Best Background Check Services For Small Businesses

Best Background Check Services For Small Businesses – Background checks are serious business. Since 1990, Reliable Background Screening has provided clients with reliable and superior background screening services.

Avoid the consequences associated with hiring people who may pose a threat to your customers, employees or your organization.

Best Background Check Services For Small Businesses

Improve your chances of choosing the best franchisee to represent and promote your franchise’s brand image and values.

Questions Employers Ask During A Reference Check

Choose an instant resident or tenant screening report available in seconds, or a personally vetted report with a verified agent.

A background check is a tool that helps companies and organizations determine whether the applicant is suitable for a particular position. Background checks may include various elements such as criminal history, driving record, independent verification of education or employment, etc. Applicants will still be required to sign an FCRA compliant authorization form prior to a background check.

It depends on the industry in the company, as well as the type of position offered. There is no “one-size-fits-all” background check, and we like to take a consultative approach to determine what type of background check makes the most sense, based on the client’s specific needs.

The turnaround time (TAT) for a pre-employment background check will vary depending on a number of factors, although most are completed within one to three business days. For more information, read HOW TO REDUCE COUNTY CRIMINAL RECORDS SEARCH DELAYS https://www./news-and-articles/industry-news/2020/10/how-reduce-county-criminal-records-search-delays/

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In general, an employment background check can show identity verification, employment verification, credit history, driving history, criminal record, education verification and more.

According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), the only reportable records older than seven years are criminal convictions (and bankruptcies are reportable for ten years). However, some states and jurisdictions prohibit self-reported criminal convictions of more than seven years. For this reason, “best practices” usually only look back seven years.

Information disclosed in a criminal background check typically includes felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, misdemeanors, and any pending criminal cases. Criminal background checks also report adult incarceration history, active warrants, and whether the person is on any of a number of “watch lists” such as the National Sex Offender Registry, OFAC, and many others.

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When looking for information about new friends, many people use free searches, assuming that Google and must know everything there is to know about someone. However, the best background check services must return more than just basic information.

If you need to make decisions that can affect your life, it is better not to take this chance. Paid background check services have access to more information because they search multiple venues, public databases and government records. Join us as we review our list of the most accurate background check services and, most importantly, where to find their sources.

TruthFinder provides what it defines as “sensitive information,” such as searches of national criminal records, addresses, phone numbers, property records, civil judgments and photographs, and some other court documents.

TruthFinder does not offer consumer reports (credit checks) and specifically offers its services to applicants for probate racing or protection purposes – not as a screening test for professional or residential contracts.

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While known to be associated with contact information is common knowledge, Truthfinder also claims to dig the deep web and access the most difficult to find records such as births, deaths, criminal and traffic, social media, dating profiles, welfare and education.

But what put TruthFinder a little ahead of our race is the fact that the company has added a “dark web” search, which presumably goes even murkier than the “deep web.” What information about you has been leaked on the dark web? TruthFinder may have the answer. Temptation, yes?

Intelius offers instant search and unlimited reporting and offers a secure 256 encryption connection. Intelius makes sure you never alert the person you applied to, which is an issue many applicants wouldn’t even consider until you consider the risk.

The background check company has earned points for reliability, founded in 2003, and offers criminal record searches, location information and quick searches.

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Not only can you access 20 billion public records, but you can also use the Intelius Connection feature, which allows you to open special associations between multiple interested parties.

In general, the high price and predictable list of databases lead to a respectable number, but short of the top spot.

Instant Checkmate cites its 70,000 positive reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for establishing a solid reputation. But even more impressive is the instant criminal check option, which searches for criminal records, court documents, addresses, age and known aliases.

The price is quite high, but due to the fact that you cannot buy individual files, just pay for a monthly membership.

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The company also has a phone support line that covers normal business hours from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm EST. The company’s commitment to customer service, a solid reputation, and an anonymous guarantee make Instant Checkmate a competitive entry on our list.

Spokeo lets you search for a person’s name by email address, or other identity verification information, to access what it calls a wide variety of industry-leading sources.

You can also expect frequent updates on reports whenever new information comes in. Spokeo can help you find information about a person’s hobbies, education level, wealth status, dating profile information, and even some music and gaming accounts.

However, not all searches were accurate, as some names were mixed up, suggesting that there is not much human touch.

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Still, Spokeo’s ability to do a reverse phone number lookup on unwanted spam callers certainly makes it a bonus point.

US Search is definitely the granddaddy of the bunch, first launching in 1998. Best of all, the service offers individual name searches for as little as $2.45, or unlimited searches for $20 per month.

If you choose the Omni search option, you will also get a social network search. The top search is the official background check which costs a whopping $40 but includes a criminal record and some important financial information, including bankruptcy.

Unfortunately, the expensive service didn’t offer much on basic or cheap individual searches. The only records worth paying for were available during a full check.

Best Free Background Check Services: Criminal Verified Legit

US Search includes more information than a free search, but not necessarily in all US states because state laws may vary on non-public records.

Been Verified says it has seven searches in one comprehensive background check, including address check, email search, username search, unclaimed money search, vehicle search and online seller reputation.

Vehicle VIN search, along with a license plate search, can reveal accident related information, salvage titles and even owner information – which is a step above most competitors.

Not all searches return accurate information, because some of our own names were completely confused with others. In general, however, most of our research has been productive.

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Some reports also have photos, known family members, and even work and education history, which is not common among free searches. Been Verified is one of the most comprehensive searches you can find, without access to credit reports.

PeopleFinders has access to 43 billion records and offers fast results, an in-depth search for criminal history, property records, known relatives and residential history. Reverse phone lookups work well and can ward off spam callers. Even better is their access to genealogy and big financial data, such as bankruptcies, foreclosures and other court records.

PeopleFinders can help skip tracking because it returns information about business associates and friends that other services may not include. Some marriage and divorce records may also be included.

We were disappointed by the lack of social media research because most competitors offer this trending feature at a low price. Otherwise, PeopleFinders has gone further, offering data-as-a-service access to other businesses large or small, such as real estate agents, law firms, debt collection agencies and private investigators.

Best Background Check Services 2023

PeopleTrail is one of the most powerful searches you can do because it not only offers individual searches, but also professional searches. From professional employment screening, to tenant applications, to criminal records and social media content, the company can help your case, for business or personal protection.

The price is certainly high, and more so for credit checks. The survey is also not as complete as we expected, considering the high price associated with it.

The bronze program is nevertheless worth a look. It is available to anyone with a legitimate personal concern, such as dating someone new, working with a volunteer applicant, working with a babysitter, and so on. Silver and gold check programs are for businesses, although they are certainly practical options for the right people.

Because our list focuses on personalized or preventive research that protects the consumer, we will not review these companies, but we recommend you check their reputation at

First Advantage: Global Background Checks & Screenings

These companies do not serve the average consumer with only personal concerns, but instead,

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