Bachelor Of Science Criminal Justice

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LSU Alexandria’s Criminal Science degree provides students with a solid foundation in the criminal justice system and a wide range of electives, including courses in administration, forensics, crime scene investigation, private and industrial security, and correctional administration. . The program is 100% comprehensive and offers a balance between the theoretical and practical aspects of crime fighting as it relates to adult and juvenile justice. Students learn to solve problems, work effectively with other criminal justice professionals and citizens, and communicate, both verbally and in writing, within the criminal justice system.

Bachelor Of Science Criminal Justice

Save time and money – apply your previous military and law enforcement training and earn credit toward your Criminal Justice degree through the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA).

Earning An Online Criminal Justice Bachelor’s Degree

Our students have pursued careers in areas such as protective services, law and corrections, security management, judicial administration and social services.

Through our Prior Learning Assessment (PLA), you can earn credits from your military and police training that you can apply towards your degree and help you complete your degree faster.

With a degree in Criminal Justice, students will become more marketable and increase their exposure to the field of criminal justice.

The final cost of the program is determined after all transfer credits are evaluated. Transfer credits can be applied up to 75% of degree requirements. Your academic advisor will work with you to determine if and how previously earned college credits can be applied toward an LSUA degree.

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Cost per credit hour and fees may vary. Fee schedules may vary by program, depending on the fees and/or books required for that course. Contact a Student Success Coach for more information.

Note: General Education Science Requirements – Students must take six hours of biology and three hours of physical science or six hours of physical science (in one discipline) and three hours of biology.

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice prepares individuals for law enforcement, corrections, probation and parole, juvenile justice administration, and private sector security.

An affordable Criminal Justice degree helps students build their resume with an accredited, advanced degree. The courses have a flexible format and are taught by experienced criminal justice professionals. Students can complete the degree in an average of four years. The diploma they receive is also the same as LSUA’s graduate degrees. After graduation, students can find entry-level positions in protective services, law and corrections, security, judicial administration, and social services. Many people go to work and sit behind a desk all day. They learn what is happening in the world with the evening news. Meanwhile, social scientists are at the center of world events. They protect the well-being of citizens and communities across the country. From health care reform to dropout rates, drug trafficking to terrorist threats, juvenile detention to family crisis intervention, careers in the social sciences address and ameliorate all of America’s major concerns.

B.s. In Criminal Justice

If you want a career that does more than pay the bills, a career that helps people and changes their lives, the social sciences are the way to go. The following online degree programs are offered by reputable and accredited schools.

Criminal justice is hard work. Whether you’re employed as a police officer, corrections officer, security guard, private investigator, or juvenile officer, you’re sure to be busy. But a career in justice is incredibly rewarding. Perfect strangers will appreciate the service. Your friends and neighbors will feel safer. Even better, police employees receive the best retirement packages available. You can retire at 55!

A bachelor’s degree in history is one of the best foundations for a law degree. If you’re going to law school, you need to know how the American and international legal systems have evolved. History is also a great foundation for a military career. Military history and specialized regional studies (such as Middle Eastern studies) have never been more relevant.

America’s borders are huge, on all sides of the country. Drugs, weapons, enemies of the state, even natural disasters, are threats to our national security. More than ever, government agencies and nonprofit groups need skilled professionals who can handle intelligence management, crisis management, disaster response, or international relations. Jobs in this industry are growing faster than agencies can fill.

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Law degrees are more dynamic than before. Traditional law courses still exist and prepare students to apply to law school or even become lawyers. (Concord Law School is an online law school that qualifies some of its students for the California Bar Exam.) But many of the newer law degrees focus on specific areas of professional expertise, such as intellectual property law. Graduates of these programs can work in corporate legal departments, even if they are not qualified lawyers.

Law careers offer many opportunities. They are ideal for aspiring paralegals, prospective law students and business professionals dealing with legal matters. Law majors teach critical thinking, research skills, and the fundamental components of constitutional law.

A political science degree can help launch a career in citizenship and public service. You can also take political science as a way to prepare for law school. Polytechnic science students study various leadership philosophies, conflict resolution, policy development and more. Graduates may work as elected officials or directors of non-profit organizations.

If you like the idea of ​​a political science degree, but are more interested in implementing ideas (rather than analyzing and evaluating them), a public administration degree is probably for you. Public administration programs are similar to business programs in that they teach students the basics of budgeting, communication, management, and leadership. If you are unsure of your goals, ask several enrollment advisors who can help you compare different types of degrees.

Department Of Criminal Justice

Sociology is a great field for students who aspire to improve communities, especially those who become social workers or counselors. Sociology is also a gateway to a business career. Sociology students studying applied behavioral science, gender studies, and organizational management can be valuable additions to any HR team. When you decide to pursue a career in criminal justice, you start your own path to make a difference. Whether you want to chase bad guys, lock them up, or work in an office solving various criminal justice dilemmas, a degree in criminal justice gives you the skills you need to navigate evolving law enforcement technology and complex justice laws.

Criminal justice is a social science that involves agencies that identify and control criminal behavior and patterns and impose penalties for crimes. There are three levels of the criminal justice system in the United States, federal, state, and local, which work together toward the same goal.

Students in the criminal justice program must gain knowledge of the three components of the criminal justice system:

Law enforcement: This is about fully enforcing and enforcing the law, which is provided by law enforcement agencies, police officers, and detectives.

B.a. In Criminology And Criminal Justice Studies

Judiciary: consists of members and employees of the legal system, such as lawyers, judges, jurors, and other court personnel. These people ensure that due process is carried out under the rule of law.

Correctional System: This is made up of the people who supervise convicted criminals or offenders. Probation and corrections officers prepare reports to help judges or courts make decisions.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, most federal and law enforcement agencies look for applicants who have completed some college coursework or a 2- to 4-year college degree.

Criminal justice is a challenging field with many areas of study. Criminal justice professionals often continue their education in specialties such as law, masters in public administration or even in information technology.

Bachelor’s Degree In Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Criminal Justice degree is the basic educational degree in the field of criminal justice. It can be earned after completing 15 credit hours with a curriculum focused on a topic: advanced crime analysis, criminal behavior, criminal justice leadership, law and courts, corrections, or victim protection. Many well-known colleges and universities offer criminal justice certificate programs through traditional and non-traditional departments.

The associate working in criminal justice can be obtained in two years of full-time study, the 60-credit program. Core courses include Introduction to Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice Systems and Processes, Ethics and Criminal Justice

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