Best Day To Send An Email Newsletter

Best Day To Send An Email Newsletter – Looking for the best time to send an email newsletter? We study data from the billions of emails sent each month.

If you’re an email marketer who sends marketing emails to customers, you’ve probably asked yourself this question: When is the best time to send out my newsletter? How long you schedule your emails can determine your open rates and click-through rates (CTR). There are many factors that come into play when deciding on the best day of the week to send an email.

Best Day To Send An Email Newsletter

Below, we’ll give you some tips to help you determine the best days and times to send your newsletter, as well as some suggestions for improving your overall email marketing strategy.

Email Marketing Benchmarks And Statistics For 2022

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You’ve worked hard to create content for your next event—you’ve created strong copy, an engaging subject line, and a great call-to-action (CTA)…however, why aren’t your emails? Does it open or click? You may not be sending emails at the correct time of day.

Your email inbox is a crowded space. Emails at the top of your inbox typically get more engagement than those at the bottom, which explains why send timing is so important when planning your email marketing campaigns.

86.4% of the respondents said that having time to read emails is an important factor in deciding whether to open emails.

The Best Time To Send An Email [research]

Knowing your customers’ behaviour, habits and time zones can help you determine the best days and times to send emails and ensure your subscribers see your messages first when they check their emails

People don’t use their professional and personal inboxes in the same way or at the same time. Some people rarely use their personal email address, while others are notified every time a new email arrives. Some professionals check company email on a regular basis, while others only check it during the workday or at set times.

Note that this distinction between B2B and B2C is important because users behave differently when using work or personal email accounts. If you have defined marketing personas, they will be extremely helpful in understanding how your subscriber list interacts with your emails. Use these insights to create email marketing benchmarks and find the best times to send your messages.

Your shipping schedule will largely depend on whether you are a B2B or B2C brand and what industry you are in. But in all cases, the data shows that if you want the highest open rates, there are some days to avoid sending out your weekly newsletter. .

The Best Day And Time To Send Out Your Email In 2022

During Email Bootcamp 2020, we investigated the hidden vault of Mailgun insight, revealing the best times for email engagement. We found that Tuesday through Thursday had the highest open rates. Open rates are not far behind, accounting for the lion’s share of click-through rates for this week’s campaign.

While Tuesday and Thursday have slightly higher engagement rates, Wednesday is a solid second choice. However, if you send emails twice a week on these days, be sure to choose a combination of Tuesday and Thursday. Sending emails on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, or Wednesdays and Thursdays, can overwhelm your customers and simply not read your emails in the process. not good.

While Friday isn’t the most engaged day of the week, it shouldn’t be completely ignored either. People also get the most emails midweek. You may want to send emails on different days of the week to reduce competition in your inbox.

According to our research, Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days for email engagement. We’re busy going out to socialize, see family, or run errands. Email won’t be a priority, so in general, avoid weekends. The exception to this rule is sending cheerful content that is more enjoyable on weekends.

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But if you had to choose, is it better to send the email on Friday or Monday? Both Friday and Monday are traditionally considered bad days to send email. However, our research shows that Fridays significantly outperform Mondays in terms of open and click rates. On a Monday, people are planning their week or checking email for the weekend. Let’s be honest, we’re not the brightest employees on Monday. We’re still recovering from the weekend. So, as a general tip, avoid Mondays.

Our pro tip? Always consider your target audience and how often they check their email. From e-commerce to technology, each demographic lives a very different life. Tailoring your email marketing strategy to user habits, such as when they read your messages, can really improve your email marketing metrics.

At the end of the day, the best way to choose a day to send out your email campaign is to do some A/B testing on your list. As a starting point, look at engagement data, past open and click rates, and form hypotheses based on past information.

Either way, if you regularly send promotional emails or weekly newsletters, make sure you send them on the same day each week. This builds trust and anticipation because your audience will then expect your content.

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Feel free to send your newsletter at a later date or time during holidays or special events. While consistency is important, it’s always better to ship at different times and get a higher open rate than to stick to your shipping schedule and remain unopened.

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People check email multiple times a day. In fact, according to our Email Engagement Report, 63.3% of users interact with their personal mailbox at various times of the day.

Still, it’s worth remembering that just because someone checks your email doesn’t mean they have the ability to act on it, which means getting the timing right is still key to generating good email engagement

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The graph below represents email engagement, which is the number of opens and clicks by the hour, as seen by the Mailgun by Sinch team when analyzing the campaigns it sends. Overall, 15 UTC has the highest open and click engagement; that’s when most opens and clicks happen.

However, that doesn’t mean 3pm is the best time to ship to your country! Remember to convert the UTC time to your own time zone to find the best time for your region. For example, 15:00 UTC translates to 12:00 Eastern Standard Time.

Is it better to send emails first thing in the morning or at night? It depends on where the user is located. In our 2021 Email Engagement Report, we uncovered fundamental differences in email usage habits across countries and cultures.

For example, our survey shows that Spaniards and Germans don’t like to wake up early and are only half as likely to open their emails when they get up compared to the US, UK and France. French and Spaniards are also 30% less likely to open their emails at lunchtime than the US, UK and Germany. 43% of French and Germans check their emails in the afternoon, but if you send them a marketing campaign at the same time, you will only attract the attention of 12% of Spaniards.

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Interestingly, people in the US and Spain are a third as likely to check their emails before bed as they are in the UK, France and Germany.

Please review this data before sending this e-mail to the World Wide Web. Take the time to segment your audience for optimal engagement in your target country.

As we’ve already said, finding the time of day with the highest email engagement depends on a lot of things: your business, your customers, your goals, the type of newsletter, etc. Age, habits, and time zone (target 13:00 UTC) are important factors in open rates.

Chances are, you already have a lot of data related to audience time. Go to your email provider’s statistics dashboard and select the day with the most activity. Then view the time segment to see exactly when your audience engaged with your campaign.

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Finally, we encourage you to run A/B tests and analyze the data. If you want to find out the peak times for sending out your weekly newsletter, you can do a three-week trial.

For example, on the first week of testing, send your newsletter at 10:00 am, then send it at 1:00 pm the next week, then try sending it at 9:00 pm the following week. You can also try A/B testing by sending a campaign to half your list in the morning and the rest of the list in the afternoon. Compare and analyze the results, then move on to the next experiment, just like in science class.

Want to learn more about email best practices? Check out our Email Growth Guide, a database of over 60 strategies to help you improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns.


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