Banks That Loan To Small Businesses

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The outbreak of Covid-19 brought a series of circuit breaker measures in hopes of slowing the spread of the epidemic. However, these measures also reduced the income streams of small and medium-sized businesses. That being said, survival is a major concern for many SMEs.

Banks That Loan To Small Businesses

Many small and medium-sized enterprises are struggling to pay rent, suppliers and staff, and are struggling to stay afloat amid the economic downturn. Some SME owners have started diversifying their products to find other income streams. Others took other jobs to fill the gap during this difficult time.

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Fortunately, a business loan or grant can help. With the help of Enterprise Singapore, the government offers special support loan packages to help SMEs get the funds they need to continue operating. Apart from these, local banks and financial institutions also offer a wide range of loan products.

SME owners can apply for business loans to get the funding they need. There are different types of loans. Some financial products are also offered for business needs, such as managing cash flow or paying rent. Other financial products are offered for specific needs, such as property or machinery/equipment loans.

This is an unsecured business loan which means no collateral is required, such as property or equipment. This type of loan is popular among SMEs because of its flexibility. You can use it for your daily operational needs such as:

Also, for traditional SME loans, you can choose a repayment period of up to 5 years. You can apply for this type of loan from all major banks, such as DBS, OCBC, and UOB.

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When the pandemic hit, the Singapore government introduced government-backed business loans to help small and medium-sized enterprises in the country. Led by Enterprise Singapore and participating Financial Institutions (FIs), they offer affordable loans that are attractive to SMEs. These types of loans involve a government risk share of up to 90%.

The Small and Medium Enterprises Working Capital Loan is one of the government-backed business loans offered to local SMEs with a maximum of 200 employees. The Singapore government works with banks to offer loans of up to $1 million per borrower. The loan tenure ranges from 1 to 5 years.

This is another government backed business loan to help businesses bridge the gap during these challenging times. This type of loan is not only given to SMEs. It is open to any companies registered in Singapore with at least 30% local ownership. Businesses can borrow up to $5 million and the repayment period lasts up to 5 years.

Sometimes called a “first business loan”, this is an unsecured loan that caters to young start-ups. Think of it as a mini version of a regular business loan. It offers low loan amounts of up to $100,000, making it very easy for startups to qualify. In addition, with a startup loan, SMEs only need to operate for a few months and do not need a strong financial history.

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The Singapore government has budgeted $2 billion for SME loans. These loans are offered by the participating financial institutions and the government takes a 90% risk share. The government sets the eligibility requirements and the bank sets the interest rates.

There are different types of loans available for SMEs in Singapore. The government has also introduced government backed loans to ensure businesses get the funds they need. But your business loan application may still fail.

If your business loan application is rejected or you are not eligible for an SME business loan, you can consider other options. In one case, you can go to licensed moneylenders for financial assistance.

Licensed moneylenders in Singapore are approved by the Ministry of Law. They are allowed to provide loans to Singaporeans, permanent residents and foreigners with a valid employment pass. You can check the credibility of a money lender by checking the list of licensed money lenders on the Ministry of Law website.

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You can avail an SME business loan for your company’s operational needs. You can use it for:

On the other hand, if you are not eligible for an SME business loan then you can get a personal loan instead. With a personal loan, you can use the money for anything you want. However, the maximum loan amount for an unsecured loan is up to six times your monthly income.

There are other types of loans such as monthly loans, payday loans, and foreign loans. It is best to compare different loan packages to make the best financial decisions.

Equity business financing involves raising funds by selling shares of your business to investors. For example, SMEs may consider selling equity shares if they do not have sufficient operating cash. It allows SMEs to fulfill their business financing needs. It is an exchange of ownership interest for capital.

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This is a good option for those who are not eligible for SME loans from banks or if the loan interest payments are too expensive.

FundedHere is one of the three most popular crowdfunding platforms in Singapore. It targets startups and allows them to raise up to $1 million in just 35 days. For this reason, it is a good choice for businesses less than a year old. All you have to do is pay a 6% platform fee and a 2% fee on total accumulated equity. Best of all, if you raise more than your goal, you can keep the funds.

Fundal is another great crowdsourcing platform for startups looking for large equity funding. This platform is unlimited and only charges a small fee of 5%. In addition, it enables SMEs to exceed their initial target.

Fundal has a large network of over 7,000 investors with a strong track record. The total value of its completed deals is approximately $100 million. In addition, it provides digitized paperwork and a centralized portal to communicate with investors, making the fundraising process super cool.

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They also offer other financing options, including equity, convertible bonds, revenue sharing, and bond/debt structures. For this article, we will focus on their equity financing option.

Fund is also selective in its application and funding process. In fact, only 10% of applicants are accepted and only 3% receive funding. That said, it’s better for smaller and more mature SMEs.

The Fundnel website does not give much detail about their eligibility criteria. However, Fundal expects applicants to disclose detailed information on the following areas:

Thanks to Enterprise Singapore, the government has helped many small and medium-sized enterprises get back on their feet despite the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. To find the best SME loan for your small business, look at the interest rate, loan term, and maximum loan amount. Different banks offer different rates but it ranges between 3.5% and 7%.

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However, for budding entrepreneurs looking to get a startup loan, you may want to consider other financing options. For example, you can consider equity financing or you can get a loan from licensed lenders.

Raffles Credit is a specialist licensed lender offering excellent business loans, personal loans and other financial products. You can get a business loan or a personal loan with an interest rate of up to 4%. They not only provide financial assistance but also provide a suitable plan for your needs. Most or all of the products featured here are from our partners who compensate us. This can affect the products we write about and where and how a product is displayed on a page. However, this does not affect our evaluations. Our opinions are our own. Here is a list of our partners and here is how we make money.

Banks prefer small business loans if your company has been around for more than a year and doesn’t need cash quickly. Approval can take months and is not guaranteed – even with good credit.

According to the latest data from the Biz2Credit Small Business Loan Index, banks only approve 15% of business loan applications.

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Credit Biz2. Biz2Creditâ„¢ Small Business Loan Index December 2022. Accessed 12 January 2023. View all sources This means that the right bank gives you not only the business loan you need, but also the loans you need to finance it.

Here are the best banks for small business loans based on their commercial and industrial loans and product offerings, as well as other options to consider.

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence, Bank of America had the largest commercial and industrial loans among banks as of September 2022 – surpassing the next closest lender by nearly $130 billion.

S&P Global Market Intelligence. Top 25 US by C&I Loans in Q3’22 Banks and Fats. . Accessed 12 January 2023. View all sources

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Bank of America business loans are a great option if you have a reward. By meeting certain account requirements, you may be entitled to discounted interest rates, no wire transfer fees and other benefits. Bank of America can also make sense for veterans and service members, as it offers them a 25% discount on servicing or loan origination.

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