Best Colleges For Engineering Majors

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Best Colleges For Engineering Majors

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Six Undergraduate Engineering Programs Earn Top 10 Rank

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Best Software Engineer Degrees

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An engineering degree of any kind offers a clear path to stable employment and a solid income. But one engineering specialization stands out in the latest ranking of the most valuable degrees.

Architectural engineering – a discipline that focuses on the science of buildings – tops Our latest look at 159 degree colleges. At the opposite end of the spectrum are visual and performing arts.

For this study, look at the average income and unemployment rate of American workers based on their bachelor’s degree. The higher the income level and the lower the unemployment rate, the better.

Types Of Engineering Degrees: Your Guide

We also assessed how many people in each field progressed to a higher level, such as a master’s or doctorate. Our index reduces the level of specialization where a high proportion of degree holders spend the additional time and expense associated with a higher degree.

A full breakdown of our methodology is below, as well as a breakdown of the most and least valuable college courses.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields make up one of the top 25 degrees in our education, with engineering degrees accounting for eight of the top 10 and 14 of the top 20.

Architectural engineering rose to #1 based on the salary the average student earns and the ease of employment along with the low graduation rate. The median income of workers who said they studied architecture was $90,000, and only 1.3 percent of degree holders were unemployed.

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A bachelor’s degree is required. For example, architectural engineering majors at Penn State and the University of Texas take several construction technology and materials science courses. Transfer of differential equations is required.

While civil engineers learn to build roads and bridges in addition to buildings, architectural engineering has become a different field for students who want to focus on buildings, said Rich Miller, head of the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture and Construction Management at the University of Prague. Cincinnati. School.

“Architectural engineering is about building science,” Miller said. “It combines the basic design aspects of civil engineering with mechanical and electrical engineering, especially the parts related to construction.”

Architectural engineering is a specialized degree. The University of Cincinnati is one of about two dozen accredited architectural engineering programs in the United States, according to the Accreditation Commission for Engineering and Technology. Others include Penn State, the University of Texas, the University of Kansas and the University of Alabama.

Best Colleges For Engineering Majors

A degree almost guarantees a job. Architectural engineering majors are generally scheduled full-time well before the end of their senior year.

“Engineers are in demand,” Miller said. “If you want to hire our students, if you don’t interview them now, chances are you won’t be able to hire them when they graduate in April.”

Construction services ranked second in terms of value, followed by computer engineering. The 25 largest companies have an average unemployment rate of just 2.3 percent and a median income of $93,000.

By comparison, the median income of all Americans with a bachelor’s degree in 2019 was $54,000, and the unemployment rate was 2.7 percent, according to the analysis.

The 10 Best College Majors You Should Consider In 2022

Electrical engineering comes in as the highest paying degree. Americans with electrical engineering degrees reported an average income of $107,000. But our index drops significantly because it has a slightly higher unemployment rate (2.3 percent) and a high percentage of students with a high school diploma (46 percent).

The financial arena is not neatly set up for those with degrees in the arts. Arts majors are grouped at the bottom of our rankings.

Theater and performing arts are ranked as the least valuable majors, mostly because the average salary for degree holders is only $35,500.

Other fields of visual arts and theater and performance arts are also at the bottom. These large companies have an unemployment rate of 4.5 percent or higher and a median income of less than $45,000.

Qs World University Rankings For Engineering And Technology 2022

Of course, students shouldn’t choose a particular college based on future income, unemployment rates, and the number of schools they want to attend. STEM degrees are not for everyone; Students will be most successful when following an area of ​​interest. Entering a low-paying field like social work takes a psychological toll.

Our study did not adjust for factors such as the selection of participating colleges’ employees or how much they paid for their degrees.

Compared to American workers without a college degree, those with a bachelor’s degree earn more over the course of their careers, according to research by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In other words, getting a college degree pays off in the long run—even after years of rising inflation.

But not all college degrees are created equal. Earning an engineering degree while paying in-state tuition is almost certainly a good investment. Paying for an art degree at a private school is a tougher task.

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Students can take steps to ensure their college education investment pays off, said Greg McBride, CFA, CFA’s chief financial analyst.

“Consider community college a few years ago

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