Best Colleges For Graphic Design Majors

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Artists don’t just express themselves creatively; they also develop self-confidence and self-discipline in the process! If you are an artist, a career as a graphic designer may be for you.

Best Colleges For Graphic Design Majors

As a field of study, a graphic design program is versatile and valuable in all industries, combining a conventional approach to visual art and up-to-date tools.

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A combination of creativity, raw talent and technical competence produces viable results that benefit a company or business.

The fundamental role of graphic designers is to create images for print and electronic materials. His work includes the design of brochures, leaflets, magazines and advertisements using cutting-edge technology and conventional art materials.

Creating logos or setting visual identity standards for brands and organizations can also be one of your responsibilities. It’s not uncommon for designers to create color schemes, fonts, or other visual elements

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2021, there were more than 254,000 jobs available for people seeking careers in graphic design. Graduates of a graphic design degree program can become designers in many different settings.

Unlimited Graphic Design

A professional in this field works with a developer, art director, and writer to conceptualize, design, and create content.

For prospective students, if you’re naturally into the arts, you might want to add formal education and training to your resume! Why not enroll in an online graphic design degree program?

Are you the creative type? And… would you like to make a living as a graphic designer? Graphic designers are needed for all kinds of industries. As you create logos, color schemes and the like, you can express yourself and make a living. What’s better than that? An online graphic design degree will get you started!

What can students expect from online graphic design degree programs? A good way to make sure you’re going to the best online college for you is to look at the important features and characteristics of the online school and program.

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Our list of the best online graphic design colleges is a testament to the ability of today’s online colleges to meet high academic standards.

By educating and training future graphic designers, these online graphic design degree programs develop and enhance students’ skills to become the best in their field and make meaningful contributions to the industry. The universities on our list offer a rigorous 100% online or hybrid course, with an emphasis on convenience for adult students.

The curriculum focuses on the latest trends, principles and practices in the field of graphic design, preparing students for the career they have in mind.

All of the online programs on this list use a high-quality online learning platform, so students can easily access courses, communicate with their professors, and easily get support and resources.

Graphic Design, Bachelor Of Arts

Some online graphic design programs that made the list of the best online graphic design colleges offer financial aid opportunities for students and generous transfer credit options.

All of these programs are accredited by academic agencies and organizations that promote graphic design as a valuable career and career option.

Full Sail University is based in Winter Park, Florida and offers degrees related to entertainment, media, arts and technology. When you enroll in this Graphic Design degree, you will be able to learn this program entirely online.

In this degree program, abstract concepts are translated into tangible images for the first time, combining art and business. In addition, with the 29 months of the course, you will enjoy a lower average tuition per semester, as the additional nine months will be unpaid.

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By the end of the course, students will have a thorough understanding of print publications and interface design. As part of this course, they are encouraged to improve their media integration, advertising and branding skills.

Page composition, online publishing, and art design and theory are some of the courses students can take in graphic design.

Its facility is located in Owensboro, Kentucky and offers a wide range of majors, pre-professional programs, and degree programs, including an online Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design. Upon completion of the program, the student is ready to enter the field of graphic design and other related fields.

Advanced design courses students enroll in include basic drawing and design, typography, publishing, web design, brand design, and animation.

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To graduate, students must earn 120 credit hours. In addition, internships are crucial to enhance students’ experience outside the classroom.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Liberty University, you can learn about art history and get hands-on training in digital art.

You will also study current technology applications and courses in vector illustration, advanced typography and 20th-21st century art. You will be exposed to different courses related to graphic design.

Don’t let your schedule get out of hand. Organize your time well with this 100% online program. Students can enroll in Liberty’s 8-week courses at their convenience and there are no set login times, making it more convenient for students. Liberty University’s online programs allow you to create a study schedule and budget that works for you.

Top Graphic Design Degree Programs Online And On Campus

Rasmussen’s online degree in graphic design is a perfect combination of teaching students graphic design and art skills. You can decide to specialize in web and interactive design or motion graphics.

Students are mentored by industry experts who help them develop their skills with the latest tools and push the boundaries of creativity as they develop as professional designers.

You can choose a final design project or an internship option to complete the curriculum. Both help students learn design theory and other skills in a way that helps them understand the impact design has on business. The school prepares students for careers in fields as varied as education, marketing and architecture.

A degree in graphic design and digital media from California Baptist University has an incredible range of offerings. Graphic design and visual marketing students will benefit from this degree, with an emphasis on graphic design and marketing integration.

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Students in the degree program will receive a wide range of courses to prepare them for a successful career. This program includes 43 general education credits and 48 undergraduate credits.

Design, Web, Typography and Image are the four main categories of majors. During this journey of personal, professional and spiritual transformation, students discover their voice and purpose. In addition to learning from faculty members and mentors, students connect with successful professionals.

At Midway University in Midway, Kentucky, students can earn degrees both on campus and online. For example, a Graphic Design Marketing Communication degree is available online for students seeking a career in art and design. This prepares you not only for the design aspects, but also for the business side of the industry.

This Bachelor of Graphic Design program prepares students to design effective marketing materials on a wide variety of platforms through various business, marketing and communication courses.

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Core courses in the program include digital storytelling, animation, Photoshop, social media management, and brand management.

Under full-time study, the program requires 120 credit hours to complete. However, credits transferred from other schools or earned through the school’s prior learning credit program may be used to reduce this requirement.

In Fayette, Iowa, Upper Iowa University offers a quality on-campus and online graphic design program that is accredited. They equip students with the technical and creative skills to excel in fields as diverse as traditional print publishing, advertising and web design.

An Adobe Creative Cloud subscription is a requirement for online students. So please note this technical requirement. Graphic design students learn to solve creative problems and create original work in this portfolio-based program.

Best Online Schools For Bachelors In Graphic Design Degree Programs

This program has 120 required credits and includes digital imaging, typography, publication design, advertising design, web publishing, social media, and digital photography.

In addition to teaching students how to master software, Upper Iowa University allows students to create an original professional portfolio of work, which gives them an edge over other schools.

At Hodges University, students can use these disciplines to understand different disciplinary perspectives. Various disciplines are covered in this graphic design degree, as students can choose a concentration in graphic and digital design based on their interests and skills.

In this graphic design program, through the Blackboard platform, teachers and students can interact and receive teaching support. A Hodges University learning management system includes instant messaging capabilities, lecture recordings, and live conferencing services.

Excellent Free Online Graphic Design Courses

Graphic designers are needed to create visually appealing websites and sell products online as businesses continue to expand online. Hodges University’s 120-credit program offers students a wide range of opportunities.

Independence University students can pursue an online degree in Graphic Arts while leveraging their talents and skills.

One of three degree programs available

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