Best Colleges In Virginia For Computer Science

Best Colleges In Virginia For Computer Science – UVA’s School of Engineering leads all public universities in awarding at least 75 engineering degrees in the percentage that goes to women graduates. (Photo by Sanjay Suchak, University Communications)

The University of Virginia is the top choice for women seeking degrees in engineering and computer science, according to the latest rankings of American colleges and universities released Sunday by The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Best Colleges In Virginia For Computer Science

UVA ranks third among all public universities in the percentage of women earning engineering degrees, and first among public schools that have awarded at least 75 engineering degrees. At UVA Engineering, 33 percent of undergraduates are women this year, compared to the national average of 21 percent reported by the National Center for Education Statistics.

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UVA ranks sixth in the percentage of women earning computer science degrees at 29.5 percent, compared to a national average of 18 percent.

UVA Engineering goes out of its way to tell students that anyone can be successful in computer science, not just those who come with prior experience. (Photo courtesy of UVA Engineering)

“We are proud to help lead the nation in preparing outstanding engineers and computer scientists who will bring their diverse talents, skills and experiences to bear on the world’s most complex challenges,” said UVA Dean of Engineering Craig H. Benson. “One of our core values ​​is that diversity is excellence, so we will continue to strive to fully engage women and other traditionally underrepresented groups in engineering and computer science.”

The Chronicle’s rankings are based on data from the U.S. Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The rankings do not include graduate students, although UVA is also strong in that area. At UVA Engineering, 32 percent of students graduating this year are women, compared to a national average of 25 percent.

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“We believe it is our responsibility to help expand the pool of scientists and engineers,” said Pamela M. Norris, UVA Executive Dean of Engineering and director of UVA CHARGE, a National Science Foundation ADVANCE program aimed at increasing the participation of women in teaching positions in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. “Society needs as many highly skilled people as possible working together to solve big problems in a wide range of areas, from health care to technology to environmental resilience.”

Norris said she believes one of the reasons UVA engineering attracts women is that the school’s mission is to make the world a better place, and research shows that women and people from other groups traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields seek opportunities to make a difference

UVA engineering researchers generally focus on three broad areas that align with what the National Academy of Engineering has identified as the “grand challenges” of the 21st century.

Century: engineering for health, development of new methods of prevention, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases; engineering for the cyber future, which involves developing and securing innovative technologies that make life continually easier and more efficient; and engineering technologies for a sustainable and connected world, including the development of high-performance, energy-efficient materials and sustainable systems for energy, water and transportation.

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“Much work remains to ensure that women and people from other underrepresented groups see engineering as a viable career in which they can enjoy success and contribute to the world,” Norris said, “but UVA and other colleges and universities represented in The Chronicle are underway. the right way.”

Attracting more women has also been a shared focus of faculty and students in UVA’s Department of Computer Science for decades, said Professor and Chair Kevin Skadron.

“We try to be very proactive in how we hire, interview and retain faculty,” he said. “The Chronicle’s ranking validates our efforts to increase the representation of women in computing, and we will continue our work to increase diversity around the world.”

One of the department’s first moves was to reconfigure introductory computer science courses to provide a separate section for students who identified as “experienced,” so that students in regular introductory courses could develop confidence among their peers. This went a long way in encouraging women to pursue computer science as a major, and its success led the department to establish a course for those who identified themselves as inexperienced or nervous about computers.

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Course materials were also reviewed to ensure that assignments and case studies were not gender-biased and did not reinforce stereotypes about the types of people that make successful computer scientists.

“The culture as a whole is telling some people that computer science is not for them,” said Luther Tikhoniewicz, assistant professor of computer science and chair of the department’s diversity committee. “We try to attract them and show them that they can do very well.”

The department also established mentoring programs for new faculty, pairing them with senior faculty who have training and experience in fostering diversity. All undergraduate students who serve as teaching assistants also receive diversity training.

“As faculty, we feel a great responsibility to do this because the world needs more computer scientists and the nation is not producing enough as it is,” Tikhoniewicz said. “There is also the issue of social justice. As computers do more and more things for us, people of all backgrounds should have a say in how they are made.”

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Another addition at UVA is to open enrollment in computer science courses to non-engineering students. The School of Engineering offers bachelor’s degrees in computer science to engineering students and bachelor’s degrees in computer science to students in UVA’s College of Arts and Sciences.

An incredibly important factor, Tikhonewicz said, is that UVA students have taken responsibility for diversifying computer science. The Women in Computing Club supports, celebrates and encourages women in computing and organizes activities that include mentoring and support for girls in primary, middle and high school.

Across the School of Engineering, these efforts are supported by the UVA chapter of the Society of Women Engineers and other groups such as Women in Chemical Engineering.

“Our students are outstanding and are great examples of why this is so important,” Norris said.

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UVA is using a $100 million gift to launch the Paul and Diane Manning Institute for Biotechnology to further transform health care. Most computer science students do it for one simple reason: to prepare for computer science careers. Deciding where to apply and where to enroll are key decisions at the start of this career. But where to apply? How important is the decision?

Many students and parents rely on computer rankings to help them decide which schools to apply to. Some influential rankings, such as US News & World Report, take advantage of a kind of “collective consciousness” as recognition. People tend to assume that ‘good schools’ are at the top and conversely that low ranked schools cannot be ‘good schools’. This assumption is wrong, especially when rankings are based on factors that don’t matter to candidates and parents.

Companies that offer IT rankings are transparent with their methodologies to varying degrees, but the top rankings have one thing in common: none are based on actual industry hiring results. US News, for example, uses a single metric: a survey of education experts who work at universities in which they are asked to rate other universities. Other rankings, such as the Times Higher Education Computer Science Rankings and the KS Reputation for Computing, include an “employer reputation” metric in addition to indicators of academic quality. This reinforces “common sense” about which institutions are “good schools” for computer science. Because none of the other metrics use real-world employment results, misconceptions increase year after year. Also, none of the available rankings include a liberal arts major for computer science.

That’s why we seek to create our computer rankings. Our goal was to rank schools based on relevant and reliable data. Our rankings are based on two factors: employment in high-paying tech jobs and starting salaries for graduates. All computer science degree-granting schools were eligible for our rankings, and our rankings include private research universities, public universities, online universities, and liberal arts colleges (including the best computer science colleges for women). Our initial ranking includes US colleges and universities only, but we also provide basic information about Canadian schools.

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The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) is maintained by the US Department of Education and contains a wealth of information on undergraduate admissions, demographics, course offerings, school resources, degrees awarded, and more. We collected data from more than 250 schools, starting with a set of schools that awarded at least five computer science degrees in 2016, the most recent year for which data was available.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site. Recruiter is a premium LinkedIn product that allows for very specific searches. As the name suggests, its purpose is to enable professional recruiters to find job candidates with specific qualifications and experience. We were able to use it for another purpose: to find out which college graduates are best represented in the software industry. Search parameters can be found below in “notes”.

PayScale is a website that collects and reports salary data from various

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