Behr Interior Paint Colours

Behr Interior Paint Colours – As a professional painter, you know that some jobs work better than others. Sometimes customers are ready to go – colors in hand, knowing exactly what they want and where. And sometimes they get busy choosing colors and have a vague idea of ​​what they want.

Of course, every job has its ups and downs, but this last situation favors delays and depression on both sides. While choosing the colors isn’t your job, the painting is, and it will be a good experience for both of you (translation: brilliant delivery). Help them find the perfect color and everyone wins!

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Behr Interior Paint Colours

While some clients may have a style or theme, others may not. To get started, schedule an in-person or virtual meeting to get your point of view. When analyzing fan decks, here are some questions to ask:

Beach House Behr Paint Color Palette Behr Whole House Paint

At the end of the meeting, you can suggest that your client goes to Home Depot® and pick up matching colored cards/tokens. They suggested sitting with the chips for a few days and observing them in different lighting conditions to see the colors at all times of the day. For example, low colors (yellow, blue, green, pink, brown, etc.), whites, and neutrals are easy to find when placed on white paper.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

After helping your client make the best choice and reviewing the color charts, it’s time to select the final sample colors! Don’t be surprised if your customers bring in a new box full of colorful snacks. Choosing the right color is a process and can depend on your experience. Plus, you may find that taking the extra time to walk them through the process of choosing a paint color pays off in terms of returns and referrals.

Antique White was created to decorate the walls of the kitchen and dining room, as its warmth contrasts perfectly with the white tones. Your clients may want to incorporate other colors into a living room, bedroom or bathroom. In this case, Antique White works well with purple powder, green and blue tones, and medium tans and dark browns.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Bohemian Home Color Palette, Behr Interior Paint Palette, Pre Selected Paint Color Palette, Home Paint Color Palette — Moonlit Interiors

Yellow-tinged Off White is often paired with white, gray, or brown – all of which can be worn anywhere. However, this tone loves restrained accent colors – from pale pink, peach and purple; between the olive and the plum; for black, green and earth red. Stick to traditional colors for dining rooms and kitchens, but continue to use color elsewhere with accent walls, furniture, throw pillows, paintings, rugs, linens, and more—with off-white to tie it all together.

Seemingly neutral, Navajo White is a warm, classic shade that works well with traditional styles—both inside and out.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

This silky shade looks paired with bright white, but pairs well with earthy browns, rust reds, and blues. Consider presenting this in an office, bonus room, or kitchen.

Colors that match the nature of Navajo White include Lunaria, Spun Wool, and Antique White, which—paired with dark brown and wood accents—add a luxurious touch to the living room and dining room.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Warm and welcoming, a white canvas is a blank slate ready to be transformed into a work of art with colorful details, clothing and decor.

Whether your guests are looking for comfort, elegance or free-spirited sophistication, white sheets are here to stay. After all, its versatility offers total freedom in pairing. Let your customers play with colors – gray and beige; or light blue, dark lilac and brown; or black for sophistication; or even bold yellows, pinks, purples and greens!

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Behr Pro 1 Gal. #720e 2 Light French Gray Dead Flat Interior Paint Pr10501

A warm gray that almost feels like a cool gray, Dove exudes peace and tranquility that lifts your spirits. Very versatile, this shade is a happy medium between warm and cool, which means it works almost anywhere with great results.

Living and dining rooms, as well as kitchens, are perfect candidates for combining Dove with an accent wall. Pigeon has a slight orange and red glow – so it works well with warm colors such as purple, pink, yellow or deep red. Bottom line: your client can’t go wrong with this neutral gemstone.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Cottage White’s soft, creamy tone, kissed by delicate notes of golden honey, exudes gentle warmth and a sense of peace wherever it is worn.

Dining Room Colour Ideas And Paint Colour Inspiration

In the master bedroom or guest room, subtle tones highlight the charm and timelessness of white bedding. Cottage White is the perfect neutral for those looking for a robust off-white to contrast with pure white accents, creating a sophisticated touch in the living and dining room. It pairs well with everything from dusty mauve brown to dramatic dark teal. Neither too cold nor too hot, Cottage White brings an attractive, eye-catching look to traditional and contemporary exteriors.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

The White Veil is a dreamy color inspired by the lace with gold details of a vintage wedding dress.

This beautiful color has a beige tone and is a great color for a family room or bedroom as it is airy and understated. Furthermore, due to its neutrality, White Veil blends well with any decor and furniture. Perfect for anyone who wants a bright, bright dining or living room without too much noise. The white cover has a slight hint of orange and red to make it stand out and feel fresh – but you need a strong accent color to bring out the pretty drops.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Color Of The Month: Broadway

A rich beige characterized by warm, light and medium browns and understated grays, Spanish Sand is a soft, eye-catching gray that can transform a home’s exterior with subtle tones.

Inside, he suggests using Spanish Sand for kitchen cabinets and – depending on your client’s style – pairing it with complementary colors like flying peach, dusty yellow-green or deep brown… on bathroom walls, with blue accents dark or teal. dull bluish-green.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Inspired by nature, Crisp Linen is a true beige, warm and balanced, yet clean and fresh, like laundry dried in the sun.

A Word About Neutrals

Crisp Linen pairs well with other neutral colors as well as subtle shades of light and medium pinks, greens, blues and purples. For a casual, organic feel, use colorful walls in common areas of the home, including kitchens and living/family rooms. If a traditional look suits you, pair Crisp Linen with gray and white dark wood furniture and decor.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Step up your neutral game with Better Beige, a versatile neutral that brings a warm, unique feel wherever it’s worn. A true beige with a yellow undertone, best beige works well not just with other neutrals, but from golden oranges and earthy yellows to mid-tones of greens and blues and dark browns.

In the living room, this shade acts as an impeccable backdrop, allowing architectural elements like the fireplace, exposed beams, and wainscoting to really shine. Depending on your client’s style, kitchens and dining rooms can range from elegant monochromatic to imaginative and multicolored.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

Paint Color Palettes For 2020

Does your client have a specific color in mind? Bring your inspiration to The Home Depot® – a color swatch approximately 1″ x 1″: paint chips from a surface, fabric, competitor’s paint scraper or leftover paint – and we’ll find it. what. The color your customer wants is the color you get.

Both DYNASTY® interior paints and MARQUEE® interior and exterior paints are guaranteed* in one coat when tinted with the One-Coat Conceal Color collection. Check out all the neutrals in one layer.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

*Sherwin-Williams color names corresponding to paint colors, which are proprietary names, are used for identification purposes only. ® Paint creates similar colors using industry standard technology.

ROD REQUIRED FOR BIRD(*). BY CREATING AN ACCOUNT WITH YOUR DATA, YOU ACCEPT OUR PRIVACY POLICY. Paint colors are often different from others. Be it a series or a match, every popular brand has a selling point. Over the years, I’ve found that Behr produces the richest paint colors of any brand.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

After coming to this conclusion, I decided to take a look at the brand’s known paint colors. This article summarizes all my findings. Fortunately, Behr’s 22 most popular paint colors aren’t just available in one or two colors, but a wide variety of colors.

This means you can find one that suits your taste and enjoy the thickness and size.

Behr Interior Paint Colours

The 7 Best Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Embrace comfort, peace of mind and style with Behr Blank Canvas. The warm white paint color made headlines last year as Behr’s paint color of the year 2023. This usually comes as no surprise to some of us who already appreciate it.

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