Bachelors Degree In Graphic Design

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If you are a creative person by nature and have a passion for computers, a career in graphic design may be a good option for you. In fact, graphic design is one of the best degree programs for creatives. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), along with creative freedom and the opportunity to be their own boss, graphic designers enjoy an above-average average annual salary and a stable job outlook. While a career as a graphic designer is a great opportunity, the profession requires a college degree and advanced training.

Bachelors Degree In Graphic Design

To start preparing for a career as a graphic designer, you need a college degree – but not just any degree. Students must begin by becoming a graphic design major and earn a degree in graphic design, preferably from one of the 349 programs accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. Accreditation guarantees a quality curriculum and the support of financial aid, not to mention a prestigious program viewed by potential employers.

What To Do With A Graphic Design Degree

Degree programs in graphic design typically include courses in art, commercial graphics production, computerized design, principles of design, printing techniques, and website design. Since the work of a graphic designer combines the art of marketing and business, courses in these subjects are also useful for aspiring graphic designers. In fact, some programs offer bachelor’s degrees in graphic design with a concentration or specialization in marketing or another related discipline.

Requirements for undergraduate graphic design programs vary by school. For some programs, students must present a talent show with sketches or other artworks to demonstrate their skills when they apply for admission. Schools require students to complete a full year of college-level studio art before officially accepting them as a major.

Graphic designers may not get a job working at home or with clients based on their resume. The biggest factor in landing graphic design jobs is not the school a designer went to or the number of years of experience they have. Rather, it is the quality of their work that is reflected in their professional portfolio. Because a portfolio is so important to success in this career, undergraduate graphic design degree programs are often structured in ways that allow and encourage students to develop their portfolios. These opportunities can come from coursework or internships.

For aspiring graphic designers, formal education and the opportunity to create a compelling professional portfolio are important aspects of education needed to achieve their career goals. Many graphic designers pursue a career path because of their love of art and design, but this job has other benefits as well. About a quarter of graphic designers are self-employed. Self-employed graphic designers can enjoy the freedom of being their own boss, as well as setting their own schedule and pay scale. Others work as part of the creative team in graphic design firms or in companies and organizations. Hard work, dedication and the right education can put you on the right path to an exciting career to achieve success as a graphic designer.

Ba (honours) In Graphic Design

After a bachelor’s degree with a graphic design major and getting a great role as a graphic designer, what’s your next step? Experienced graphic designers can advance their careers. In fact, advancement opportunities are common among large companies that employ graphic artists and designers. Graphic designers can rise to the positions of art directors, chief designers, supervisors, and team leaders.

Outside of the course and a degree in graphic design, there are some personal qualities that make a successful graphic designer. The following are the important qualities of working in graphic design.

Analytical Skills: A successful graphic designer understands their work from their client’s perspective. It is important for a graphic designer to see their work from the user’s perspective. When this perspective is understood, the graphic designer can correctly convey important information to the client.

Artistic talent: Having the ability to create images and designs that are artistic and appealing to viewers, clients and consumers is key to the role of a graphic designer. Graphic designers usually draw by hand or use computer programs to create artistic images.

Graphic Design Course In Malaysia

Computer Skills: A graphic designer is not only an artist, but they are also graphic and design experts. Many graphic designers use special software to create and prepare designs. To use the software, they need to know their way around a computer. Sharp computer skills help a graphic designer succeed in their role.

Creativity: Like artistic talent, graphic designers must be creative. They also need to be innovative, think of new ways to communicate ideas to clients and partners, and create new ways to present the client’s brand or message. To get the job done, graphic designers need to be creative.

Effective Communication Skills: The role of graphic designer requires effective communication skills. The job requires communicating accurate information to clients, customers and fellow designers.

Strong time management skills: It is common for graphic designers to juggle tight deadlines. In fact, it is not uncommon for a graphic designer to have multiple projects at the same time. Strong time management skills can help individuals succeed in a graphic designer or artist role.

Graphic Design Degree Program, Major

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $53,380. But the top 10% of earners saw an average income of more than $93,000 per year. Many factors affect a graphic designer’s income, such as education, experience, geographic location, and type of industry.

The BLS reports five industries that offer favorable earnings for graphic designers. Of the five highest-paying industries, two produce above-average incomes. The highest paying industries for this profession are advertising, public relations and related services. In this industry, graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $55,800. The second highest paying industry for graphic designers reported by the BLS is specialty design services. In this industry, graphic designers earn a median annual salary of $54, 840. Other industries that provide favorable income for graphic designers include newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers and printing and related support activities.

Geographical location also affects the income of graphic designers. In some states and cities, graphic designers earn higher wages. According to Occupational Employment and Wage Statistics published by the BLS, there are five states that pay the highest for graphic designers. These states offer higher than average incomes for this profession. It is important to note that the annual average wages reported by each state do not include the wages of self-employed workers.

Graphic designers working in the District of Columbia can expect an annual salary of $83,070. DC for graphic designers. Offers the highest wages in the region. Washington is the second highest paying state for this job. In Washington, graphic designers can expect to earn $77,000, nearly $22,000 more than the median annual salary for all people working in this profession. Massachusetts is the third highest paying state for graphic designers. In Massachusetts, graphic designers see an average income of $70,180. New York is the fourth highest paying state, where graphic designers earn an average annual salary of $68,260. Virginia is the fifth highest paying state for this profession. Provides an annual average salary of $66,850.

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Graphic designers working in metropolitan areas also earn above average salaries for this profession. In fact, the BLS reports six metro areas with annual incomes above $72,000. According to the BLS, the highest paying metropolitan areas for graphic designers are Seattle, Tacoma and Bellevue, Washington. In this region of the Pacific Northwest, graphic designers should expect an annual average salary of $84,030. The San Francisco, Oakland, and Hayward, California area offers an annual median salary of $80,820 for this occupation. San Jose, Sunnyvale and Santa Clara, California still have slightly lower paying metro areas with above average incomes. In this area, graphic designers earn an average of $77,800 per year. D.C., including Arlington and Alexandria. The area provides graphic designers with an average annual income of $77,400. The fifth highest paying metro area is Vallejo and Fairfield, California. In this metro area, graphic designers see an annual average salary of $72,570.

Although non-metro areas generally do not pay the higher wages found in metro areas, graphic designers can still find favorable incomes and a lower cost of living in some areas. The BLS reports the three highest-paying metropolitan areas for graphic designers. The highest paying nonmetro areas for this job are Hawaii and Kauai. In this area, graphic designers see an annual average salary of $62,160. The annual average salary for graphic designers in Northeastern Virginia non-metropolitan areas is $58,520. The third highest paying non-metro area, as reported by the BLS, is Western Washington. In this area, graphic designers should expect an average income of $57,110

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