Best Facebook Ads For Realtors

Best Facebook Ads For Realtors – Advertising is usually designed to spread the word about your business, product or service. In essence, advertising raises awareness of your offerings. In the world of real estate, advertising is a valuable tool for sharing information about the services you offer or the homes you are trying to sell. With 44% of home buyers starting the process by searching online, online advertising has become even more important. So how can you use advertising to spread awareness of your business? Real estate advertising Real estate advertising is used to promote real estate agents and real estate companies. They can be in many forms (eg text, image and video). And they all have one goal: to spread the word about your business. Effective ads, including Facebook ads, must: Be visual Be relevant Contain a value proposition Here are some of the best real estate ads. Plus, we’ll delve into what makes them special. Examples of real estate ads 1. Facebook real estate ad from Source: Why it works: The purpose of this ad is to share that the realtor is the leading real estate agent in the area and a local expert. The visuals are clear and uncluttered. And the call to action is “Let me help you find your dream home!” 2. Facebook Real Estate Advertising from Zephyr Real Estate Source: Registry Why it works: Real estate agents can even share their listings using Facebook ads. This ad from Zephyr Real Estate Agent shares listing details, a well-lit photo of the home, and a call to action to view the home. 3. Real Estate Video Ads from Windermere Real Estate Source: Windermere Real Estate Windermere Real Estate has created cinematic ads that highlight their tagline: All For You. They emphasize how their agents do their best to provide the best service to their customers. 4. Real Estate Video Ads from Redfin Source: Redfin Why it’s effective: Redfin video ads are short and sharp, and they use humor to grab their audience’s attention. This ad talks about the key takeaways from Redfin’s services and why people should work with them. 5. Real Estate Ad Print from Corcoran Source: Corcoran Why it works: Corcoran’s Live Who You Are campaign included a series of high-quality prints. The campaign had its own hashtag, #livewhoyouare, so people could join the conversation. 6. Facebook Real Estate Ad From Flyhomes Source: Flyhomes Why It’s Effective: This ad speaks to the communication style of millennial home buyers, who are more than willing to make the home buying process as easy as possible. The highlighted quote leads the reader to believe that working with Flyhomes will simplify the home buying process on their behalf. 7. Facebook Real Estate Ads from Compass Source: Compass Why it works: Although more general in nature, this ad, when served to a user who has expressed interest in buying or renting a home through online activity, can target a wide variety of consumers. Because of the variety of images. This serves as an effective lead ad to get Compass on the radar of consumers who are in the early stages of home buying and selling. 8. Facebook Real Estate Ads from Reali Source: Reali Why It’s Effective: Anyone buying a home knows that the current market is frustrating to navigate. Reali’s ad taps into that emotion and offers buyers a break from the frenzy to find their dream home with them. 9. Acme Real Estate on Instagram Source: Acme Real Estate Why it works: In this Los Angeles-based duplex listing, Acme Real Estate created a story for readers that helps them see how they’ll use the space. Using words like “imagine” or “imagine yourself” can help potential buyers put themselves in the frame of mind of seeing themselves in the space. 10. Zoom Casa on Instagram Source: Zoom Casa Why it works: This Zoom Casa Instagram post highlights the positive press the company has received and illustrates the elements of storytelling by sharing a happy customer experience. Ads like these are effective forms of social proof that help build trust and credibility with your audience. With effective real estate advertising, you will be able to reach new contacts and get more customers.

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Best Facebook Ads For Realtors

We are committed to your privacy. HubSpot uses the information you provide to contact you about our relevant content, products and services. You can unsubscribe from these communications at any time. See our privacy policy for more information. Every day more and more real estate agents are starting to use digital marketing advertising channels, including Facebook ads. However, due to a lack of experience in online advertising, some agents can struggle to get quality ads, especially with limited digital advertising budgets. The main problem with advertising is the ad copy, offer and images that agents use.

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Our team tried to find and compare different types of Facebook ads and noted the problems with these ads.

Most R/E agents don’t really care about the ad copy they’re pitching and just go with the first thing that comes to mind. Not to mention, brokers try to do competitive research, find similar ads, and simply copy them to use in their own ads.

However, you need to consider who is your target audience, what is your market, property price, etc.

Let’s compare these two ad examples. You can spot the ad copy on the right, which is very easy to scan in those highlighted bullet points.

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Not to mention, the very first line is a shout-out to your audience to make sure your potential customers stop scrolling through their feed and start reading your ad.

Last but not least, the call to action. The example on the left simply asks to “click”. Even though a competitor’s ad specifically asks you to click on a “learn more” button. Please note that most “social media scrollers” are too lazy to think and need help telling them exactly what to do.

According to studies, images are much more effective in attracting the attention of consumers. Unfortunately, most advertisers, including real estate agents, ignore this rule by using low-quality images and videos.

Comparing these two examples, on the one hand, you can see that the left image stands out more than its competitor. However, the amount of text on this image is excessive and will not pass Facebook’s 20% text rule. Consequently, the ad will either be rejected or less accessible. Additionally, the houses in the left image appear to be reproduced.

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While the image on the right is clean and smooth with a great view, green trees and blue sky. It feels 100% authentic!

Last but not least, a call to action. This is your main way to get customers’ attention and action.

The goal of the ad in the images above is the same – to provide users with additional information about a specific home (or listing of homes).

Let’s look at the left picture. The headline lacks a clear call to action compared to the actual image. The headline is also a good place to summarize your offer in one line. For example, mentioning the price or price range is a good idea, especially if it is below the average market price.

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Not to mention, there’s a phone number in the left image that’s completely useless because it’s not clickable, and no one would manually dial a phone number to call.

To summarize, there is no rocket science to creating real estate Facebook ads. However, it is important to pretend that you are not a broker, but a client who wants to buy a home. Understand customer needs, pain points and price ranges that are most likely to drive a potential customer to action! With extremely low costs and high returns, Facebook ads are one of the best ways to help realtors generate leads. The cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads is only $0.53 for rentals and $0.63 for classified ads. In addition, Facebook also allows you to use advanced targeting options that help you reach hyperlocal audiences and build better relationships with them.

So if you haven’t started using Facebook ads to promote your real estate business, you’re missing out. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of the best advertising examples and ideas to help you generate leads in 2023. And if you stick around until the end, we’ll show you how to make these ads with Real Estate Video Maker.

When it comes to lead generation and conversion, real estate video ads outperform other formats. This is consistent with the fact that video is a more engaging content medium. So, if you’re not already using videos as part of your real estate Facebook ads, then

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