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If you are a page turner and browser master, look no further. From stories, poems and non-fiction to plays, literature and films, English majors will study the written word and how it is embedded in society and culture. Reading takes you to places and introduces you to characters beyond your imagination, and learning English in college takes it to the next level. English students become critical thinkers, writers and analysts through their studies. These 10 schools offer many specializations and opportunities for their students, many majors, many opportunities for all kinds of English majors, honors programs and honors programs with faculty and alumni.

Best Colleges For English Majors

Take your nose out of the book and read about the 10 best colleges for English majors. 10. Indiana University, Bloomington

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Indiana University majors may choose to specialize in genres, majors and majors. Faculty specializing in science, religion, business, popular culture, politics, and philosophy teach English language courses-reflecting the diversity of thought expressed. IU’s English department has three areas of study: literature and language, creative writing and speaking, and writing and speaking. Students who choose the writing and communication track will have the opportunity to specialize in professional and public communication. IU English students seek professors who publish their articles, such as Professor Purmina Bose. Bose has numerous journal articles and publications focusing on the examination of colonialism, national movements and neo-liberalism. Students can participate in independent reading, research and writing with course advice from a faculty advisor and write an honors thesis and participate in an honors conference, which gives them skills that go beyond the classroom and the workplace.

Reading, writing and composition are the main focuses of Wellesley College’s English major. English students will focus on combining different types of writing and creative thinking. Enroll in the teaching of writing poetry, fiction, children’s literature and writing for television. In the main course, students can focus on English and creative writing. Creative writers can seek out Wellesley alumna Alyson Richman, writer

Taking classes in postcolonial, minority, or ethnic literature exemplifies Wellesley’s move to undermine diversity. “I have been in small classes… I have found that having the opportunity to talk to the professor regularly makes the learning experience easier. It goes without saying that a professor can pay more attention to you, and I think that’s what made me a student,” said Wellesley English freshman Mariela Flores-Hernández. English students from Wellesley have access to campus.

, a publication that includes poetry, art and stories. They publish a weekly blog post, where students can submit an article on a topic.

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English students at Swarthmore College focus on literature, critical theory and poetry, and they also study emerging areas such as popular culture and digital humanities. The purpose of the department is to teach students how the form of the text explains its meaning. Swarthmore encourages English students to seek internships with the university to produce original creative writing projects and engage in guided research in literary studies. Students who are passionate about creative writing will excel in creative writing. Julian Randall, a Swarthmore English major, published his first collection of poems,

. Swarthmore offers writing workshops, to refine students’ skills, and teaching certificates. Students who want to study more deeply can take two-credit honors courses for periodical studies, courses that study texts from the past. Swarthmore respects the traditional aspects of English and revises its curriculum to accommodate modern learning.

The narrator tells you a lot about the story itself. That is why the English department of the College of Williams is interested in the strong choice and language situation that affects power and politics. The English major also has a concentration in traditional literature. Williams UK alumni include Jennifer Luo Law, author

, Fulbright scholar, journalist and growth consultant. English majors at Williams will study all of these areas and more when they choose to focus on literary history, creative writing, film and media, English and American studies, or critical theory. Williams offers many opportunities for high-achieving students, including three ways to earn honors—creative writing, critical thesis, or exceptional skills. English majors can participate in an extracurricular event, The 1960s Scholars, where students and faculty members discuss topics related to literary studies. Faculty members conduct research on literature and topics including gender roles, stereotypes and cultural theory. Williams English students can study important socio-cultural topics from the perspective of English literature and study as a whole.

Best Colleges For English Majors 2022

Middlebury hosts the Annual Bread Writers Conference. The conference took place in the Green Mountain National Forest in the land that Joseph Bartell willed to Middlebury College in 1915. The conference has produced American poets and winners of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award. Robert Frost, George R.R. Martin and Toni Morrison received fellowships and faculty positions and ceremonies. Back at Middlebury, English majors will gain a solid foundation in literature and analysis. Middlebury English and American Literature majors take at least three classes: one advanced seminar, one class on pre-1900 American literature and one class that exposes students to cultural diversity in literature. The school offers a senior honors program to students who have taken a creative writing workshop and are interested in writing a thesis. Middlebury develops students’ writing, oral, research, discussion and analytical skills in their classes. While at university, they listened to successful poets, such as Frank Bidart (a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet), and watched student performances. Middlebury English faculty member Julia Alvarez is Writer-in-Residence Emerita who has won numerous awards for her books, poetry and essays. Middlebury’s liberal arts education allows English majors to thrive as they study and refine their passions.

Ready to write America’s greatest drama? First studied the works of great playwrights with a degree in dramatic literature from NYU. The English department also offers a track in literary studies or creative writing and a minor in English and American literature. Martin Scorsese, director

, graduated from NYU. Can’t decide between stage and novel? NYU Tisch drama students can earn an associate degree with an English major. NYU recognizes that English is not just for liberal arts students and English is limited to students in the Tandon School of Technology. “[Professors] offer a unique and broad perspective of knowledge that I appreciate learning from. Often their own research focuses on the subjects they teach, so they can post and understand that maybe I don’t get,” said NYU English senior Sam Fritsch. “Many strong female professors are slowly rewriting the curriculum to include them.” NYU gave Fritsch the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia, and he plans to move to Shanghai, China, after graduating to become a Writing and Speech Fellow at NYU. Shanghai. Students who wish to graduate with honors may enroll in the dissertation program. The 40- to 60-page essay explores topics such as drawing, contemporary war writing and aesthetic theory. Students can write articles about culture, like this

Iowa students can major in English, English and creative writing, or pursue a publishing path. English writing and the English and creative writing electives share the same core requirements as the Foundations of the English major, previous courses and courses in American literature and culture. English majors can choose to major in English and education. “The professors really care about their students and want them to succeed. When they see students working hard, they try to help them. The English department has some of the warmest and most intelligent people I’ve ever met,” said McKayla Boyd. , senior majoring in English and Creative Writing at UI. Professor Florence Boos, for example, works in African-American literary studies, literary studies, digital humanities, Victorian literature, Pre-Raphaelites and working class writing. IU offers seminars and honors courses to improve research and writing skills, such as “Inventing an American Past” and “Art, Trauma and Survival.” Seventeen Pulitzer winners including Paul Harding have completed the Iowa Writers Workshop, a residential program where students graduate with a thesis and a Master of Fine Arts degree. The University offers [email protected], a program featuring guest speakers such as Lisa Owens, a student and now a professional author of books for children and young adults, and Victor Corpuz, a lawyer. . from the future plan.

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Get ready to speak your heart out with the University of Chicago English Department. Courses include the areas of literary theory and criticism, genre/gender/medium, literary history, and literature and culture. English students may have two major areas in creative writing and English language and literature. School requirements include literature with a new focus on foreign languages ​​and computer languages. In addition, with English qualifications

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