Bachelor Degree In Community Development

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Find out what a bachelor’s degree is and what is involved in completing this type of degree. Find out more about specialisations, courses and where a BA can take you in your career.

Bachelor Degree In Community Development

A bachelor’s degree (BA) is one of the most common college degrees in the United States. A BA usually takes four to five years of full-time study and you’ll often study subjects from the arts, humanities and social sciences. The broad subject matter you’ll be exposed to in a BA program can provide a good foundation for many career paths.

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A bachelor’s degree can open up opportunities that a high school education alone generally cannot. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate for bachelor’s degree holders is consistently lower than those with an associate’s degree or high school diploma [1].

Bachelor of Arts is a college or university degree available in a variety of disciplines. Each program covers standard general education requirements in the liberal arts and humanities and then allows you to pursue a specific specialization of your choice.

The term “arts” can be misleading because you can get a BA in a wide range of disciplines beyond what you might actually consider an art. For example, a BA can prepare you for a career in business, marketing or health care management.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees are generally not separate. In most cases, your choice of major (the major focus of your degree) will determine whether you get a BA or BS degree. Generally speaking, BS degrees typically have more years in science, math, and technology, while BA degrees focus more on the arts, humanities, and social sciences.

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Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree typically involves four years of study. You can enhance it by choosing external studies. In the first two years, you typically focus on completing courses in a range of subjects including the social sciences, humanities, languages, mathematics, natural sciences and visual arts, designed to give you a broad base of knowledge.

In your final years of study, you will focus primarily on a course in your field. Different colleges will have different lists of majors, so this should also be something to consider when choosing a university.

If you are interested in two areas, you may be able to specialize in both, which is known as a double major, or combine a minor, which is a specialization but comparable to your major. Requires less course work.

BA admission requirements vary according to the course and college. Generally, you must have a specified GPA and submit a statement of purpose or personal statement, along with transcripts, resume, and standardized test scores (SAT or ACT). If you are coming from abroad to study in the United States, you may be required to take an English language proficiency test.

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The subjects available to study as part of a Bachelor of Arts are vast. After completing the general requirements, you can specialize in an area of ​​interest. Common BA majors include:

The list is almost endless and different universities will have variations of similar courses with minor differences in titles and core sections.

Completing a bachelor’s degree is designed to help you develop transferable skills that you can use in the workplace after graduation. The broad areas of study enable you to develop these highly regarded people skills, which are essential for most professional roles. Transferable skills you’ll often learn as part of a BA include:

A Bachelor of Arts can create job opportunities in all fields from arts to business, science to law. University graduates have a better chance of getting a job than non-graduates, but they are also paid significantly more [1]. The average starting salary for graduates with a bachelor’s degree in 2020 was $55,260, an increase from previous years despite the pandemic [2].

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Job opportunities often depend on your major, but obtaining a degree generally demonstrates the required level of education and development of transferable skills that many employers are looking for.

Graduates are more likely to enter management positions and apply for graduate positions and internships, which aim to fast-track candidates to senior positions. For example, Walmart is currently increasingly taking graduates into high paying management positions [3].

Some majors can lead to higher salaries. Technology jobs are among the highest paying positions. For the Class of 2020, the average computer science graduate salary is $85,766 [2].

After completing a Bachelor of Arts degree, many graduates deepen their subject knowledge with a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Science (MS) degree in their chosen field or related field. This can open up opportunities for more advanced roles that require a master’s degree.

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Other options for further study include a Master of Business Administration (MBA) for jobs in business or a bachelor’s degree for careers in medicine, law, education, art or architecture.

Learn how to jump-start your career, advance your current job, or change career fields by earning an online bachelor’s degree from a top university. Do you already have any college credits? You may be able to use your previous college or military credits to earn a degree faster with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences from the University of North Texas.

1. US Bureau of Labor Statistics. “The unemployment rate for high school graduates with no college was 4.5 percent in February 2022, rate-4-5-percent-in-February-2022.htm.” Accessed 31 May 2022.

2. National Association of Universities and Employers. “Salaries of College Graduates Up Despite the Pandemic.” Accessed 23 May 2022.

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3. Business Insider. “Walmart is rapidly hiring for $210,000 per year store manager position, 5 ?r=US&IR=T. Accessed 31 May 2022.

This content is provided for informational purposes only. Students are encouraged to conduct additional research to ensure that the courses and other experiences gained meet their personal, professional and financial goals. The Bachelor of Science in Community Development and Inclusive Leadership is an innovative, interdisciplinary program in which students acquire the leadership, interpersonal, research, and data management skills needed by dynamic leaders leading 21st century organizations. It is a multidisciplinary degree offered by the National Institute of Technology for the Deaf in partnership with the Saunders College of Business, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Health Sciences and Technology, and the School of Individualized Study. All students (hearing, deaf and hard of hearing) can apply to participate in the program. Hearing students accepted into the program will be in the Deaf Leadership concentration.

Students are well prepared for leadership opportunities and will be able to meet the demands of the rapidly changing needs of workplaces and community organizations. The program will also prepare students for advanced study in graduate degree programs in a variety of fields. (More information is available in the Community Development and Inclusion Program Leadership guide.)

Students choose from one of six concentrations in the following areas: Deaf Leadership, Business Management, Public Policy, Community Health, Political Science, or Psychology.

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Students will be prepared to take on entrepreneurial, managerial and advocacy leadership roles in government, public, private and educational organizations. Students graduate with a leadership e-portfolio that demonstrates a strong foundation in qualitative and quantitative research, grant-wing and leadership experience, multicultural competencies and social media management skills, as well as best practices in leadership theory and community development. These transferable and sought-after skills will ensure graduates are successful in the workforce or in an advanced graduate program.

Today’s careers require advanced education based on real-world experience. “The combined accelerated bachelor’s/master’s degree allows you to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years of study, all while gaining valuable practical experience from co-ops, internships, research, study abroad and more.” Are. .

+1 MBA: Students who enroll in a qualifying bachelor’s degree have the option, depending on the program, to add an MBA to their bachelor’s degree after their first year of study. Find out how the +1 MBA can accelerate your education and prepare you for success.

Join us on campus on March 25 or April 1 to meet faculty, tour campus, and ask your questions.

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How is the cation different? It’s the career experience you gain through cooperative learning and internships with top companies in each industry. You’ll earn more than a degree. You’ll gain real career experience that will set you apart from others. This is exposure – early and often – to different professional work environments, career paths and industries.

BS in Community Development and Inclusive Leadership students are strongly encouraged to participate in cooperative learning and internships.

Being a successful community leader requires the ability to understand the organizational context and respond effectively to it. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of organizations with an emphasis on various approaches to organization development. Special emphasis will be placed on the structure of workplaces in education,

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