Background Check For Employment History

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Checking an applicant’s employment history is an integral part of the background check process. Many employers make hiring decisions based largely on a candidate’s work experience. When hiring for a position, hiring managers want to know that their best candidates have previously worked in a similar role. Relevant work experience lowers the learning curve and increases the likelihood of success for a new hire. However, before an employer can place the full weight of a hiring decision on an individual’s career history, it is important to check previous employment. Unfortunately, it’s something many applicants are willing to do if it increases their chances of getting hired. Lying about employment history is the most common form of dishonest resumes. Applicants change job titles to make them sound more impressive, change employment dates to fill in gaps in their work history, and embellish their job duties. It is not unknown for candidates to create entire sections of their work history. Prospective employers can verify employment through a background check. However, background checks for employers may not be conducted in the manner expected. There is no searchable database that allows you to view and verify a candidate’s entire career in one place. Instead, you should verify employment history facts by talking to all previous employers. We offer this check as part of our employment verification service at the following address. When you purchase this check, we will take the information your candidate has provided on their resume and contact the previous employers listed with a unique verification check for each employer you want to check. During these calls to previous employers, we ask someone from the company—usually an HR representative—to verify key information about the applicant, including positions held, responsibilities involved, and dates of employment. In some cases, we may also ask about the reasons for departure or the right to re-let. Finally, we will prepare a report based on the background check or background check you have performed. Each report will include a side-by-side comparison of the information provided by the applicant and what we have learned directly from the employer. If there is a difference, you can easily spot it. You can take this information into account when making your hiring decision. Want to learn more about employment verification? Learn more about how to verify employers with background checks or order your report on the product page.

Background Check For Employment History

Michael Klazema is the lead author and editor of the Dallas-based magazine, which focuses on human resources development and the job search.

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Many of our existing clients have asked about post-Covid workplace models. Access to research is now free for you too. A background check protects your business from many potential risks, big or small. If you are an employer, you should conduct a background check before making a hiring decision. Make sure you make the right decision and that the person going through the interview and hiring process is the right match.

Hiring the right person can be a challenge due to the number of candidates, their different personalities and different backgrounds. Screening is an important step that can provide clarity and answers in the hiring process and determine the future of a candidate’s time with your company.

Depending on your company’s needs, you can choose from different types of tests and professional support is always there to help and guide you. Read on to discover five reasons why you should hire a background check company and get the right people for the job.

This is one of the main reasons why companies hire background check companies to screen potential clients. The results indicate the applicant’s previous criminal history, so that you as an employer can make an informed decision when hiring that person.

Properly Screen Potential Tenants

A criminal record tells you if a particular person has done anything illegal in the past that could prevent them from doing the job they are meant to do. Some employers use the information uncovered during a background check to initiate open communication with a candidate. You decide whether the data recorded by the relevant person can affect you and your company.

Results show county, state and federal records so you don’t miss any information or details. You can request records as old as you need, although records older than seven years may not reflect the current applicant. If there is nothing new in the file, that is a good sign.

Background checks reveal specific information about an applicant so you know everything you need to know. Sometimes candidates forget or choose not to write about key information from the past; background checks can provide all the legal information and records you are looking for.

While many people think that a criminal record is the only thing that employers collect during a background check, that is not the case. The results can show past employment history, rental history, and any extracurricular activities a person is involved in. You are the final decision regarding the admissions process and provide the opportunity to the applicant. Understanding the big picture of potential employees can help you make a decision with confidence.

The Value Of A Comprehensive Background Check

A new hire can improve the quality of work if you choose the right person. The new hire must demonstrate longevity; this is a good sign if you want to hire someone long term.

A background check can save you from many future problems. Knowing what you’re getting into when hiring a new employee is essential for your business to thrive. Professional background check companies ensure that your search meets all legal requirements and standard procedures.

Let’s say one of your employees gets into an accident while driving drunk and has a DUI they didn’t know about. You may be liable for damages because your name is on the company’s legal documents. The actions of employees can affect your company’s reputation even without legal liability. Knowing the background of new hires can protect the safety of your staff and your brand.

People need work and sometimes they will do anything to get it, including leaving important information about themselves. Hiring the wrong person with a facade of good intentions puts your job security at risk. As an employer, when hiring a new employee, you are responsible for making decisions that ensure the safety and comfort of the rest of your team.

Employment Background Checks And What They Mean For Your Privacy

ID checks are another important part of background checks. Make sure the person you are hiring is who they say they are. For tax, security and other reasons, you must ensure that the information provided by the applicant is correct.

One reason to hire a background check company is to keep everyone safe. A professionally done background check tells you everything about a person; Sometimes people change, but someone’s past can also determine that person’s future. Searching through someone’s incidents and interesting stories can show where that person is headed or what they might get into again.

The most common differences are related to criminal background, past employment history and education. An applicant’s resume or curriculum vitae is sometimes very long, and whether on purpose or by accident, the dates are not always accurate. There is information that the prospect can use to prove what they claim in the application, such as previous payslips, bank statements or letters from a previous employer.

Some professional firms contact educational institutions to verify information such as education programs, training programs and licensure. These companies often provide transcripts and educational materials so you know you’re hiring someone with the right experience and qualifications.

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Ensuring that the person you hire is the most suitable, responsible and safe choice is not an easy task. A web search is a low-quality do-it-yourself option, but the information available online is extremely limited. Some background checks may seem difficult, but they are necessary for the security and growth of your business.

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