Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors – Deciding which color to choose for the coming year is no easy task, but deciding the Behr color of the year 2020 has added more pressure than those years. Not only will it be the color to embrace the coming year, but it will also be the one to usher in the next decade.

So what did Behr choose to represent this landmark? Back to Nature (S340-4), a restorative, slightly yellowish green that looks like it’s a color match straight from a red lawn. Intended to be a light for the senses, Established Green comes from a growing interest in self-care, wellness and reconnecting with the outdoors – trends that have emerged worldwide.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

“We think of green as nature’s favorite color,” says Erica Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. “It takes us to a place that feels natural, like a walk in the woods or a walk on the beach, and it’s a color that symbolizes life and death. We think that as we enter a new decade, this is a very The only important thing to consider is color.”

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Earlier this summer, the color topped the charts when it was named one of 15 colors in the 2020 Behr Color Trends palette. about global color trends in the residential and commercial design industries, but also serves as a memory aid for consistency. color pairing

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

“Back to nature is the basis of this collection,” Woelfel said. “This can go hand in hand with a simple or maximalist style, whether your goal is to replace kitchen cabinets with a fresh, neutral look or to make a small space feel more open and airy.” “

According to Woelfel, the process followed to arrive at Behr’s color green was intended for its Color of the Year program. “We put it out there,” she said of the selection process. She means that literally: travel souvenirs, sketches taken at industry trade shows and photos from recent fashion shows create a cheerful, colorful spread on a conference-style table. . “We go through each color family and start narrowing it down to a color that we think fits what’s happening on a personal and social scale, and also relates to the style of furniture that people are buying, ” she said. . AD Prof. Once refined, the remaining colors are considered for their versatility in different interior styles. As Woelfel explains, the team asks questions such as: “How does the level of color feel elevated or elevated in a simple style?” Does this color suit any type of decor and any type of room? »

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Marquee 1 Qt. #icc 77 Sage Green Satin Enamel Interior Paint & Primer 745304

The green color family sparked a lot of interest in this original brainstorming table, Woelfel Notes, with a wide range of shades from refreshing mints to striking emeralds to cool jades. But Back to Nature Balanced Color, sold exclusively at Home Depot along with the rest of Behr’s offerings, offers a subtlety that pairs well with other colors, from light pastels to saturated varieties.

“We talk about this color as the new neutral,” Woelfel says. “This stunning backdrop satisfies our desire for peace and quiet.”

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Find out why the cheerful and optimistic color orange has taken on a new life and become a favorite of the design community.

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Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

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Chosen for its utopian qualities, this green is a richer neutral. AD PRO directory designer Leah Ring boldly shares how she designs around this topic.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Color Trends From Behr’s 2020 Report That’ll Turn Any Room Into A Retreat

This week, we’re featuring sage green in a teenage girl’s bedroom makeover for our sweet neighbors across the street!

This was his only major request. Remember the Carney family whose bedroom we finished renovating last winter? Yes, this team. We expect another revival attack.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Wearing a sage green shirt, I walked in to assess their room, and the girls said, “We want this color!”

Sage Green Is Spring 2020’s Hottest Paint Colour

So I’ve been going deep down the sage green rabbit hole in my search for the perfect paint color, and this seemed like the perfect collection to add to my archive of favorite paint colors.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Not only is it perfect for creating an organic, relaxing space, but it’s definitely on trend now that Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams both named their paint color of the year a shade of green.

Because sage is a light, muted shade of green mixed with gray and can be earthy with a touch of yellow or slightly aqua with blue tones, it works especially well to create a sense of calm in bathrooms and bedrooms.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

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Because it is strongly associated with nature and leaves, using the color can make any room such as a living room or office feel grounded.

For a pop of color, sage green is a popular choice on kitchen cabinets to add a sense of lightness with a subtle pop of color to a busy space. Something about the color green makes you take a little deep breath. Hmm.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Crisp white and gray pair beautifully with sage green for a simple, casual look. Try Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace or Sherwin Williams Extra White. For locks, try Benjamin Moore Gray Owl or Sherwin Williams Passive.

Best Sage Green Paint Colors For A Relaxing Room

Paired with a little cream or ivory, sage green can create a feeling of warmth. Sherwin Williams Alabaster or Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee work wonderfully.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Referencing the complementary colors of sage green on the color wheel, a soft mauve or bright pink can enliven a space to give it a more modern feel. Consider adding pink accents to bedding, pillows or draperies.

Reds like Persian rugs, terracotta tiles or an exposed brick wall can add depth to sage green, if you’re feeling brave. Start small, but the more red tones you incorporate into the sage, the more eclectic it will look.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Ultra 1 Qt. #icc 77 Sage Green Extra Durable Semi Gloss Enamel Interior Paint & Primer 375304

It doesn’t have to be a visible sunflower yellow, but subtle yellow tones like rattan, sisal, bamboo and other natural textures create a spa feel. But if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, sage green also pairs beautifully with bright yellow.

Have you ever used your favorite sage green color that left you head over heels in love? I’m all ears here because I definitely plan on doing some modest painting in our house once we’re done at the neighbors house.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

At least the color will make us feel very relaxed when we paint all day. You think, maybe? I can still hope. Do you feel the need to anchor yourself? Sage green, spring’s hottest color, is all about letting the outside in. Our favorite? Jojoba N390-3 from Behr. “Green lowers stress levels: Being in nature is relaxing, and it’s important to bring that home,” says Erica Woelfel, vice president of color and creative services at Behr. To take full advantage of the casual look, complement it with natural materials such as wood, tile and stone.

Hit The Road

Not ready to commit to a new color palette? Keep it casual with an affordable accent that can easily be replaced when your love runs out.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

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Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

Behr Ultra 1 Gal. #icc 77 Sage Green Semi Gloss Enamel Exterior Paint & Primer 585301

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St. Joseph Communications uses cookies to personalize its online advertising and for other purposes. Learn more or change your cookie settings. By continuing to use our service, you consent to our use of cookies. Sage green is currently my favorite color for walls! It’s warm and welcoming, quiet and relaxing, and it’s beautiful too! Here are my favorite green paint colors from the biggest and most popular paint brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Farrow & Ball.

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

We’re in the middle of renovating our office for the One Room Challenge. Scroll to the bottom of this article for an update on how things are going for week 3 of the update.

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Since I didn’t have any fun photos to show the progress of the office remodel this week, I thought I’d break down my current favorite green paint colors! This ties in with the One Room Challenge because we’ll be painting the built-in cabinets sage green!

Behr Sage Green Paint Colors

We used blue-green for an old dresser-turned-vanity in our old house.

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