Automated Answering Services For Small Businesses

Automated Answering Services For Small Businesses – Our teams have compared the best answering services of 2023. Check out current reviews and prices for these top quality services.

The best answering services provide trained customer service agents who can handle customer communications across all your channels, from phone to email to web chat services. Well, when you hire customer service on your behalf, you have to trust that they will properly represent your brand and uphold your reputation. You should also be aware of all the costs involved so that you are not surprised by charges such as agency work time or call time. To help you choose an efficient and reliable answering service, review the top answering services below.

Automated Answering Services For Small Businesses

Our team spends weeks testing multiple solutions to identify the best option. To stay current, our research is updated regularly.

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As a SAS customer, you are charged for the time an agent spends on the phone with your customers.

Special Answering Service (SAS) is our top choice as the best answering service. It offers inbound and outbound call center services and several flexible pricing plans, making it a scalable service that can meet the needs of your growing company. All calls are answered at the company’s California call center.

March 2021: SAS has increased the prices of their plans since our last review. Now the rates are as follows.

These fees are often competitive with other answering services in our reviews. SAS still offers one of the most flexible pricing packages in our review.

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SAS has eight pricing plans to fit the budgets of small and large businesses. Its rates are competitive for its high-volume packages and very expensive (but not cheap) for low-volume plans. It offers pay-as-you-go plans for low volumes. A free 14-day, no-obligation trial is available for you to try before you decide to buy.

The service is monthly. (No long-term contract required.) Customers can switch plans every month if they expect spikes or drops in call volume. There is a $50 setup fee; However, SAS waives the fee if you are a customer after a 14-day free trial.

SAS bills in 1-second increments, meaning customers are billed only for the time they’re used. Many call centers and answering services complete in 6 or 12 seconds, and some even more. SAS does not keep track of time and only bills its agents when they interact with callers.

PATLive is our top pick as the best answering service for small businesses. Based in Tallahassee, Florida, the company works with clients to tailor their services to meet their specific needs. PATLive has a customer portal on its website where customers can check their billing details and call volume.

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PATLive offers all the key features we look for in an answering service, and as a customer you have the power (and flexibility) to customize your content through the client portal.

PATLive offers a full 14-day trial. Customers are not charged additional fees during the transfer or agency work; Instead, customers are billed only when PATLive agents are on the phone and engaged with callers. Features and services vary based on the subscription plan you choose. The PATLive price plans are as follows:

You can see detailed PATLive pricing here. Its usage rate per minute was the highest of the answering services we tested, ranging from nearly $1 per minute (its plan offering the highest number of direct answer minutes) to nearly $2 per minute for the plan with the fewest minutes. Based on the answering services we tested, the average price we found was about 80 cents per minute to $1 per minute. All PATLive plans are billed monthly, and there is no cancellation penalty.

PATLive only pays for the time its agents spend on the phone with your customers. There is no charge for post-call service. After the first minute of each call, PATLive bills in 6-second increments. So, for example, a call lasting 1 minute and 6 seconds might show up as “1.1 minutes” on your bill. Billing in 6-second increments is the norm in the industry; Many other services have tested the bill in this way.

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PCMSI is our top pick as the cheapest answering service because of its low volume plans and very low per minute rates. From 60 minutes to 4,000 minutes per month and with prices as low as 55 cents per minute, PCMSI is a cost-effective solution. PCMSI agents handle all calls from the company’s Erie, Pennsylvania office.

PCMSI offers four levels of services. Its plans and businesses offer the lowest fees among the answering services we tested. The Business plan with 4,000 minutes per month costs just 55 cents per minute, and the Medium plan is a budget-friendly option. The additional fee for each plan is 75 cents per minute, which is lower than other answering services we tested.

PCMSI bills in 1-second increments, meaning no compromise in minutes used. If the call is 1 minute and 5 seconds, you will be billed for 65 seconds. Payments are made in industry standard 6-second increments. PCMSI is different in this regard. It also doesn’t charge for post-call work time, meaning you pay for the time you spend on-call with agent callers.

There is a one-time setup fee of $35, which is lower than the setup fees charged by other answering services we tested. You will be required to pay a deposit for the first and last month of service. After that, you’re billed monthly for your plan and any additional charges that may apply. All calls are recorded and archived.

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BPO America is our choice as the best outsourcing service. Provides answer service and question center service. (The main difference between the two types of services is that an answering service is a specialized version of call center services, especially for small offices, specialized ESs, and specific industries.) BPO America has six different pricing plans for different call volumes and can evolve. Custom packages for customers with specific needs.

BPO America offers a quick use-to-activation service with an online tool that automatically generates a script based on your answers to a few questions. You can get up and running early with the Quick Activation option, which enables basic answering services. You can add other standard services such as appointment setting, live web chat and order pickup. All calls are handled by American BPO representatives at a call center located in North Carolina. It offers a three-day, full-featured free trial after instant activation.

BPO America has six service plans, starting at $29 per month and going up to $369 per month. There are no setup fees and all plans are month-to-month with no cancellation penalties.

BPO America also offers custom packages. Contact a sales representative to discuss your options and obtain a custom price quote. BPO America offers a free three-day trial, no credit card required, and 75 minutes included.

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Prices vary. Most services charge by the minute or charge a monthly fee. Some use long-term contracts, but this is not common. Which model you choose – per minute or per month – depends on your call volume, the features you want and how long you want to work with the service.

It is important that you understand the answering service so that its agents are equipped with comprehensive information about your company to help your customers. Answering services are highly personalized; Agents take time to learn you inside and out. Some answering services charge a setup fee, while others inflate their prices.

Answering Services may charge various other fees and charges. When you call for a price analysis, ask about additional fees (such as setting up your account) and any ongoing and unexpected fees you may be charged (such as overage or holiday fees). Before choosing a service, check the company’s contract to make sure you know all possible charges.

Answering services advertise many different features, but some are considered “core” features. (Most answering services we’ve tested offer these “core” features.) As you do your research, you’ll come across these terms. Below is a brief description of these key features.

Small Business Automation Ideas

As you do your own research, we recommend that you consider which of the following features are most important to you, which are nice-to-haves, and which are unnecessary before asking companies for recommendations.

Answering services can help you in many ways. In some small businesses, for example, an automated answering service known as an auto attendant may be sufficient to direct callers to the appropriate person within your company. In some cases, a live user may be required, as it is imperative that your callers reach someone who can answer their questions immediately. Here is a brief explanation about the features

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