Best Graphic Design Schools Undergraduate

Best Graphic Design Schools Undergraduate – If you’re creative, innovative and detail-oriented, a top graphic design degree could be your answer to a rewarding career in this vibrant field.

Some people are born designers. They look at the font and graphics of the ad. They see the power behind the brand. They have a talent for creativity and can see deeper than meets the eye. They realize that behind each image is a link. If this sounds like you, graphic design may be in your future. Graphic designers are experts in visual and communication strategies and work to meet the evolving demands of 21st century businesses and organizations.

Best Graphic Design Schools Undergraduate

A graphic design degree can be a Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Bachelor of Design (BD), or the more common Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). Most graphic design degrees require at least 120 credit hours divided into general education credits, major credits, and electives. Additionally, most graphic design degrees also require an internship, and all programs include a final project/portfolio.

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Graphic design is a hands-on field, which is why good graphic design programs require both lecture and studio courses. You will learn the history and theory of the industry, but most of the time will be spent creating your own projects. The best graphic design schools usually offer courses such as:

Each college’s graphic design program will have its own admissions requirements, but you typically need to complete art and design courses and a portfolio to be accepted into a graphic design program.

The most obvious career path for a graphic design major is graphic designer! You might be wondering what exactly does a graphic designer do? The US Bureau of Labor Statistics describes the job description as follows: Graphic designers “create visual concepts using computer software or by hand to convey ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers. They develop the overall design and production design for applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines and news.”

They can also work as freelancers. Some graphic designers start their own businesses, which is why some graphic design programs offer a business concentration.

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However, graphic design is a broad field that encompasses several career options. Graphic design fields can become:

So are graphic designers well paid? It can be difficult to predict a graphic arts salary simply because your salary will depend on where you live, where you work, your experience level, and of course your education. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers earn an average salary of $50,710 each year. The top 10 percent earn more than $98,260, while the bottom 10 percent earn less than $31,310.

Other areas of graphic design can bring in even more income. For example, web developers and digital designers earn a median salary of $79,890, with the top 10 percent earning more than $168,200 annually. Graphic designers can increase their earnings by becoming certified in software and platforms like Adobe and Autodesk. Plus, you can always expect higher salary potential when you earn advanced degrees in graphic design or a related field.

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What Does A Graphic Designer Do? And How Do I Become One?

The University of Florida is the best college for graphic design. UF, Gainesville’s premier public research university, is made up of alligators, known as “people of purpose” and “an unstoppable force.” UF’s Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design emphasizes the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in graphic design, including:

This graduate program in graphic design aims to teach both theory and application, so all courses lead to the cornerstone of your professional portfolio, which is useful when applying for a job after you graduate.

Graduates enjoy careers in any type of design, including branding, experience and UX/UI. Some current graduates work for large companies such as:

UF’s graphic design program has limited admission, and you can officially apply before your first year through a portfolio review.

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UCLA is consistently ranked among the top universities and is also the school with the highest tuition in the country! With over 125 majors and 90 minors to choose from, UCLA literally has something for everyone. UCLA’s BA in Media Arts Design is a multidisciplinary program focused exclusively on:

Through UCLA’s DMA program, you’ll take a dynamic mix of lecture and studio graphic design courses, including:

Your senior project will draw on your interests in interactivity and games, video and animation, and visual communication and imaging.

UCLA is one of the best graphic design colleges. Its top-tier DMA program accepts students for fall semesters only. To apply, you must first apply to the University of California and complete the DMA Student Supplemental Application, which includes a portfolio requirement. To prepare for this program, you will need to complete prerequisite courses such as Drawing and Color, Shape, Movement, and Interactivity.

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Founded in 1927, the University of Houston is known as the “magnitude of innovation” that manifests itself in all of its:

The University of Houston is one of the top graphic design colleges in the country. The UH School of Art offers a BFA in Graphic Design with a low student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring you’ll be part of a small, collaborative community of creatives.

The UH program emphasizes critical thinking, technical skills, and creativity, all while developing the student as a designer. Potential graphic designers take courses:

You will develop skills in collaboration, presentation, community outreach, all key to the graphic design field. Your senior project is the most exciting part: an exhibition showcasing a “diverse portfolio of environmental, interactive, movement, print and web projects.”

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Applying to UH’s BFA program involves several steps. You first apply to UH and, once accepted, take core courses, followed by four core study courses and a series of study courses. These benefits will prepare you for a competitive portfolio review to determine if this program is right for you.

NC State is currently ranked as the top public university in the state for educational quality, socioeconomic mobility, graduate success, and value for

. Through NC State’s College of Design, it is one of the top graphic design colleges in the country. Your graphic design degree provides a solid design foundation and a wealth of hands-on experience to produce well-rounded professional designers.

During your first year at NC State, you will take core design and studio courses. From the second year onwards, you will complete the core sequence, which combines a six-credit course of study and a compulsory typography study course. In the final year, you will apply the concepts, methods and techniques you learn through real-world experience with clients and organisations.

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Graphic design students have many exciting opportunities through this program, including the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or summer at the NC State Prague Institute. Graduates work as senior designers and creative directors for their own companies or for internationally renowned organizations such as:

Penn State University is consistently ranked among the top research universities, and with 16 colleges, more than 275 undergraduate degrees, and more than 300 graduate and professional programs, it’s easy to see why. Penn State’s College of Arts and Architecture offers a bachelor’s degree in graphic design that offers all the benefits of a top-tier research university within a tight-knit, close-knit creative community.

Penn State is one of the best graphic design colleges. Their program is rigorous, diverse and life-changing! Graphic design students complete 121 credits in a variety of design studio courses including:

After the third year, you will be placed on an internship that will give you hands-on experience at leading companies and brands such as Michael Kors,

What’s A Graphic Design Major? (courses & Requirements)

Penn State graduates enjoy graphic design careers in design studios, advertising agencies, and corporate organizations around the world. In fact, Penn State reports that “nearly 100%” of graphic design students are employed within three months of graduation. To apply for Penn State’s B.Des. program, you will be required to complete several prerequisite courses and submit a portfolio for review.

Founded in 1884, Temple University has a rich history and many milestones in becoming what it is today: “an international powerhouse in higher education.” As a premier research school in iconic Philadelphia, Temple offers more than 500 academic programs across its 17 schools and colleges, including a unique BFA in Graphic and Interactive Design.

Temple’s BFA program takes graphic design to a whole new level with its focus on interactive design. Gone are the days when graphic design refers to print design. With this program you will learn how

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