Be Computer Science And Engineering

Be Computer Science And Engineering – In this article, I will share my journey as an IT engineer. The purpose of this article is to give you an idea of ​​what life is like for a typical computer science and engineering student and what you can do to make the journey towards your goals more exciting and productive.

I didn’t know much about computers until I got one in 10th grade. It was 2014. I used it for general purposes like browsing, PPT preparation, etc. (The reason why I took CS Stream will be explained in detail in the 11th session below.)

Be Computer Science And Engineering

I passed the 10th with a pretty good CGPA and the next important thing was deciding what stream to listen to on the 11th. It was a really tough situation. I was pretty sure I would choose the science stream because science was my favorite subject. I’m in the dilemma of choosing between PCM with computer science and PCM with biology. I think everyone can definitely relate to the cause of this situation. yes! The reason was a relative. At first, I decided to go to the biology department. My goal was to become a doctor. My parents have been very supportive. However, my parents and relatives have heard various opinions about the cost of my treatment. Eventually, after a lot of discussion, I decided to go to Computer Science major.

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The beginning of 11th grade was really hard for me. I had a bit of trouble understanding the basics. Luckily, the CS teachers were really supportive and made sure the students were understanding and learning, not just mumbling. The first programming language I learned was C++. I started to love the language within a few months. I started making small projects to get a better understanding and started researching things other than what I was taught in class. I have successfully submitted my 12th year thesis which created a payroll calculation system. I didn’t even know IIT-JEE until I entered the middle of the 11th grade. It’s too late to engage in coaching. But my mother insisted on taking a special lecture for a month at an institution in Chennai. I took the JEE (Mains) exam. After the results were announced, I realized that if I had put in more effort and started coaching myself at the beginning of Year 11, I would definitely have qualified. I got good marks for justifying the time and energy I put into coaching. However, the qualifications of the superiors were still low due to the socially prevalent “caste reservation system”.

I passed the 12th with a good percentage and got the 4th rank in all posts in our school. It was a festive moment for us 🥳. It was also an important moment in deciding which university would accept me. My harvest was pretty good. I decided to study computer science. We applied for Anna University counseling and through the process we received an offer to enter a well-known university in Chennai.

I started my freshman year of university in August 2017. It was a very different experience and I got used to the environment after a few days. We learned Python in our first semester. I’m in love with Python and the faculty assigned to my class are simply amazing! I solved my curiosity and learned with Python (intermediate). Whenever in doubt, I also used YouTube, which turned out to be a great resource. He also started researching many other technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing. I created accounts on LinkedIn and GitHub and was active on these platforms. Computer science has influenced me a lot, so I started doing various studies. A partial, side project by computer science. These side projects were a plus and helped me immensely during the deployment. I also started practicing on platforms like HackerRank and it really helped with consistent programming. At the end of this article, I will share all the resources that have helped me improve my knowledge and especially prepare for interviews 👇.

So the year ahead went smoothly and I was happy that I didn’t waste too much time and used it productively. After attending Android workshops in college, I finally became interested in Android application development. I started learning Android thoroughly using various online resources and published my first Android app on the Google Play Store. Additionally, various internships gave me industry exposure and work in a real software development environment. After nearly a year in Competitive Programming, I started focusing more on development, which later had serious consequences for interview preparation.

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Read this article detailing the pros and cons between the two (project vs competitive programming).

After 3 years I started my 4th year. Placement season has started and I am totally worried about what is going to happen. My parents were totally hoping that I would be placed early and put on the first student list. But that didn’t happen. I have been through a lot and have been rejected by many companies. Then I started putting in a lot of effort and took a vacation because social media was a huge distraction. I received 3 offers from reputable organizations. What a wonderful experience. Now you may be thinking, “Why did this person finish his investing journey so soon?” wait. I’ll probably go into more detail in another article! 😉

I highlighted some of the mistakes I made on this trip. Of course, I learned a lot from these mistakes and tried to greatly improve myself. We will share some tips and mistakes to avoid.

Hone yourself today (work hard toward your goal) and you’ll be happy tomorrow. But if you refuse to work hard and yearn for fleeting happiness, you will suffer for the rest of your life.

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A friend of my mother used to say this. It made a huge impact on me. These are strong words. This is the ultimate truth of life and how you can recognize what success in life is. 💯

4. Please. Do a good job. But don’t be too nice. Because if you’re too nice, people will treat you like a doormat.

Some of the above may seem silly. However, they have a very powerful impact on your life.

As you can see, we suffered a bit from lack of guidance and support. Only a few seniors guided me on this journey. So, network with lots of people, especially on LinkedIn. So this is about my journey as an IT engineer. I hope you enjoyed it! Dedicated to freshmen, sophomores and juniors. With seniors❤️!

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If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below. Connect with me on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to check out the Google Play Store if you also want to check out the amazing collection of apps I’ve developed.

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