Best Graduate Schools In Canada

Best Graduate Schools In Canada – In the fall of 2018, 1.7 million students returned to school in Canada. In an era of economic volatility and technological change, these students will use their knowledge and skills to meet the needs of employers and succeed in their respective fields. A university education remains one of the best ways to adapt to a rapidly evolving global workforce and launch a successful lifelong career.

Fortunately, Canadian universities continue to have an international reputation among employers. The 2018 World University Employability Rankings report includes nine schools, and the University of Toronto is the top choice for employers.

Best Graduate Schools In Canada

The list below lists the top 10 bachelor’s degrees based on the highest average salary from Statistics Canada in 2016, as well as the most recent cost of tuition at Canada’s top three universities, so students can get an idea of ​​their return on investment . education

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Ultimately, no matter what program you choose, you can succeed in any field with budgeting, planning, and hard work.

According to a 2018 forecast by Building Solutions, Canada’s residential construction industry will slow over the next few years as employment and investment momentum shifts to large-scale heavy engineering projects.

Engineers are involved in multi-phase construction projects, from design to construction, and may work on a variety of infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, towers, buildings and water supply systems.

Nurse practitioners have more responsibilities than registered nurses, but fewer than doctors. To become a nurse, you need a bachelor’s degree in nursing and additional training. Alternatively, you can get a master’s degree in nursing, but either way you’ll need several years of experience as a registered nurse. Given Canada’s aging population, the health care job market is expected to remain stable.

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Professional engineers work in fields such as agriculture, textiles and biomedicine, but the work is still typical engineering – managing processes, building equipment and supervising facilities. While the average salary is expected to increase, remember that it can vary widely in different sectors of the industry.

There are many opportunities for those with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and the salary varies by position. Business services management covers a wide variety of firms, including legal, payroll and market research.

Accounting is a branch of business administration and remains a popular major for many students, with an increasing number of graduates in recent years. However, according to Canada’s Canadian Occupational Projections System (COPS), the labor market has enough jobs to accommodate graduates until 2024.

As a result of high business investment in technology, the number of computer engineers needed is expected to increase in the next few years.

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A software engineering (SE), computer science (CS) degree, and computer engineering (CE) degree have several differences. Software engineers create and maintain software systems. Computer scientists focus on data, data transformation and algorithms. Computer engineers design, build and operate computer systems. All are very relevant and generally very profitable. According to COPS, the number of software engineering workers has grown by nearly half over the past five years.

A bachelor’s degree in geology can lead to jobs in mineral and petroleum exploration, environmental consulting, and urban projects.

These skills are highly valued in Canada’s mining industry, which has suffered somewhat during the recent downturn in commodity prices. However, COPS reports that it is expected to expand significantly over the next few years as research increases.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in pharmacology is just the beginning of your education as a pharmacist, but the payoff can be quite high. After earning your diploma, you will need to take the Canada Pharmacy Exam, complete an apprenticeship and register with your provincial college. Jobs are high as the Canadian government projects a shortage of pharmacists until at least 2024.

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Students majoring in finance will learn how to plan, manage and analyze the financial aspects of businesses, banks and other organizations after a two-year basic business course. After graduation, they can work in a variety of financial positions such as security analysts, market research analysts, bank managers, mortgage brokers and portfolio managers.

Chemical engineering students take the same basic math and science courses in their first and second year as students in other engineering majors. They will then study fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer, and process modeling to design operations that transform raw materials into specific products in various industries, such as oil and gas and pharmaceuticals. or energy.

Note: According to Statistics Canada 2016, a master’s degree earns women the highest salary on average.

This course is more about mathematics than business and will teach students about statistics, programming theory and models and how to apply them to various business problems. Potential jobs include administrative services, budget and management analysts, and marketing managers.

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Need help with budgeting? Use our student budget calculator to estimate how much money you’ll need to finish the school year.

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Fennella Bruce Goes from Minority to ‘One’ — Successful producer, author and entrepreneur Canada is known for hosting some of the best educational institutions in the world. Today we will focus on the most popular architecture schools in Canada. Data from Archareer and Univariety.

Located in Vancouver, the University of British Columbia offers architecture programs at the graduate and undergraduate levels. These programs are part of the School of Architecture + Landscape Architecture at the University of British Columbia. QS World University Rankings ranks the University of British Columbia #1 among Canadian architecture schools.

The Daniels Faculty of Architecture at the University of Toronto is the second most prestigious architecture school in Canada. They offer many undergraduate and graduate programs. Examples of the latter include Master of Landscape Architecture, Master of Urban Design and Master of Architecture. A big part of the appeal of UofT’s architecture programs is the environment. Toronto is one of Canada’s most famous cities for architecture.

Architecture schools in Canada are located in cities known for their beautiful buildings. It is, of course, home to McGill University, a city known for its stunning cathedrals and residences, from Art Deco to Gothic Revival and everything in between. Programs at the Peter Guo-Hua Fu School of Architecture include a Bachelor of Architecture, a Master of Architecture, and several post-professional research programs. The school is known for its rigorous (but highly competitive) financial aid programs for architecture students.

List Of Universities In Canada

Among the top architecture schools in Canada, the University of Waterloo is famous for its curriculum. The school of architecture consists of approximately 500 students. These students undergo rigorous coursework that makes the University of Waterloo one of the most difficult schools to graduate from. Among the architectural offerings of the University of Waterloo is an undergraduate program and several graduate programs. As with some of Canada’s top architecture schools, sustainable construction is a key component of the curriculum in these programs.

Carleton University offers a number of courses including Architectural Studies, Architectural Conservation and Engineering for Sustainable Development. The recognized curriculum of these programs has contributed to Carleton’s high global reputation. These programs are part of Azriel’s School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Students in the Master of Architecture course at Carleton participated in a four-year study tour of Barcelona as part of the program’s first-year experience.

Université de Montréal is the main French-language educational institution in North America. It offers two architecture programs. These are Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture. For students majoring in architecture, the University of Montreal also offers a Ph.D. program in the sector.

Ryerson University is not only one of the best architecture schools in Canada, but also one of the best.

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