Beach Vacation Rentals Outer Banks

Beach Vacation Rentals Outer Banks – Salt air, ocean breezes, and stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean are all part of this OBX beach vacation home. Twiddy & Company offers over 375 beach rentals in Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla, and 4×4 beaches. Twiddy’sOBX beach rentals range from fully furnished luxury condos to traditional beach condos. Book early to experience an OBX beach vacation, as the most sought after beach homes for Outer Banks vacation rentals.

The main reason vacationers have traveled to the Outer Banks for decades is the easy beach thrill, and the beach resorts provide a front seat to ‘all Atlantic activities. Finding your Outer Banks beach vacation home is easy. Large local companies such as Twiddy & Company offer thousands of holiday homes. You’ll want to reserve your Outer Banks beach front early, as up to 50% of homes are booked in January each year.

Beach Vacation Rentals Outer Banks

Because the Outer Banks has about 150 miles of ocean facing barrier islands from Carova to Ocracoke Island, that means nearly 150 miles of beachfront property to choose from. From secluded cottages in the 4WD only areas of Carova and Swan Beach to stately estates along the south coast of Hatteras Island, vacationers will be spoiled for choice when it comes to some of the most beautiful, convenient and fun vacation rentals on the beach. .

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Plan an Outer Banks vacation in style, scenery, and beauty that takes advantage of the area’s favorite features with beach vacation rentals. After a morning sunrise over the sea or a week full of quick trips to and from the beach, you’ll be glad you chose one of the Outer Banks’ main destinations for a beach vacation.

The official definition of “beach” is simple, but it can vary from region to region. A beach house is classified as a house without a house or land that can be built between the house and the beach, but depending on the construction rules of the area and the dune system, that means the house can be 10 meters. from the sea, or 100 meters. far, depends entirely on the area.

For example, in the area of ​​the tri-villa Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo, where the coastal area between the line can and the actual sea is managed by the National Park Service in Cape Hatteras National Seashore, the distance. going to the beach can be very different. In Rodanthe, where coastal erosion is a common problem, beach resorts are only a few meters from high tide, with out-of-door access to the beach – a beach by the sea. At the same time, the small town of Salvo, located a few miles to the south, is protected from the sea by a double production system filled with beautiful seaweed, and as a result, these beach houses are beautiful. minutes away. away from the real sea wash.

Despite its close proximity, the beach house offers unobstructed views of the Atlantic, with no other buildings or developments to spoil the view. One of the great things about the Outer Banks is the simple fact that although it has a small group of hotels and beach resorts, especially in the busy central area of ​​Nags Head, Kill Satan Hills and Kitty Hawk, the rest of the island remains. specially designed by the Resort, so that visitors can find a quiet and pleasant place to enjoy a secluded, peaceful, and seemingly empty beach vacation between the holiday party and the sea views for free.

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Many beach vacation rentals also have private or shared driveways directly from the home or community to the beach. The route can consist of a simple sand road or an easy access path, with benches or standard areas along the way to rest and enjoy the beautiful dune scenery. The vacation rental company you choose will be able to tell you where the local roads or trails are, and what the public areas are.

As mentioned, the view is unique from almost every level of the house, although the top level is definitely the most panoramic, with a view of the sea that can cross the coast. With that in mind, local builders and designers have built beach homes that have a large upper level of living, also known as the “inverted floor plan,” and most beach vacation homes on the Outer Banks share this feature. This means that the family’s living room levels – living room, dining room and kitchen – are strategically positioned to take advantage of the best views from the house, so that everyone can relax, relaxing with the view of the sea on the sea. origin.

Almost every part of the Outer Banks has rental properties, although the northernmost 4WD-accessible beach in Currituck does not have many beach places, and the city of Ocracoke does not have one, due to its location near Silver. Harbor Lake. That said, visitors will find beachfront accommodations anywhere from Corolla to the southern border of Hatteras near the ferry, and these homes run the spectrum from beach cottages to quality hotels.

There are 3-4 bedroom cottages and beach boxes available near the beach, but most beach vacation homes are among the best on the Outer Banks. These homes are luxurious properties with all the amenities you need to turn your relaxing vacation into a great resort experience. Amenities may include a private swimming pool, ocean-facing hot tub, games room, theater room, and spacious living room and sunroom that take advantage of the oceanfront views and Atlantic views.

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The largest of these houses can be 8, 10, or even 12 bedrooms, depending on the area, and can accommodate parties of 20 or more. With several large bedrooms, a spacious kitchen with two appliances, and many huts, sitting areas, balconies, and other “stops” away from the crowds, these houses are more like hotels, except – not what you know and like other people. other visitors stayed on the beach.

Of course, travelers who want a simple beach vacation will also find small beach vacation homes, in 3-4 bedrooms. There are also beach accommodations, especially on Hatteras Island, that cater to couples and groups of 4 or less. Unlike other resorts, this accommodation is small, cozy, and offers access to less crowded beaches, ensuring that guests feel like they are always on vacation.

From quiet 1-2 bedroom condos to private homes, vacation rentals and condos along the Outer Banks are widely used, and for good reason. With more than 150 miles of coast, it is easy to find accommodation for parties of all sizes and shapes, so visitors will not have trouble finding a beach vacation home that looks like it was made for them.

Because beachfront vacation homes have the best beach access and views, they are also generally at the highest prices. However, weekly vacation rentals, even large ones, often cost the same as beach hotel and motel rentals or even less, depending on location, amenities and number of bedrooms.

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Outer Banks visitors who have more flexibility in their schedule can also look into shoulder and off-season vacation rentals. Many Outer Banks vacation homes have popular seasonal rates, meaning summer rates start in late June through early August are highest, and rates drop as we move into the first summer weeks. The off-season week in October can be half the price of the week that includes the 4th of July, but the facilities and features of the house are still the same for visitors.

In fact, if your idea of ​​an Outer Banks vacation revolves around lots of beach trips, a beachfront vacation rental is the best way to enjoy the beautiful, secluded coastline.

Of course, one of the best advantages of a beach vacation rental is its proximity to the beach. Most all beach houses have direct access to the sea, either private or shared with other neighbors in a community. This means that a trip to the beach can easily be interrupted by eating or drinking, going to the bathroom, or other trips around the house that can be completed in a few minutes. This location also helps with transportation to and from the beach, and for families who cannot travel far to access the beach.

Another advantage, of course, is the view on the beach, because there is nothing between the house and the sea but healthy.

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