Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room – I’m back to bring you another updated post on the best bedroom paint colors you probably haven’t used. Or, you can use some of them since this post covers nine paint colors without fail, like the Sunday post from four and a half years ago.

It’s interesting to go back and see what I wrote when I was a relatively innocent, naive interior design blogger at 58 years old. ;]

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

And, by today’s standards, I think the old post is kind of lame. (And no, you won’t see it because I did a 301 redirect that redirects to the new post after deleting the old one.) In this case, this!

Paint Colors That Will Be Huge In 2023, According To Benjamin Moore

However, by then, I was posting blog posts every day and it was about time I stopped the madness and settled down to two posts a week, for a while.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Let’s start with our upstairs section before discovering the best bedroom paint colors for every room.

So, the first question I want to answer when looking for a great color palette upstairs is:

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

How To Decorate With Benjamin Moore’s 2020 Color Of The Year, Inspired By Ad’s Archives

Should the best bedroom paint colors be completely coordinated with the paint colors below? So if you have earth tones downstairs, can you make a pink, orange or purple bedroom upstairs?

Yes! I think so. However, if colors are neutral in terms of the lower world, I would recommend sticking to less chromatic versions of most colors. Chroma, if you don’t know, refers to the brightness of a color. Low chromium, gray color. A big Scrabble word. Haha.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

This is one thing I love about the Laurel Home paint/palette collection. Most colors are compatible with all other colors. For lighter colors and there are some, there are shades that look great with neutrals too.

The Best Gray Paint Colors

What I’m going to do today is not only pick five different color combinations for four bedrooms, but the no-fail paint colors below.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

However, one bedroom is the master, and then I suppose you’re not sure there’s a boy and a girl and a child. ;] Or, it could be a guest room.

The one thing I hate more than I can say is stupid daycares. You know… cute ducks and boats and stuff. Hey, put on some horns and a Katy Perry photo. I’m kidding. Let’s get on with it. Daycare is for adults, not children. Kids couldn’t care less about the color of the wall or whether their clothes are from Pretsey or Target. Here is one of my favorite nurseries.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Stunning Room Makeover With Benjamin Moore

We all know their purpose is to sleep, eat and eliminate, and if you’re lucky like me, you’ll end up with some adorable dumplings that will last you 7 months. Good crack (if you’re reading I love you my dear young man) plus they’re only babies for 10 seconds. Blink really and you’ll soon be humming the pomp and circumstance!

I want your kids to grow up happy and confident, because I know you do too, so let’s start by giving them trendy colors to help them get the best start in life and a taste for finer things. However, this is all just my opinion. You are free to raise your children as you wish.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Before we jump. Please note that the paint color in the photo is often not what I say.

For sanity, the idea is to look closer to the color I’m talking about. In fact, at least half the time, I find that photos of the actual colors in the rooms are far from what they really are. So if you spot a room and know what its actual color is don’t panic, I’m not telling you.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

So this is what I did. I created five sets of bedroom possibilities. You know I could sit here and make a thousand combinations. But, everyone has something a little unexpected, or maybe not.

Son – Red Orange Heart 2169-10 – Son must have a red-orange bedroom. Nicely. Keep everything else quiet. Oh, and just so you know, this color doesn’t make it any better than it already is.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Why We Love Benjamin Moore’s Paper White Paint Color

Baby –  WICKHAM GRAY hc-171 – Please note that this gray is considered a respectable pewter. The photo doesn’t look like that, but that’s why I try to make the photos look like they are.

Daughter – ORGANDIA 1248 – Must have a daughter of Violin. Organdio is a violet that everyone loves even if they can’t stand purple.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Son – Bunker Hill Green 566 – Ah… remember the son who wanted the acid bedroom? Brownie points if you do because no one reads that post. LOL

Color Spotlight: Healing Aloe From Benjamin Moore

Baby – Abalone – 2108-60 – This is a very nice warm gray with a slight hint of lavender that looks great in a variety of settings.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

MISS – Pink Cloud 887 – This is a very muted pink shade. This post about the 20 best colors of orange paint features nine shades, from a light, bright pink to a beautiful coral pink like a coral bedroom.

Mac –  RICHMOND GRAY – hc-96 – This is another paint color from Bedroom Paint. Great for a boys bedroom, but I used it for the first time in a cute bedroom with this bed (cool navy and white cover).

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

How To Pick Paint Colors

Baby – royal deep, yes nursery navy blue. You can also see in above link.

It’s actually Narragansett Green. But when it came time to create the Laurel Home Paint Collection, I changed it to Newburgh because it was easier to spell. Haha

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Daughter – ONYX – Your teenage daughter must have a black or other bedroom. In fact, black is a good color for the bedroom. Note the two bedrooms below. I don’t think your teenager is thinking that, but it’s something to consider.

Why Our Designers Love Benjamin Moore White Dove

Child – The King of the World 2061-10 – Yes, Navy and White Nursery. You can also see the above image along with one in this post. The site appears to no longer exist.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Please share! * Love your comments! However, please note that the blog is intended as general advice. In addition, your interior design and/or painting questions will not be given specific answers. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi, I’m Laurel, and Laurel Home is the website and blog for Laurel Bern Interiors. I have been creating neo-traditional interiors since 1988. I share everything on the blog.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

See It On Walls! Benjamin Moore Classic Gray Paint

New Edition, November 2022! Get essential guides to 100s of home furnishings and interior design resources

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Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

Subscribe to the Laurel Home Blog and you’ll get a free guide when I share how to get your paint colors right the first time. What is the best bedroom paint color? Like the room, the answer is always: it’s personal. Browse through these beautifully painted bedrooms and be inspired by the transformative power of color.

Designer Curated Benjamin Moore Paint Ideas

Make your bedroom the perfect place to refresh and relax with Aura® Interior, Benjamin Moore’s highest quality paint. After all, when it comes to your private sanctuary, you deserve bright, rich, timeless color.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

The best bedroom paint color is what feels right to you, but it always helps to find out what other homeowners like.

Are you ready to fill your bedroom with a unique Benjamin Moore color? Get inspired by bedroom color ideas and create your own retreat based on the power of color.

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

We Gave Our Daughter’s Room A Refresh With New Paint And Art — The Property Lovers

Transform your bedroom with color Seeing is believing. Explore the powerful impact a range of expertly selected Benjamin Moore paint colors can have on a single bedroom. Paint color highlights in the video include: Instinct AF-575: aerial and fresh light blue Anjo Pear AF-425: earthy and restorative mid-tone green Chantilly Lace OC-65: gloss white shade and best-selling Silver Fox 2108 – 50: light gray Light Pink 2094-70: Mysterious Refreshing Soft Pink AF-565: Dense Lush Black Inspired by the bedroom color ideas in this video? Try them at home!

How Bedroom Paint Colors Affect Mood Need a wake-up call to motivate you? Or do you prefer a cocoon of pure relaxation? Consider these color tips: Soft warm colors are often used for cozy and intimate spaces, while cool colors create a calm but refreshing atmosphere. Deeply saturated paint colors evoke vibrancy and ambiance If a tranquil bedroom is your ultimate goal, you can’t go wrong. Neutral gray paint colors, off-white and soft. Keep this in mind while decorating guest rooms,

Benjamin Moore Paint A Room

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