Bachelor Of Fine Arts Photography

Bachelor Of Fine Arts Photography – Photography is a powerful medium of visual communication in commercial arts and fine arts programs. The Academy’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography prepares graduates to work in the field of professional photography with a range of skills, knowledge and practices that will enable them to create images that are meaningful to today’s society. The curriculum offers students opportunities to explore the commercial and fine arts aspects of the photography industry through intensive photo studio experiences and courses that incorporate image, design, and web design that encourage artistic growth and prepare them for work as professional photographers. Student progress is demonstrated by their ability to use compositional elements to convey three-dimensional space and the use of appropriate photographic tools and techniques to create interesting photographic works.

Students learn to apply practices introduced in foundational courses, such as color theory, perspective rendering, and two-dimensional design, to study photography. Students develop the ability to correctly detect and process photographic film with small, medium and large format cameras; dark room use; operation of industry standard flash and tungsten lighting fixtures; developing strategies that include community engagement and collaboration beyond the classroom for architectural and documentary location projects; work collaboratively on tasks that reflect production values ​​in the workplace; Animate still photos and incorporate edited video and audio footage into production video programs. Throughout the process, students develop the confidence to operate a variety of digital cameras and use computer hardware and software to archive, evaluate and manipulate digital images.

Bachelor Of Fine Arts Photography

Faculty bring their expertise as professionals into the classroom and create challenging courses that mimic industry practice. Students begin assembling a portfolio of their work from the first photo studio and continue to refine their collection as the program progresses. Finally, students design and implement a custom website to showcase their collection of works.

Difference Between Ba And Bfa

(one of four) cinema and society; Film and Society: World Cultures; Introduction to Psychology; or Maturity: Relationships, Health, Stress, and Longevity

(one of four) cinema and society; Film and Society: World Cultures; psychology; Maturity: Relationships, well-being or stress, and longevity

(one in five) American Illustrated Research; graphic design history; 20th century and modern art history; Art history: Renaissance and Baroque; world art

This website uses cookies to improve your experience. If you continue to use this site, you agree to it. Privacy Policy The School of Art, Design and Media’s new offerings allow each student more flexibility to choose subjects that match their interests and goals.

Art Photography (b.f.a.)

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design Arts combines three tracks in interaction design, product design, and visual communication into an integrated program in design.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts combines four tracks in animation, games, filmmaking, and photography in a media-integrated program.

A mandatory 10-week internship will be introduced to enhance student training. They will have the opportunity to intern at top companies, studios and production houses.

Another new feature is the interdisciplinary seminar module that students must complete. It will feature invited practicing artists and designers who will give talks and share their knowledge, insights and insights.

Art, Bachelor Of Fine Arts And Minor

The School of Art, Design and Media’s new offerings allow each student more flexibility to choose subjects that suit their interests and goals. They can choose from a variety of courses within and outside of their major to gain the knowledge and experience essential in an increasingly competitive industry.

In addition to the general requirements, all applicants wishing to enter the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the School of Art, Design and Media are required to prepare and submit the following materials for admission evaluation.

Choose from a list of what is offered this semester. Open to design art and media art.

The normal first-year academic load for ADM students is 15 – 20 AU per semester. For each semester of the first year, the seven courses include Foundation Studio, Art History, and Interdisciplinary Joint Major (ICC) courses. All ADM first year students are automatically enrolled in the following foundation courses

Fine Art Photography Option

The courses DD1003 Introduction to Art History I and DD1004 Introduction to Art History II are a core art history requirement for all majors and are offered during the first and second semester respectively. These courses consist of 2 hours of lectures and 1½ hours of lessons per week. Each course includes 3 AU.

In the second semester, all students must register for courses independently through the Automated Student Registration System (STARS). Students can refer to Information and Guidance (via their STUDENT INTRANET) for more information on step-by-step guidance on course registration.

All first-year ADM students will enroll in art history, a core foundation course depending on their major, as there are two distinct sets of foundation courses for Design Arts and Media Arts and the ICC course.

All ADM 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students register for courses using the Automated Student Enrollment System (STARS). Students will be granted access to STARS based on your academic year of registration. Students should check your personal date and time for registration via Studentlink.

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AU earned to date + AU registered in the previous semester > Minimum AU required for promotion to the next academic year

The application period will be at the time determined by the University and will follow the University’s standard processes and procedures. Please visit the course registration page (via student intranet) for registration information and class schedule:

All core required courses in each core zone will have places reserved for students in the core zone. Students in every major are guaranteed a place in their main compulsory course. Once a major course student has enrolled, the remaining seats are open to any ADM student to enroll in a designated elective major.

Each course will be closed at a number of locations that can be accommodated by the instructor and the facilities.

Painting & Printmaking

For the core electives offered by each major, this course is open to all students from any major. The application process will continue through the university’s standard process. This year, fourth-year students are given access to elective courses first, then third and second years. This ensures that students close to graduation can take courses that will enable them to complete the BFA degree requirements in 4 years.

Some exceptions may be made if there are reasons for allowing a student to enroll in a course even if the class is full. The school will try to help students enroll in the required courses whenever possible to ensure that every student can graduate within 4 years. For special cases, see Associate Chair (Academic) or Assistant Director, Undergraduate Programme.

*Note: Any class schedule changes will be communicated via the school’s website and, if necessary, via the student’s email account.

In addition to their BFA major, ADM students may choose to complete one minor that is available at another school within the university. The complete list of minor programs is listed on the following page on the university website:

Photography Ba Honours

Students declare a minor at the start of the academic year directly with the Office of Academic Services (OAS). Depending on the selected minor structure, a total of 15 or 16 AU must be completed.

Students may use the AU allocated for GER of unlimited choice for a stated minor. Minor courses are excluded from the S/U options.

* A maximum of ONE (1) GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective may count for the Art History Minor (provided that a GER CORE or GER Prescribed Elective is also on the course list of the Minor). This applies to students admitted to AY2013.

**ADM students are prohibited from recalculating the following Art History courses against the BFA and Minor in Art History requirements. BA (Hons) Fine Arts. All degree programs are accredited by the University of Glasgow. Founded in 1451, the University of Glasgow is a member of the prestigious Russell Group of Britain’s leading research universities and a founding member of Universities 21, an international group of universities dedicated to setting global standards for higher education.

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Course, essay, and formative (i.e. advisory) assessments are conducted throughout the year on key points, with a summative (final) assessment at the end of each academic year.

This program participates in a scheme that supports selected 2-year entry programs – find out more here.

Negative color and slide processing labs; black-and-white multi-unit darkroom with an enlarger capable of handling 35mm, medium-format, and 5×4-inch black-and-white, mural-sized prints; Multi-unit digital darkroom containing negative scanner (up to 5×4″), A2 ink jet printer; large-scale digital printing facility. Also available is alternative process darkroom, photo studio, and various print finishing and installation facilities. Hardware store for cameras and the Range tripod allows students to borrow items.In addition, all Fine Arts students have access to electronic media resources at

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