Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Studies

Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Studies – Is internationally recognized for its sustainability initiatives, making it an excellent place to earn a degree in environmental sciences.

Our interdisciplinary Bachelor of Environmental Science integrates environmental sustainability with biology, chemistry and other related sciences, as well as humanities and social sciences and other disciplines. The program prepares students to study current environmental issues using critical thinking skills and the scientific method to find solutions to regional and global challenges.

Bachelor Of Science In Environmental Studies

Tracks in Environmental Biology and Ecosystems and Environmental Chemistry and Analysis allow students to explore current world topics such as sustainable development, global climate change, renewable energies, environmental health, environmental stewardship, environmental impact assessment and modeling, resource management, waste to energy, waste management, carbon emissions monitoring, conservation of biodiversity and others.

Environmental Science And Public Administration Dual Degree

In the final year, students will help solve a real-world problem during their internship and will be involved in conducting an in-depth research project with a faculty mentor through their senior research project, which may be the result of a collaboration with industry and government agencies.

Outside of the classroom, students can expand their knowledge and develop their leadership skills by becoming involved in the Environmental Science Club, Sustainability Club, or other related activities and organizations.

Environmental science graduates are in high demand in the government, private and non-profit sectors and industries in a variety of roles including environmental consultant, environmental engineer, conservationist, renewable energy specialist, sustainability manager, control lab technicians, food, environmental health and security officers, natural resources management and much more. They are also well prepared for postgraduate studies.

Continuing will redirect you to a website that is not affiliated with the American University of Sharjah. Links to external websites are provided solely as a convenience to the user and do not imply any endorsement of the website and/or its contents. Please note that the privacy policy and security settings of the linked website may differ from those of the website. Over the next 10 years, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that careers focused on environmental studies and environmental sciences will grow by 15%, which is faster than average. An online Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree opens students to a wide variety of environmental fields, such as politics, defense, land use management, even the humanities and literature.

Earth & Environmental Science, B.a.

This is an especially sensible time and opportunity to pursue a degree as an environmentalist and contribute to the growing need for individuals with an understanding of the environment, climate and green energy.

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METHODOLOGY: These top 10 online environmental study programs are designed for students who are looking for an alternative to a set schedule and required classes and who want to pursue the same degree and degree in their own time and pace.

The criteria for this list were based on the availability of information on each school’s website. chose to list them at random, as they each have their unique qualities and attributes. They were ranked according to the following points:

Bachelor Of Science: Environmental & Sustainability Studies (ess)

At Southern New Hampshire University, students gain the education and experience they need to pursue their passion for the environment with an online environmental science degree. Environmental science graduates seek to repair and prevent damage caused by climate change, overpopulation, loss of biodiversity and other crises. This unique program provides a strong foundation in natural and natural sciences with a focus on natural resources and conservation.

SNHU’s environmental science programs provide students with the flexibility to shape their degrees around individual career goals, interests, and passions. Curricula are built on a solid foundation in the physical and natural sciences, ensuring students acquire the broad interdisciplinary skills companies and organizations are looking for to solve complex environmental and business problems. Because professors are passionate about environmental issues and bring specific expertise to the program, classes delve into the topics that most interest each student.

With a degree from the University of Florida Online School of Environmental Science, students can look forward to careers in a variety of fields in the agricultural, environmental, and natural sciences sectors. Core courses and requirements vary in areas such as sustainable food and fiber production, environmental policy and analysis, water resources, energy resources, soil conservation, natural resource management, pollution management, and international development. Online students at the University of Florida gain a strong foundation in these myriad environmental disciplines and apply this knowledge and skills to even more careers.

With a large number of degrees and certificates offered in the University of Florida online environmental science program, students have the opportunity to focus their academic career on an environmental discipline of their choice, whether one is seeking a career in politics, defense or field work. . Master’s degree programs have only one mandatory campus visit to take exams and present seminar projects. The online Bachelor of Science program does not require campus visits nor certificate programs.

Bachelor Of Environmental Science Accreditation Shows Complex Degree

Liberty University Online’s environmental science program helps students master the skills necessary to succeed in today’s business environment, with a special emphasis on understanding the ever-changing world of environmental sustainability. While a Bachelor of Business Administration, students will enhance their knowledge and understanding of environmental resources and management principles and will have impressive environmental business acumen upon entering a career field.

As a Christian university, Liberty University’s online programs have a foundational belief in the ways and teachings of Christ. The course prepares students to function effectively as experts in small business environments or the global marketplace, integrating faith with environmental practices in a professional setting. All courses are available online and students are free to complete lessons and assignments at their own pace.

A degree from the University of Phoenix prepares students to face new environmental challenges. In the ever-changing world of government regulations and environmental issues, there is a great need for professionals with an interdisciplinary background, in addition to specific programs for environmental science. Whether it’s scientific research to help governments and businesses or to prepare for the transition to education after graduating, this degree can be a big step forward.

The University of Phoenix Environmental Science online course is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of the relationship between scientific principles and the environment. Topics include biological and ecological foundations, environment and society, environmental governance and law, global health, risk assessment, ethics and technology. The program also thoroughly trains students in practicing critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Environmental Studies Vs. Environmental Science

Today, scientists need to be trained to assess problems and offer possible solutions from a scientific perspective when faced with environmental issues, as well as to predict environmental change and participate in responsible environmental management. To help achieve these goals, Oregon State University’s Environmental Science online course provides an interdisciplinary approach to solving environmental problems, intertwining many areas of environmental study.

This degree offers a diverse selection of areas of specialization to focus your studies on your career goals. Areas of focus can be completed through an approved, certified, or minor option. Students work with an academic advisor to determine the best area of ​​specialization based on career goals. Current areas of specialization available to Ecampus students include:

With the wide variety of areas of specialization in Oregon State University’s online Environmental Sciences program, students are free to explore and decide which sector of Environmental Science best suits their individual interests. Students work closely with academic advisors and professors to focus their teaching in a very specific way.

American Public University’s online degree is for students interested in environmental policy and analysis, as well as environmental management, including natural resource management, pollution management, fish and wildlife management, and hazardous materials management. The program requires coursework in the natural and social sciences, with a particular focus on the complex relationship between science, management, and policy.

Environmental Science Major Discovery Series

There are 5 concentration paths that allow students to earn a degree in environmental sciences, directing their coursework in the direction that best suits their career goals and interests:

Whether students are interested in a general environmental science education that focuses on many different subject areas, or are interested in focusing their curriculum on a specific topic, interest, or career path, the online Bachelor of Environmental Science Program at American Public University has a area for any environmental scientist. However, each student will be able to demonstrate strong capabilities in all aspects of environmental studies, including history, politics, advocacy, science, legal, economic and social dynamics related to the environment and the management of the environment.

Everglades University’s online environmental studies programs strongly teach students about the effectiveness of reducing greenhouse gas emissions through the lens of three specialized programs. Each has a solid foundation in a wide range of environmental areas in their curriculum, more specifically catering to a student’s individual interests, from renewable energy to land management and policy.

Earning an online degree in environmental studies from Everglades University prepares students to address a wide variety of climate, land use, energy, and policy issues and needs. After graduation, every Everglades student will have

Bsc Environmental Science: Colleges, Eligibility & Scope

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