Best Day To Send An Email Campaign

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In this article, the team at AtomPark Software, shares with you their analysis of expert opinions, existing examples, and tools to help you find the perfect day and time for email campaigns.

Best Day To Send An Email Campaign

At AtomPark Software, we not only create bulk email marketing solutions but also send newsletters to our subscribers, so the problem of mailing time is also very important to us.

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That’s why we’ve put together this guide on the “best times to send email newsletters.” In this article, we’ll share with you our analysis of expert opinions, current examples, and tools to help you determine the best day and time to send your email campaigns.

The most important thing in sending a newsletter is whether the message is noticed and opened. This is a critical factor for other metrics and the success of the campaign – will your efforts be in vain or not?

There are several factors that influence choosing the best time for bulk shipping. You should consider these when scheduling your email campaigns:

Depending on the principle of sorting mailboxes, your newsletter will be at the top of the inbox or at the bottom – the space at the top increases the chance of the letter being opened. news to recipient. The lower your newsletter is in the inbox list – the greater the chance of getting lost.

The Best Times To Send Ecommerce Emails & Email Campaigns

Do you have a great system that automatically sends email based on user online activity? Not us.

This means that the time when the sun rises in a geographic location should be the basis for an email countdown.

It matters if your email list contains IP addresses of people from different countries and time zones.

Most marketers choose to launch email campaigns at minutes of time  _:00 and times like __:30 or __:45.

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By sending your e-mails at these times, you run the risk of having your e-mails canceled due to the workload on the internet providers.

Coming back from lunch, the first thing people are likely to do is check their email

To most marketers, the most relevant variations are the second and third. We will explain the reasons for this.

The purpose of your campaign is very important in the process of choosing the best time to send an email.

When’s The Best Time To Send An Email Marketing Campaign?

According to Yesware’s research if you want to get a human response, it’s best to send an email campaign in the early morning or evening:

Therefore, there are two options: either you send campaigns with everyone, at the risk of getting lost in the mailbox, or break the rules and send on less popular days.

If you choose the second method (to fight the “email crowd”), these are the search results. Shaded are the “relaxed days”, best suited for emailing:

If you prefer to follow a proven path, here is a table that will help you choose the best posting day according to your main goal:

How To Determine The Best Day To Send Email Campaign

Have more time to read your emails so people have more time to act when they feel compelled by your offer

Monday is considered the worst day because of the huge influx of messages in the mailbox after the weekend + stress on the first working day of the week.

For example, Dan Zarella’s “The Science of Marketing” research shows that weekends are the perfect days to get high Click & Open Rates.

If you don’t want to rely on statistics – read these cases of how e-commerce brands found the perfect shipping time:

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If you already have an email list, you can start running tests within your email service provider to find out exactly what works for your audience.

If you don’t know your audience well or don’t have an email list to analyze – try this:

There is no big difference between your brand’s followers on social networks and an email audience. So why not check the activity time of the first one to implement it for starting a mass mailing campaign for the second one.

Use these tools to find out when your subscribers are most likely to engage with your brand.

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As you can see, Facebook says our followers are most active on Thursdays between 4pm and 7pm.

So, we found that theoretically, Thursday evening could be a good time to test the timing of sending large email campaigns.

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How To Send An Email Campaign

Who really waits until work to check their email these days? In reality, many people start their work day in the Starbucks line or before they even step out the door (or bed). This is probably why mobile email searches 3x more than desktop.

And it’s no surprise: we’ve seen email open rates steadily increase on mobile devices over the past few years. Combine this with the hours people spend on email at work, and well, that’s a lot of email.

So, how can you, the email marketer, take advantage of the time people spend in their inboxes? When do you get the highest open rate? In today’s article, we’ll discuss the best time to send email campaigns, based on the data we’ve collected.

According to our research, most openings occur as people begin their day of the week, and openings continue to occur until the evening hours, when they improve. In other words, normal business hours are the best time to send email campaigns and other marketing material.

The Best Day To Send Email Marketing Campaign [omnisend Research 2016]

According to our data, more than half of opens happen between 9am – 5pm (excluding lunchtime), meaning you’ll get the highest open rate by sending email during the day.

Remember, however, that the content of your email is more important than the time of sending. Because personalization and automation bring exposure and ROI together, you really don’t want to miss these steps.

A few years ago, we looked at data from over 192 million openings. We then asked Gary Elphick, Tonga’s mobile expert, for his thoughts.

Read on to learn more about email timing and how you can improve your results by rethinking when and what to send.

Why Empathy Wins In Email Marketing

First, knowing when to send means knowing the recipients and their behavior. So, do you know what time of day people read their emails, how long they spend doing it and what exactly they spend that time on?

To better understand the above, we decided to look at the time of day emails were opened, based on a typical workday when I get up, go to work, and then go home:

As expected, the opening pattern increases as people wake up and begin their day, and then decreases again as they sleep. . But it’s worth noting:

According to a 2018 data collection from SuperOffice, afternoon is the best time to open an email.

Email Campaign Stats

Based on this data, there is clearly a correlation between the time of day and the platform you use to open your email.

Based on the time of day, email opens in mobile and desktop environments with inconsistent relationships. Before work and after hours, emails are opened on mobile phones and desktop opens decrease.

During business hours, tables open and mobiles open. This may seem obvious, as you tend to read your email on the train or bus to work (try not to read emails while driving), then switch to your desktop, or laptop when you reach your destination. However, it is interesting to see the data again.

It’s important to remember how the data moved. In fact, mobile devices have recently reached desktop parity in email click-to-open rates:

Best Time To Send Emails In 2023

This means you should always optimize your emails for the mobile user experience. While desktops are still in use, mobile devices are quickly becoming more suitable for email users.

While some email sending times are better than others, there is no set time when you should send emails.

After all, almost half of all emails are opened outside of business hours. So, how about making the most of what we plant, instead of when?

We need to think in both ‘time windows’ To gain insight into this, we called Gary Elphick. As email marketers, Gary suggests that we need to think in the same “time windows” as our subscribers; be different contact time

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