Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree – Shaelyn Atkins, registered nurse, shares that holistic patient care is more than medical care.

Shaelyn Atkins of Bremen, Indiana, graduated from Bethel College’s College of Nursing in May. Now, he works on the children’s ward of Memorial Hospital in South Bend as a registered nurse – half of the ward is made up of cancer patients who don’t have immune systems to protect them after COVID-19. “It’s not always an easy task,” Atkins said. But when you ask this health worker if he found his position, the answer comes without hesitation: “100%.”

Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree

“Every day there are countless incidents at work that break my heart,” Atkins said. “I have time to connect with children, and it makes me very happy to see shy and shy patients at the beginning of the day, give me a ride or tell me ‘I love you’ at the end” of the day. , ” he said.

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Finding a college with a nursing program and earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing was a huge step for Shaelyn on her journey to becoming the pediatric nurse she is today.

Atkins always knew that parenting was her calling. So when she started looking at colleges, her Google search history was filled with phrases like “colleges with nursing programs,” and “best nursing schools in Indiana.” He was always impressed by the large public schools. That is, until he traveled to the best college town in Indiana – Lake Winona.

During Atkins’ senior year, his family encouraged him to attend college. “Good and close to home,” they said. “You will love the beach campus and the safe and secure community,” they said. After being pressured a few times, he refused to agree with his family and made a plan. Will visit his party. When Atkins walked into the visitor center, he was surprised by the friendly community he met at the door. As the days passed, Atkins continued to see that everyone (from admissions staff, student ambassadors, professors) contributed to this welcoming community.

Atkins felt an inner conflict. Should she settle for a bachelor’s degree in nursing to get into a Christian college? Or should I continue research and pursue a Bachelor of Science in Nursing? His tension subsided after he met the then headmaster.

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The professor bragged about Bethel University’s 99% NCLEX pass rate and told Atkins that a bachelor’s degree in nursing is under construction. If approved, Atkins can have the best of both worlds, degrees from top nursing programs in the state and community colleges and campus experiences. That’s what Atkins wanted. He is confident that his bachelor’s degree will come. And so he asked to come.

In 2017, a bachelor’s degree in nursing became a reality. And with a new, cutting-edge nursing major coming to Atkins to engage students for years to come. During Atkins’ school year, the K21 Foundation provided $150,000 to purchase equipment to build two simulation labs, a control room and an interview room.

“It’s good to have a new home,” Atkins said. “Although the sim labs were very intimidating at first, they have been an amazing tool to help us in our teaching. It’s good to get used to the mannequins that are so viral,” he said. Atkins explained that these real mannequins can breathe, breathe, and do everything that humans do.

“It’s a privilege to be able to check out state-of-the-art hospitals in Fort Wayne like Parkview Regional Medical Center or Lutheran Hospital. We went there once a week last year, but the experience made the drive worth it,” Atkins said. It was during her clinical hours that Shaelyn found her true confidence as a nurse.

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Because of this practical experience and innovative technology, Atkins contributed to the 100% NCLEX pass rate achieved by the first class of BSN graduates in .

“The teachers are amazing,” he said proudly. “They really invested in us to make sure we were prepared and felt confident as nurses. I still talk to my teacher. They monitor me regularly and advise me now that I am in the field. “

That’s the way. A teacher is not only a teacher; They are personal and spiritual advisors. In all of Atkins’ classes, her teacher encouraged her to write a reflection paper on spiritual care. Students not only take care of their bodies, but also take care of their minds, hearts, and souls. This has a positive effect on the work of Atkins today.

Although Atkins graduated at a bad time (who could have predicted the pandemic and recession?), he had no problem getting a job. And a lot of credit for that.

Five Reasons Why You Should Earn Your Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree

Atkins began his role in early June. Working on the front lines of infectious diseases as a first-year nurse made her think about what it means to care for children in general. Atkins said his hospital ward had two cases that tested positive for COVID, requiring him to be “extremely careful” to treat cancer patients with compromised immune systems. And in addition to taking care of them physically, Atkins is working hard to take care of patients mentally, emotionally and spiritually in the midst of COVID.

“It’s a lot, but I know it’s going to be a lot,” he said. “The first year of nursing will be difficult without the pandemic. Our teacher warned us about it. But considering everything, I feel very prepared for my position,” he said.

Are you looking for a college with a childcare program? Do you want an education that focuses on holistic patient care? To learn more about nursing science degrees, visit /major/nursing. Explore the schools and courses available and start your journey to a meaningful career today.

“Nurture (…) is to put the patient in the best condition for nature to work with him.” Florence Nightingale, nurse and founder of modern nursing, embodies the importance of nursing – caring, treating and serving patients to ensure the best possible outcome for them.

Adn Vs. Bsn Degree: These Are The 9 Biggest Differences

With the growing aging population, the demand for health services has naturally increased. This means hiring health professionals, such as nurses, to meet this need. If you are interested in becoming a nurse in Singapore, look for study options for nurses and registered nurses in Singapore.

There are two types of nurses – registered nurses, and registered nurses. Both have entry requirements. Below are some differences to consider in choosing the most appropriate parenting path.

If financial problems can be a problem, there are scholarship options available to applicants from various hospitals in Singapore.

The Nitec in Nursing course trains students to become registered nurses. There will be 15 months of full-time training at ITE, and 9 months of clinical supervision. For students who earn a GPA of 3.0 or higher, the Professional Assessment Program (PCP) for Registered Nurses is available. This will enable them to continue to apply for the first year of the relevant degree course at the Polytechnic.

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Prospects: Students who achieve a GPA of 3.0 and above are eligible to apply for the professional conversion program.

Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) is the first polytechnic in Singapore to offer nursing courses. The school has trained more than 20,000 students as nurses since then. A distinctive feature of the nursing curriculum at Nanyang Polytechnic is the hands-on component, where the NYP-HIMSS Center of Excellence provides a mix of classroom and clinical learning for students to train. This degree is offered as part of the Professional Conversion Program (PCP).

Prospects: With the diploma, students can pursue a Bachelor of Nursing degree at the National University of Singapore or other foreign universities. There is also the option of pursuing an advanced degree with NYP to specialize in areas such as gerontology and midwifery. Graduates can also find jobs in clinical and research organizations.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s nursing degree offers students a wide range of experiences – from clinical relationships that begin in year 1, to studying human biology and behavioral science as well. Studying abroad, connecting, sharing lessons and traveling abroad such as Australia, China, India , Cambodia and Thailand which opened opportunities for students.

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