year online arts program offers students engaging academic experiences for a four-year degree. Credits from the online program can be transferred to the degree program of your choice, and completion can take up to 18 months.

Students use Blackboard LMS for online learning activities. The online Associate of Arts program offers student support services, affordable tuition for area residents, and loans for laptops and wireless hotspots.

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At Kish, students in the College of Arts online program take two years of general education courses in preparation for a bachelor’s degree. You can do a general track or a specific program depending on your chosen major. Full-time and part-time registrations are possible.

Members of the Art Credit Network offer eight-week courses that easily meet academic requirements. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor on their personalized educational path.

Also known as an associate of arts, but more broadly, an associate of arts degree has some similarities with other degrees. Admission requirements, general education subjects and academic rigor are similar, as are the opportunities available after graduation.

Most members of online arts programs are required to complete at least 60 credits of general education and electives. A liberal arts education typically takes two years to complete full-time, but can be extended to three years part-time. An Associate of Arts degree is the first step toward a full four-year college degree.

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But if you want to earn your associate’s degree faster, you can find accelerated programs. Central Piedmont has a compressed associate title with a 12-month term.

A typical AA degree program consists of 20 courses covering general education in multiple disciplines. Many members of online arts programs categorize their courses into various requirements, such as math, technology, and science; creative arts and humanities; and social and behavioral sciences.

With an online College of Arts degree program, there is a dedicated LMS as a canvas or whiteboard for students to access their course materials. Lectures, class discussions and weekly assignments are available there.

Don’t dismiss associate of arts programs online because of their importance in liberal arts education! A liberal arts focus prepares students for a variety of careers with its wide range of transferable skills. Keep in mind that soft skills are highly desirable traits for employers because they tend to make employees more productive, collaborative, and creative.

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Some of the soft skills you’ll learn in an online art program include effective oral and written communication; ability to lead and collaborate with others; and creative and critical thinking.

Other soft skills learned are problem solving skills; an open mind ready to understand different points of view; and learning initiative

The application process for online art programs is simple as applicants must submit proof of high school education. A minimum GPA may be required, as well as general high school education requirements, including English, algebra, and a foreign language.

While online art degree programs have fairly open admissions policies, the degree itself is not for everyone! These online programs require special qualities to thrive.

Best Online Art Degrees 2022

The beauty of an online art degree is portability and flexibility! If you’re not sure about your field of study for a bachelor’s degree, you can first explore your options through an online AA degree. You’ll also gain generalist knowledge and transferable skills, while saving money on tuition fees and incidentals.

The best online arts program partners allow their graduates to transfer credits to non-STEM degree programs. Areas of study include: business management and administration, psychology, education, criminal justice, visual and performing arts

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