Bachelor Degree In Paralegal Studies

Bachelor Degree In Paralegal Studies – Let’s say you like law, but you don’t want to go to law school. In such cases, a jury service can be very useful. As a legal assistant, you have special training to assist lawyers with administrative tasks, which only require a few years of training.

In fact, most lawyers start working with a two-year degree, but for career advancement, more opportunities, and higher salaries, a bachelor’s degree is the way to go. If you are organized, self-motivated and enjoy a fast-paced career, the Bachelor of Paralegal Studies may be for you.

Bachelor Degree In Paralegal Studies

Generally, the 120-degree, bachelor’s degree program in legal studies prepares students for the legal profession. Some of the best bachelor’s degree programs for paralegals are Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). A BS usually requires math and science, while a BA requires more study in the arts and humanities.

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A major benefit of the BA in Paralegal Education is that many courses are offered entirely online, adding flexibility and flexibility to students’ careers. Additionally, some programs allow full-time and part-time features. Generally, it takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree in legal studies if you are a full-time student.

Paralegal graduates have the skills employers are looking for – organization, communication, and research, to name a few. The most common career choice is paralegal. Although the police cannot provide legal assistance directly, they assist lawyers in the following areas:

Paralegals may choose to specialize in certain types of law. For example, legal advisors work for an entire organization rather than individual lawyers or small law firms. Lawyers work with lawyers in and out of court. Family law attorneys assist attorneys in divorce and child custody disputes. Real estate attorneys help clients with real estate paperwork.

Paralegal graduates can also work as paralegals. Legal researchers are legal professionals who assist lawyers in conducting and interpreting research. Similarly, some law students choose to become office managers in a lawyer’s office or legal team. Legal staff enjoy the responsibility of managing programs and staff to ensure the office runs smoothly.

As In Paralegal Studies

With a bachelor’s degree in legal studies, you can expect to earn around $50,000 a year, initially. U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that police officers and law enforcement assistants earn a median salary of $56,230. However, I should also note that a substitute judge requires an associate’s degree, as stated by the BLS. Those with a bachelor’s degree can expect to earn more.

The bottom 10% earned less than $36,410, and the top 10% earned more than $88,640. Legal assistants who work in the federal government earn a median salary ($69, $680) than legal advisers who work in law enforcement ($48, $270) (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics).

I have published an article detailing the ten countries with the highest police salaries. Connecticut tops the list with a median legal salary of $62,760. In tenth place is Delaware, where police officers earn $57,290. The lowest income states range from the South to the Midwest, such as Arkansas ($42,050) and Kansas ($43,790).

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Since its founding in 1872, the University of Toledo has grown into what it is today: a public research university with a national reputation. Our prestigious UToledo’s Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies degree is accredited by the American Bar Association, a distinction that only about 20 percent of programs in the US receive.

UT Toledo’s ABA-accredited paralegal degree combines legal knowledge, communication skills, and real-world experience. As an intern, you will work in high-level settings, including moot courts. You also have the opportunity to join a prestigious peer group, which helps you connect with legal professionals across the country.

Whether you want to enter the legal profession or enter law school after graduation, UToledo’s bachelor’s degree in legal education will get you there. In fact, 93 percent of law school graduates who attend law school pass the bar exam on their first try, UT Toledo reports.

Founded in 1908, Montclair State University is an excellent choice if you are looking for an affordable bachelor’s degree in paralegal. MSU has been recognized as one of the top affordable tuition schools in several popular majors.

Bachelor Of Science Degree (bs) In Paralegal Studies

At MSU, you’ll earn an ABA-accredited Bachelor of Arts in Judicial Studies with a concentration in legal studies.

MSU’s paralegal education program offers a “consistent and diverse culture in the field of law and practice.” Through intermediate and intensive courses, you will learn the following topics:

To graduate, you must complete 120 credits, including advanced seminars and internships, and maintain a minimum 2.75 GPA.

MSU reports that about 50 percent of its graduates are working as police officers. This program can also be a great option for future studies, such as law school. MSU evaluates applicants holistically, reviewing factors including:

How To Become A Paralegal: Career And Salary Information

Since its founding as a teachers college in 1858, Winona State University has become the #1 Best Public University in Minnesota (

WSU also received the Top School for Veterans and Top School for Social Mobility awards. WSU offers an ABA-accredited Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies.

WSU’s Bachelor of Legal Studies degree is ideal for students who want to become police officers or enter law school after graduation. This degree combines strong technical skills with basic legal studies. In order to graduate, you must complete 120 credits and a semester-long internship where you will gain real-world experience in law and the legal profession.

WSU also offers a 3+3 program through the Mitchell Hamlin School of Law, where students can earn a bachelor’s degree and a Juris Doctor degree in six years! WSU law school graduates are eligible to begin careers in:

The Best Unrivaled Online Paralegal Associate Degree Programs In 2021

As part of the Texas A&M system, the Texas A&M College of Business has a lot to offer students. Among the unique features of TAMUC, you will find top-notch programs such as BA/BS in Paralegal Studies. If you are looking for a Bachelor of Legal Studies online, this is the place to look!

TAMUC offers the only ABA-accredited bachelor’s degree in Texas. The BA/BS can be completed on campus or 100% online for flexibility. You can choose from a Bachelor of Arts degree that includes 12 hours of foreign language courses or a Bachelor of Science degree that includes 12 hours of advanced political science courses.

A paralegal internship is also required, where you will gain valuable work experience in the legal field. Check out this link to learn more about TAMUC’s Best Online Paralegal Bachelor’s Degrees.

Founded in 1910, the University of Southern Mississippi is a Carnegie R1 research institution that has been recognized as one of the nation’s leading universities. Southern Miss has the oldest ABA-accredited program in the state, so you don’t want to miss this one! The actual degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies with an option to practice law.

Pre Law Track

Southern Miss’s legal education team includes attorneys and legal professionals dedicated to helping students achieve their academic goals. The program requires 124 credits, including 3-9 practicum credits. The main courses are:

Paralegal graduates from Southern Miss are prepared for legal careers, and some even begin law school. Recent graduates are working in the following fields:

Note that this advanced degree also includes a law major. For more information on this advanced BA in Paralegal Studies, check out this link.

Established in 1971, the National University is proud to have 50 years of experience in fulfilling its mission: to provide accessible and affordable higher education to students across the country. While you can complete the NUS Paralegal Studies Bachelor of Science degree on campus, you can also earn it in one 4-week online course.

Bachelor Of Arts In General Legal Studies

The online Bachelor of Paralegal Studies degree is accredited by the American Bar Association. The topics you will study are:

To complete this degree, you will complete 180 units divided into general courses, advanced courses, and electives.

Known for being affordable, National University is a Yellow Ribbon school that provides affordable education to military personnel and their families. You can also get transfer credit for your work, military, and personal development experience. If you are looking for a flexible, affordable BA in Paralegal Studies, learn more about the National program here.

Madonna University is a Catholic, non-profit university in Michigan that offers affordable degrees on campus and online. Among the top 100 career-focused programs is the American Bar Association’s Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies. Additionally, you can earn a paralegal certificate after earning a bachelor’s degree in one year of full-time study.

Triton College Paralegal

You will also complete an internship. Madonna graduates are sought after by major US law firms, corporations and courts.

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