Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022 – Every year in the fall, paint companies choose the next year’s color of the year. Part marketing hype, part consumer trend, it’s always interesting to see what they choose!

Strangely, this year it has been announced that the 5 colors of the year are all green! This may reflect our new relationship with nature as the pandemic has forced a change in routine for most of us. The outdoors becomes our place to connect, relax and socialize.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Green choices range from the aqua green of Bars Breezeway to the deep yellow-green of Gladden’s Guacamole. Benjamin Moore’s 2022 color, October Mist, falls in the middle. It is a complex grey-green color with a hint of warmth.

Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color Of The Year Is A Dreamy, Livable Soft Sage Green

Green in general, and October fog in particular, seems almost neutral. It combines well with many other colors. Works with most other greens as well as blue, pink, purple, fish and yellow. Combined with white, it feels fresh and combined with black, it exudes sophistication. Of course, it also works well with many wood colors, from pale birch and sour oak to mahogany and rich fruit tones, whether they appear in millwork, flooring or furniture.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

With floral wallpaper from Brewster (Floret in Green) and textured and embroidered fabrics in shades of green and texture (Stout Textiles), we paired it with creamy ivory and warm cocoa tones.

With these beach dresses (from Stout Textiles) in fresh shades of navy and green, we paired them with light sky blues and light greens that evoke the ocean.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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For these beautiful textured fabrics from Stout Textiles (the green chenille band is Blink/Chive, the woven leaf pattern is Creed/Aloe, and the diamond pattern is Wynnewood/Grass) and Thibaut in shades of wood (Pleated Tape/Taupe). from . , we chose a warm taupe beige and pine green match.

And for this garden outfit inspired by Stout Textiles, we’ve chosen a pair of pink and navy blue hues.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

October Mist is a truly versatile color – as Benjamin Moore says, “Open up space for creativity with October Mist 1495, Benjamin Moore’s color of 2022. This shade is soft, sage and stable, while expressing individuality through color. encourages.”

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So whether you’re leaning towards calm, quiet and gentle with a calm and neutral green, or in the vibrant and vibrant color camp – or fall somewhere in between, this sage green accent could be just the foundation you need!

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

As always, choose colors that make you and your home happy, not just “in”. And, if you’re painting (especially walls or factories), always practice making sure the color is right for the space before investing time and money in a big painting project. The environment greatly affects your perception of color and it’s important to get it right the first time!

If you need help, our downloadable guide to choosing colors with confidence can be purchased here for less than a gallon of paint! Interior Color Palettes Interior Colors Home Interior Color Ideas Color Palettes Color Palettes

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Classic white kitchen in Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace. Instagram beautiful home. Florida Home Tour. Classic Shingle Coastal Home. Beach house with fresh coastal interior.

October Mist Is Benjamin Moore Colour Of The Year 2022

Florida dream beach house. The Black Farm. New construction modern farmhouse in Illinois. A classic home with an earthy interior. Check out this California coastal farm. Modern farmhouse with soundproof interior.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Instagram beautiful home. Modern Farmhouse Design Trends New Construction Home With White Oak Kitchen. Beach House Tour 2021. Southern California style vacation home.

Black and white modern farmhouse kitchen. Modern trends in home construction. Follow me on Instagram: @ You can follow my pins here: Pinterest/ See more inspiring interior design ideas in my gallery.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Photos are submitted by homeowners, architects, designers and photographers showcasing their work. Website Design and Writing ©. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy – Contact Us Benjamin Moore October Mist is a medium green shade with an organic and natural feel. According to Benjamin Moore, this green sage “both anchors and develops.”

Benjamin Moore’s Color Of The Year 2023 Is Here—and It’s A Showstopper

In a room, October Mist creates a soft backdrop for your furniture and accessories. It’s a beautiful color that has the potential to make a lasting impact on contemporary design. In fact, October Mist has been chosen as the Benjamin Moore Color of the Year for 2022.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Read on for all the details on this beautiful green, including which colors go well with it, where to use it in your home, and why it was chosen as Benjamin Moore’s 2022 Color of the Year.

Every year, all the major paint companies look for what they consider to be the representative color of the year. Drawing from emotions in the world at large, designers choose hues that speak to people.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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This year, Benjamin Moore’s marketing and development team chose October Mist as the 2022 Color of the Year.

October fog is a color that balances our need to feel the excitement of new possibilities.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

This beautiful shade of green is inspired by the flower stem – the transition between the stability of the world and the promise of new life. The October fog, like 2022, feels full of possibilities.

In addition to identifying certain colors as their color of the year, Benjamin Moore also developed a palette of thirteen colors that harmonize with the October fog. Together, these colors create a modern color scheme that will last for years.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

The Benjamin Moore 2022 color palette includes a balance of warm and cool colors, including soft pastels, soothing neutrals, and vibrant colors.

As you can see, you have warm neutrals such as natural linen, collectibles and steam; soft pastels, such as Venetian Portico, Quiet Moment, Morning Dew, Violet Hunt, Fernwood Green and Moon Yellow; and bold colors, such as High Park, Wildflower, Gloucester Sage and Mysterious.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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Among all the colors on this list, there’s something for everyone. Each color pairs beautifully with the October fog or can work as a standalone color in the space.

Now that we’ve discussed why October Mist was chosen, let’s look at the intensity of this calming color.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

As mentioned earlier, October fog is sage green. Sage green has hints of green, gray and yellow.

The Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2022 Is Here—and It’s One Of Our All Time Favorites

Benjamin Moore’s October Mist is no exception. However, October Mist is not as yellow in color as some sage greens.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Instead, October Mist is a modern silver green compared to the old sage green of the 90s. The October Mist gray makes it a basic shade that keeps it from looking too retro.

In low light, you’ll see that the October fog looks more gray than green. Like many other popular green or blue colors, October Mist can have a somewhat chameleon-like quality, shifting between gray and green depending on the time of day and the lighting in the room.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

Benjamin Moore Color Of The Year 2022: October Mist

With warm bulbs, you can also see the October Mist very yellow, and a bit of the traditional sage.

October fog is light green with little depth. It’s not a bright color, but it’s not too dark either.

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

To look at it from a technical angle, Benjamin Moore is LRV 46 of October Mist. The LRV scale, or light reflectance value, goes from 0, which is completely black, to 100, which is completely white.

Benjamin Moore’s Colour Of The Year 2022 & Three Paint Colour Schemes

Speech performance, October must

Benjamin Moore Bedroom Colors 2022

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