Best Graduate Degrees For Political Science Majors

Best Graduate Degrees For Political Science Majors – Political science is a degree that often leads to a career in government and politics. Historically it has been a pillar of liberal arts education and one of the social sciences. While the field of science concerns itself with the study of the physical and natural world around us, political science – along with sociology, economics, and, to a lesser extent, psychology – examines reality as it relates to human-centered social construction. Or in other words: that dollar bill in the pocket only works because people have the mental capacity to believe in nations, like the United States, to create a legal tender to buy goods. Otherwise, it’s a good-looking, if useless, piece of paper!

When it comes to classifying the social sciences, sometimes people make the mistake of drawing disciplines from the humanities (archaeology, geography, etc.). However, a simple rule to distinguish the two is that social science analyzes how society works and why people behave the way they do, while humanities are concerned with the cultural impact of society on society. rules, or drawings.

Best Graduate Degrees For Political Science Majors

In college, political science majors develop analytical and problem-solving skills that they can carry forward in a variety of careers. Although many will seek employment in government positions, positions are not the only ones that play a role in this area. While traditional sciences such as physics will use mathematics to find an exact answer, political science is concerned with a more thoughtful way of analyzing situations and laws.

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If you want to know, analyze, and solve environmental problems, you might consider majoring in this course. Researchers say the number of political science degrees awarded in 2020 was about 3% higher than last year. And with an average salary of around $100,000, this degree path holds a lot of promise.

Remember when we said earlier that political science is an independent field of study? In this way, it shares a lot in common with people like art or literature – like, it’s always mocked for being a proverbial cakewalk.

The greatness of political science can be found in this concept, and for good reason. At first, the complete absence of any challenging mathematical equation in this field of study can make political science seem simple. However, the further it goes, the more similar it is to related fields such as psychology, law, and history. In short, the work is difficult in other ways.

Students will be required to measure and describe the influences that define a person’s political views, diverse views, and levels of political involvement. The majors’ expertise covers a wide range of topics, from international relations to political theory, and students will be required to identify and discuss important academic debates with their class. They can learn about the rise and fall of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) or how slavery was inextricably linked to the early US economy. There will be a lot of reading and research, as will writing papers and presenting your findings out loud.

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While not everyone will be cut out of the workforce, those who graduate from an undergraduate or graduate program will have acquired writing, communication, analytical and data skills with a greater number of potential jobs, according to American Political Science. Meeting. A political science graduate can use humanistic and scientific perspectives and different methodological approaches to examine the political process, systems and forces in all disciplines, making them highly versatile professionals.

The short answer is yes. Getting a degree in this field can set you up for advancement – as long as you’re prepared for the job. It is common practice for political science majors to double in their desired major (eg, someone seeking a career in public health might double in political science.

Biology). Others may diversify their studies to be more competitive when it comes time to apply to graduate school (eg, major in a foreign language).

Remember that if you aspire to become a political scientist, graduate school is a must. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), students generally need at least a master’s degree in political science, public administration, or a related field to fulfill this job requirement. The good news is that after graduation, the annual salary for this job is around $122,000. And the job prospects look good. Jobs are expected to grow by about 9% from 2020 to 2030, with about 700 openings in the United States each year, on average, over the next decade.

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Most political science students, after graduation, will need to hone their skills in an internship. These internships run the gamut from helping with a grassroots campaign to working for a lawyer or nonprofit advocate. Hours are often long, and pay can be low.

Don’t feel like a career as a political scientist? Don’t worry. Political science majors should not feel tied to the private or public sector – they are free to work in either or both. There are a variety of jobs covered by this degree, from paralegal to market research analyst and city manager. Are you interested? Read on as we go through the details of the list of options below.

A variety of career options exist for political science graduates including law, journalism, policy analysis, and jobs in the private sector and political parties. Aspiring lawyers can also use a political science degree to gain more background on US politics for bar exams in various states.

If you’re interested in pursuing a degree in political science, read on to learn more about career paths common to many.

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Politicians do not emerge from the scene without help. They run high-profile campaigns to introduce themselves to the public. As a campaign manager, you will design and execute those marketing plans.

During the campaign, expect to work incredibly hard. You will provide evenings, weekends, and holidays to assist your candidate. If you lose, plan some soul searching and a frantic search for a new job. But if you win, you can ride your candidate’s coattails to higher office.

He’ll take home $120,000 a year, the BLS said. But as a professional, don’t expect to get paid unless you have a little experience. Politicians can and will use freelancers if available to run their campaigns and ensure success. If you are fresh out of school, you can be hired as a volunteer.

You will depend on professionals as you go through college. You become a teacher, and what you have learned you pass on to the next generation. A master’s or doctoral degree prepares you to teach at a college or university.

What Can You Do With A Political Science Degree?

As a professor, you will lead your class in dynamic discussions about political theory, history, and current events. You will assign readings, check homework, and administer tests. Your days will be filled with helping new people understand concepts. Teach at the university level, and you will have time to research. You can read the latest political campaigns, or you can go back and understand the past. You may be expected to publish academic papers or books on your topic to maintain your position.

According to the BLS, you’ll make about $80,000 a year for all your hard work. Research from the Chronicle of Higher Education suggests that college professors value their jobs because:

How do political systems work? Why do some leadership styles get results, while others don’t seem to work? Which governments have the most power over their people? As a political scientist, you will read such stories every day.

As mentioned earlier, you’ll need a master’s degree or doctorate to get started, and you’ll make about $120,000 a year, the BLS says.

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The job market is competitive, and you will need some experience before you can find this job. Wait to serve as a political scientist for a few years before taking on a solo career.

Think of lobbyists as the force behind every vote. They meet with politicians individually or in groups, and hope to sway votes in favor of their clients.

A few people are starting to become lobbyists, analysts say. Instead, they come to work after spending years working in business or politics. You can serve as a legislator for several years, for example, and then use your connections with a paying client. But with a degree in political science, you are well-qualified to take up lobbying.

Many of these jobs exist. For example, General Electric has paid more than $238 million in salaries to lobbyists over the past 12 years, reporters said.

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Your customers expect you to get results. If you don’t, you won’t keep your job, but if you work well, you’ll stay employed for years.

You can develop your political science degree as a politician. Your educational background will help you understand what campaigns have worked in the past, what communities tend to expect from their leaders, and what makes you want to keep your job.

Top lawmakers make about $97,000 a year, the BLS says, but only after years of service to their community.

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