Bachelor Degree Programs Near Me

Bachelor Degree Programs Near Me – The Free College Program in partnership with Eastern Gateway Community College provides access to a variety of programs and classes to help you achieve your educational goals.

Whether you’re starting college, improving your skills, making a career change, or looking for classes to enrich your life, we have a place for you. Thousands of our students have transferred their courses and credits to institutions across the country.

Bachelor Degree Programs Near Me

Remember, you can complete your degree online from anywhere and access your courses at any time of the day. We want working professionals to have the opportunity to fit online education into their busy lives.

Top 10 Bachelor’s In Public Health Degree Programs

As part of the Business Administration degree the College offers several areas of concentration designed to give students a solid foundation in business and an additional introduction to specialized areas of the business world.

Students are required to complete an average of 60 credits (depending on the program) for each degree program at EGCC. Note that 60 credits will take a full-time student 2 years to complete, depending on the number of credits taken per semester and the number of previous credits earned and transferred. Students using the Free College Advantage do not have to attend full-time and may only take 1 class per semester. EGCC is committed to helping working adults complete their education in a way that promotes success!

The Social Work program at EGCC is designed for students who wish to transfer to a college or university to pursue licensure in social work, or for those seeking employment as a Registered Social Work Assistant, with only an associate’s degree required. Studying social work helps children, adults, families, school systems, hospitals, nursing homes, juvenile detention centers, work and family services, mental health institutions, prisons, and communities to improve and assist individual well-being. Individual’s functioning in institutions, home or society.

A licensed social worker assistant can typically assist licensed social workers involved in assessments, referrals, initial screening, case management, preventive services, and community programs or development.

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EGCC staff will advise students on how to integrate the practical, in-person training required to complete a degree at EGCC. Students pursuing training to complete a degree are responsible for fees related to the required criminal background check and drug analysis.

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is equivalent to the first two years of a BA degree at a maximum of four-year institutions. As a student in the program, you can progress to undergraduate programs in psychology, sociology, English, history, fine arts, communications, or other fields within the arts. Students interested in transferring courses to another institution should choose this program, which offers many general education courses that students at all colleges and universities must take.

The Associate of Criminal Justice program is your launching pad into an ever-changing and growing field. Designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in local, state and federal agencies, it is structured to support your transfer to a four-year institution. Course topics include criminal investigation, crisis intervention and homeland security.

Holders of peace office training or corrections certificates are eligible to receive college credit for this degree – so you’ve already completed many of the requirements for this degree!

Bachelor’s Degree Vs Master’s Degree: Differences & Myths

EGCC’s Associate of Arts degree in Teacher Education is your first step in building a foundation for success as a teacher. To be a principal educator in a public school system, the Ohio Department of Education—and every state department of education—requires a bachelor’s degree, and EGCC’s AA degree is your starting point.

Through the EGCC program, you will focus on critical topics such as child development, learning assessment, special learners, and instructional strategy. It is designed to equip prospective teachers with the basic knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills necessary to carry out their tasks effectively as they progress on the path to teaching and learning.

Depending on the state in which you are seeking employment, this may be a credential for some pre-kindergarten or paraprofessional work. It can also form a basis for students who want to switch to undergraduate education.

Curious about how to navigate the world of health insurance? Healthcare is a growing and exciting career – the sector accounted for a significant portion of the more than 500,000 healthcare jobs in the past 5 years.

Heavener Online Bachelor’s Degree Ranked No. 1 On First Ever Us News Ranking

The range of patient navigator duties varies and EGCC students are prepared to work in community or healthcare settings. Upon successful completion, students will understand medical terminology; ICD-9 & 10, CPT codes and equivalents; Medicaid requests; UB04s; 1500s; medical insurance; medical assistance; and Business RAs and Microsoft Word/Excel/Office.

The healthcare sector continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors in our economy. Almost everyone needs care at some point in their lives. Our health management concentration prepares you to play a key role in health policy, managed care, insurance, information systems, or finance in organizations such as hospitals, clinics, private practices, and more. This degree will help you develop your commitment to serve others with the knowledge and ability to function effectively in a variety of positions.

EGCC’s professional office management course helps you develop strong leadership, analytical and communication skills as you prepare for employment in a variety of positions in business, communications, government, healthcare and industry.

Qualified administrative services and office managers are currently in high demand. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts this sector will grow by 10% through 2026. The median salary is more than $90,000, with entry-level jobs averaging $40,000 or more per year.

Bachelor’s Degree In Aerospace Engineering

The accounting program is designed to prepare students for employment in entry-level positions in public and private accounting. This program will prepare the student who wishes to pursue a four-year degree in accounting. As an associate specialist, the program’s graduate is a key member of the management team, performs cost analysis, analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of routine financial statements, and uses knowledge of the company’s records to recommend improvements.

Students will have experience using computers for accounting applications including spreadsheets, consolidated general ledger packages, and payroll packages.

The Legal Program is designed to prepare students for employment in a legal environment in both the public and private sectors. A legal graduate conducts legal preparations such as closings, hearings, trials and corporate meetings. Other duties include gathering relevant facts of cases, identifying relevant laws and decisions, organizing information and preparing legal arguments.

Paralegals work in government agencies, law firms, corporations, real estate agencies, and nonprofit organizations. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for paralegals is expected to increase by more than 50% over the next ten years.

Ranking Top 30 Graduate Degree Programs In Marriage And Family Therapy

Eastern Gateway Community College’s business administration degree offers a comprehensive program for graduates who want to start a career in business or for promotional opportunities that can advance their careers. An associate’s degree is an important step toward completing a bachelor’s degree. Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of management principles, business-oriented technology, and interpersonal skills, with coursework covering the basics of business, management, critical thinking, project planning and execution, business software, and communication.

With an associate degree in business administration, graduates are qualified for entry-level and management roles in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. Many seek management training or work as managers in sales or retail. Others work as project assistants, office managers and technical support specialists.

And to help students delve deeper into a particular area of ​​interest, we’ve created a variety of focus areas that are part of a business administration degree. These focus areas offer career-oriented courses that help develop skills and career background information that will be useful in specialized fields.

As with any academic pursuit, the student experience depends on your personal goals. EGCC’s focus areas help broaden and define students’ skill base.

How To Become A Teacher

The advertising industry is a global, multibillion-dollar business that, at its most basic level, acts as a conduit between producers and consumers. It’s a dynamic, fast-changing business that has many, many ways to reach a consumer. Business has a creative side as well as a financial and sales side, and this focus area introduces you to both.

Computer security experience is in high demand. This focus area prepares students to protect and secure information, technology, and computer systems. Students will prepare for careers dealing with the fundamentals of network and systems management, with a primary focus on defensive strategies for protecting networks and systems.

Analyzing data is essential for various companies and it becomes more important when companies think about big data. Professionals with this training can help them discover business insights to increase revenue and increase productivity.

You may conduct independent research and analyze information from a variety of internal and external sources. Data is the foundation on which businesses and organizations can tell a compelling story for action.

The Four Main College Degree Types

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