Associates Degree Information Technology Salary

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An associate’s degree in information technology (IT) combines general education studies with basic knowledge and skills in IT installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. By teaching students how to create software applications, maintain information security, and troubleshoot network and hardware problems, information technology programs prepare students to become customer service representatives, computer support specialists, and web developers.

Associates Degree Information Technology Salary

Associate IT graduates can use this degree as a foundation for advanced education that can qualify them for lucrative and specialized IT roles as network or computer systems administrators or computer and information scientists. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 12% increase in computer and information scientist positions from 2018 to 2028. This guide covers important courses for potential IT students, potential careers, and salaries for graduates.

Business Analyst Associate Degree

Participation in information technology programs typically involves 60 credits, requiring two years of full-time study. Some accelerated programs last only 12-18 months, while part-time programs can last three years or more. Students transferring previous credits may reduce the length of the program .

Online degrees generally cost less and take less time than on-campus degrees. Graduates of graduate programs often hold specialist positions at the computer support level, earning an average annual salary of $53,470.

Explore the programs that interest you with the high quality standards and flexibility you need to take your career to the next level.

Associate in IT degree requirements often include general prerequisites in classes such as First Writing and Pre-Calculus, as well as core IT courses such as Information Security. Some programs allow students to specialize their programs in areas such as software development, information security or network management. Most programs end with a capstone project or internship.

Mechanical Design Engineering Technology Associate Degree

Students applying to information technology programs need a high school diploma or equivalent. Required application materials usually include official transcripts from all previously attended high and post-secondary schools. Prestigious schools often prefer applicants to demonstrate a minimum 3.0 GPA, but many programs accept students with a 2.0 GPA.

Schools often require standardized test scores, such as the ACT or SAT, or the completion of alternative college placement tests. Students who have been successful in advanced college-level courses often fail the test. Prestigious programs may also require letters of recommendation.

Most schools charge about $50 for an application, but members of special interest groups, such as active military or veterans, may waive the fee.

An associate’s degree in information technology qualifies candidates for a number of potential careers. May 2018 BLS data show that computer and information technology professionals earn a median annual salary of $86,320 — more than double the median salary for all occupations.

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Graduates with an associate’s degree in IT can also work in roles such as computer support specialist or customer service representative. These jobs pay an average salary of $33,750 and $54,470.

Combined with the necessary skills and work experience, an IT associate can train graduates for highly paid specialized positions as IT specialists, network analysts or web developers. These professionals typically earn an annual salary of $57,000-$70,000.

While an associate’s degree in IT meets the education requirements for most of the following positions, some jobs may require additional certification or training.

Often working in contexts such as help desks or IT help centers, these professionals provide computer network or user support via e-mail, telephone, or personal contact. Duties include testing and maintaining network systems, diagnosing computer problems, and instructing customers in the use of computer features.

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Customer service representatives vary by industry, but most representatives handle customer issues and questions, process orders, and make changes to accounts. Other duties include recording service activities and referring customers to supervisors or other departments. Some of these professionals provide information that leads to sales of new products.

These professionals use design or technical skills while creating websites for organizations or individuals. They usually consult with employers or clients, design computer applications, and write computer code. Some developers also create visual, verbal or audio content. Web developers can collaborate with other design or IT professionals.

Managerial positions and specialists in computing and information technologies often require at least a bachelor’s degree. As a result, IT associate degree graduates seeking high-paying careers typically use their degree as a foundation for further study.

A bachelor’s degree in IT is the academic qualification for positions such as computer network architects, information security analysts and network or computer system administrators. These professionals typically earn between $80,000 and $100,000 per year.

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Students interested in research may pursue master’s or doctoral programs in IT or related fields. Advanced degrees can test graduates as computer and information scientists.

Information and communication technology, the field of information technology, includes computer and internet based storage, communication and use of information for business purposes. IT includes planning, management, maintenance and support of telecommunications and computer systems. This also applies to software, hardware, networks and databases. IT careers include computer technician, software designer, systems analyst and computer scientist.

Health IT describes the storage, analysis and communication of health information. This information may include personal health records, electronic health records and electronic prescriptions. Healthcare IT professionals often specialize in encryption and other methods of protecting privacy.

Corporate governance, IT governance (ITG) refers to IT risk management processes and execution. ITG is also involved in the selection and implementation of IT investments to improve the company’s performance. ITG’s professionals ensure the efficiency, compliance and effectiveness of IT operations.

Associate Degree Vs. Bachelor’s Degree: What’s Right For Me?

Entry into this skill-based field involves short-term training or professional certification. However, studying for an associate or advanced degree usually provides more opportunities. Aspiring IT professionals should also consider optimizing networking opportunities, teaching themselves the necessary online skills, and covering relevant soft skills from non-IT work experience.

As a diverse and growing field, IT offers career opportunities in almost every industry. IT education provides graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to build a successful career in the field. A successful IT career usually requires a bachelor’s degree, but earning an associate’s degree is a powerful first step toward recognition. A rigorous education helps IT students pursue flexible, profitable and practical computer and IT careers. For some students, the decision to enroll in community college is simple. A two-year school offers the credentials you need at a much lower cost than a university, and the earnings from graduate school are better than what you would earn after attending a four-year school.

But outside of the fields that require certification or specific degrees, it is not always clear which path to higher education students should take. As Jeffrey Selingo recently wrote

Weekend essay There are several websites that allow students and parents to compare investment returns from college to college.

It Vs. Computer Science: Which Degree Is Right For You? [infographic]

Based on graduates’ first-year salary (collected by through state unemployment insurance programs), Salingo notes that some community colleges return earlier than a bachelor’s degree.

Think a community college degree is worth less than a four-year college degree? In Tennessee, the average first-year salary of a graduate with a two-year degree is $1,000 higher than with a bachelor’s degree. Holders of a technical degree from the state’s community colleges earn more in their first year than those who study the same field at a four-year university. Get graduates from Dyerburg State Community College. Not only do they graduate two years earlier than their counterparts at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, they also earn an average of $5,300 the first year after graduation.

This is by no means new information. In 2011, the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce, an EMSI client, published the much-publicized report Affording College. Anthony Karnabeel and his colleagues examined average lifetime earnings—a significant difference from sources cited by Salingo—to show that 28.2 % of Associate’s Degree Graduates Earned a Bachelor’s Degree at All Levels of Education by Major This is an example of what Georgetown calls “income overlap” (see table below).

The Georgetown Report provides a clear ranking of the degree that matters when it comes to lifetime earnings. But another critical element is one’s choice of action.

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Healthcare, engineering, technology, manufacturing, etc. There are many fields in the field where associate’s degree graduates can earn as much or more than a bachelor’s degree. But what specific career are we talking about? Consider using data from the Georgetown Study and EMSI.

To understand the highest-paying jobs where most workers have an associate’s degree, we examined educational attainment using detailed research from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, powered by EMSI Analytics. This is information only

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